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CF-Auto-Root for Galaxy S5 - SM-G900F

And then there was CF-Auto-Root for the Galaxy S5 !

In particular, this is for the SM-G900*F* model. There'll be a lot of models, but I believe this will be the most common 'international' model.

I was already in possession of the stock firmware for a bit, but unfortunately my usual contact who test roots on pre-release devices can no longer do so as he also needs to test KNOX facilities, and those will stop working after root. So, I had to wait for someone else to pop-up with an actual device, which happened today.

Note that the firmware on which this was tested appears to be a retail firmware, but you never know ... :)

Linked in the box below is the XDA thread, if you want to go directly to the download page, go here instead:
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Or Carmi
Join us next week when Chainfire will root devices that haven't even been announced yet. +Chainfire you're awesome 😁
+Or Carmi Either I don't get your joke, or you meant "haven't even been released yet", or you are mistaken because SM-G900F is the actual codename for S5
+Павел Тихонов Do you really don't get the +Or Carmi joke?????????????

+Chainfire are a really fast working dev.
Not many devs release there work BEFORE the phone are released.
The ONLY possible way to bee even faster, would be to release the root sw before the phone is made.

Still don't get it???

Craig D
Bloody el... This ere chainy fella doesn't hang around with the updates !
I think the better question/comment for +Chainfire is, how do you go about rooting a phone that has not been released yet? Granted, you roughly know the hardware and software, but at the same time, you don't know if Knox will be updated, or if the KitKat version of TouchWiz will have changed in a significant way. Mind you, I'm not doubting your work, but I am curious as to the how.
Kudos to you used the s4 version and it worked like a charm!! Thanks a bunch!!!
Is there a CF Auto Root for Galaxy Nexus? It'll be my first root ever and on my last, not current, phone.
Hey +Chainfire,

Your work is amazing, I also wanted to kindly ask if you would be looking at making CF-AUTO-ROOT files for the new Note 3 model being sold here in Australia model# SM-N9007

If there are any other details I can supply to help just let me know.

Again thank you for all the incredible work you do.

very cool but doesn't this trip knox?
I bought GS5 Korean model(SM-G900S) today.
and flash this file...
and my phone goes brick!!!! =(
And you seriously don't know why?
Ihr seid Wahnsinn :-) immer Top Arbeit 
I hope it will work with my s5 when I have the money to get one :/
Pls. How to root my mmx A115 
nice one CF..hope to got a hold of G900F in the near future :)
Wow, that was fast 
brilliant! ty so much for all your hard work
Congrats Chainfire!
I knew you were gonna be one of the first. Any word on the U.S. models?
+한승준 If you read his Fist line... It say sm-G900F NOT s.
That is what happends when you use sw that is NOT for your model. 
The S5 version sold here in Brazil is the Galaxy S5 version - SM-G900M, but I noticed the processor is the same Snapdragon 801 quad core, can I make root normally?
I have andromax u2 from hisense...i want modified this smartphone...first step what i must doing...? What kind aplication must i download...
root is OK but I can not get into recovery mode
How come Frank? Have you tried the Volume Up+Main+On method?
Kane K
Frank... if you have root there are apps on play store that will boot into recovery at the touch of a button
Install cwm recovery / Phil's touch recovery or twrp recovery.

If you uses cf-autoroot you already have cwm installed.
Ok I can not work with TWRP recovery but CWM recovery but TWRPI is installed
Do you have twrp installed but you can't use it?

Install cwm or phils touch and try that.
Phil's are cwm based and more up to date. 
Ben that method is for G 900f do not try it with at&t or vzw but if you do let us know how it goes 
G900S root is not released yet, although I might have seen stock firmware somewhere
can you please make one for the G900R7
Ron W
U bent de goeiste weer. Super nu eerst mijn telefoon rooten. Kan ik er weer wat leuks mee veranderen.
Mag ik u hartelijk danken. Ge-wel-dig.
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