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500 Firepaper released

500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the latest images from 500px throughout the day. 

You never need to look at that boring old wallpaper again, or search for hours for a nice new one. This app will show you quality photographs from all over the world - different ones each day!

The feature (popular, editor's choice, fresh, etc) and categories displayed are of course configurable, as is the refresh interval and the brightness of the images.

XDA thread is here:


So this really isn't anything special and probably nobody cares about it. But here it is anyway.

I actually started writing something a little bit like this years ago (which was called Firepaper) which had loads of advanced options, but due to Android 2.x and the constant fighting with memory limitations, I never released anything. Then past February I thought about doing something with 500px, and wrote a lot of the code, but for some reason never finished it. This weekend I had some time to spare and didn't feel like working on any of my usual apps, and I was annoyed with the Nexus 5 wallpaper, so I finished this up (this is something I actually want for my own phone).

There's other live wallpapers and daydreams that do similar things. But due to the nature of background syncing, caching and transferring images I didn't really feel like trusting somebody else to get that right, and not drain my battery when I need it most or rake up the data charges. Not that I'm convinced I did it right, but it works for me so far ... :)
500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the late...
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I'm afraid of the battery usage…
[Mispelling] in the settings, under Daydream > Control, the third sentence missed a 'g' in the word fingers.
Absolutely awesome, thanks +Chainfire for another outstanding app. Really love my nexus even more so now? You've done it again, thanks mate ;-)
I don't think it drain battery so much... But chainfire can tell us more in detail about that 
Does changing the Interval to a shorter one consume more battery and/or data?
Excellent app! I loved it! And yeah, it does use 50 MB of RAM... But I have no issue with that on my Xperia Z
I'm on a fresh charge. Just installed. WiFi on. I'll update later.
I think devices with 2GB of RAM or more should be good. Unless you are using Touchwiz...
I have no real issue with it on my Nexus 4 either, just saying that 50 MB for a live wallpaper is a bit too much. Knowing +Chainfire, I expected a little better. Hope he can improve it. I like the app though. Always wanted to try something like this but every app that did anything similar was either buggy, too heavy on the battery or outright didn't work. This is the first one that looks like its working fine. Just the memory usage needs to be tamed.
A little laggy on my nexus 4 with cm10.2 
+M Nuruddin Ghazalli there's already an update uploaded to Google Play that corrects this. It'll take a few hours for Google Play to start distributing it, though
Regarding laggy scrolling/fading, it's currently not hardware accelerated. That's on the list to someday add, but it's not a priority and I have other stuff to do. That being said, the latest update (v1.03) does have the option to disable the parallax effect, which should get rid of the laggyness while scrolling.
Regarding battery and data use, you are downloading high-res imagery, which is not small. By default it'll do that when on Wi-Fi, and when your battery is >= 50% (or charging). It will batch-cache images, so if all goes well it'll be dowloading images only for a few minutes total each day, usually in one or two goes.
+Ritesh Tripathy I'm not sure what you expect here. Just being able to draw these high-res images requires several buffers for performance reasons, which on a high-res devices (which are the target for the app) will take up to 48MB for just that (a bit more on a Nexus 10 even).

If you have the daydream running as well, worst case, double that. Add some Dalvik and other code and logic, and 50-100MB becomes a very likely memory use.

But fear not, when the device is getting low on memory, and the wallpaper/daydream isn't visible, most of that memory is released and not re-allocated until something has to be displayed again.

Either way, I'm not really fond of your negative tone and the assumption that all memory, data, and power use is shit and not thought about at all. That and discussions like these are better fitted to the XDA thread.
Chris N
Thank you chainfire
+Ritesh Tripathy we look forward to your release of a better app.

+Ridho Ibrahim I thought that 'first' bullshit died already.

Overall, these comments look like xda right here. 
Thanks chain fire. It would be really cool if you could set the wallpaper to update at a set time each day and only change every 24 hours. So for example update at 5am every day when I am at home connected to WiFi and charging. 
+Chainfire I wasn't being negative or trying to put the app down. That was not my intention at all. Like I said, I really like the app. I was just hoping it would be frugal on resources. But thanks for clearing that up about why it uses the amount of resources it does. I've been a big fan of your work for a long time, so maybe I was (unfairly) expecting a bit too much.

+Brad Mackney Cool! Except that I'm not an app developer. Have you never brought up an issue with anything? If you have an issue with Google Search for example, do you run and build a better search engine yourself? I have explained what I meant and that is all.
+Chainfire this would really be my choice for wallpaper if you could add 24 hours change interval
Sounds pretty cool I might try it out :) 
This is a awesome app many live wallpaper to choose from it so cool 
Amon RA
+Chainfire Awesome app! It would be nice if we could favorite/save wallpapers, just in case you really like a certain wallpaper. 
+Chainfire Awesome so far! Love all the options. I do think having the ability to choose all the way up to 24 hours would be nice for some people though. 
+Chainfire love the way it changes wallpapers with three fingers. Looking forward for the HW acceleration. Donating. 
+Chainfire Love this app, thank you so much!
Would it be possible to have an option where the image pans/scrolls around on its own? (like how album art is displayed in Google Music) Also, when switching between images, could you add a fade effect so it fades into the new image without showing a black screen? Thanks! 

Nude photo toggle does not appear to be working.

Needless to say this should be categorized as a major "show-stopping" defect...
Thanks for all u do for us less talented folk that love to mod our phones!!!
I really like this +Chainfire! The brightness slider is genius. It would be cool if we could also get an option to slightly blur the wallpaper. Or a blur slider. Slightly blurred wallpapers really make the icons pop. 
+Chainfire  i think you should make a statement about Vroot + KingoRoot since i believe many people will listen to you :)
+Chainfire This is a great app! I would really like to see a feature that would enable to limit the size of downloaded content as currently it start to fill up quite nicely :)
+Amon RA: /data/data/eu.chainfire.firepaper.fivehundredpx/files... Add a .jpg extension... Oops - was I not supposed to say that..?
Great app, btw... Thank you for your continued impressive work, +Chainfire
Love this so much! +Chainfire can this also automatically update the lock screen wall paper? Since use GS4, and its doesnt change my lock screen. Thanks
+Chainfire this live wallpaper is just amazing, could you consider providing a feature to save these wallpapers as images. Thanks and appreciate your contribution to the community. 
Karl C
+Chainfire Great Job! It works flawlessly on my Moto X. People sometimes don't understand that the more features they want on their device, the more sacrifices they'll make in terms of battery or performance. I haven't experienced any noticeable performance/data/battery hit, and I know that you'll be dedicated to keep those at the top of your list as you improve the product. Anyway, great job, keep it up. I wrote a review in the Play Store, I said that this is an app that really does shine and makes iOS converts like me, smile with delight.
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