SuperSU v2.82 released on Play

Roll-out started on the new Play release last week, and by now it should be distributed to most users on Play.

This release contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements, as well as increased compatibility with many recent devices and Android versions. Most changes focus on Nougat, though there are numerous O-Preview related fixes as well.

Support for Android 2.1 Eclair and 2.2 Froyo has officially been dropped - Android 2.3 Gingerbread is now the oldest supported Android version.

SELinux handling has been significantly reworked for Nougat and up: the required ruleset has been reduced, and the binaries now live and execute commands in their own supersu context.

More O fixes are coming; though SuperSU works with ODP2 on some devices already, you'll have to wait for SR1 (maybe SR2) for ODP2 support on all of them (especially the Pixel, which is being characteristically difficult to work with). More on that in a different post.

There was some trouble with the roll-out initially, and again we apologize for the inconvenience caused to the affected users. I will go into more (technical) detail about what exactly happened in the forums.

For the moment all I would like to point out is that the Play release still has an issue with many Xperia devices running older Android versions, as well as some other devices if SuperSU is running in system mode. These are already fixed in the linked ZIP.

Boot image signing is not yet integrated (coming in SR1), though the Pixel and Pixel XL require it from the May update onwards. Until integration is completely, you need to flash the VerifiedBootSigner ZIP after flashing the SuperSU ZIP, and before rebooting -


Play Store:

Flashable ZIP:
(advised source for update)

Discussion thread on XDA:

And for BETA releases:

Changelog (since v2.79's Play release)

(zip linked above only)
- supolicy: Newer libsupol version used
- su: Fix sdk parameter not always being passed to supolicy in system mode

(zip and Play)
- su: Fix su.d scripts running in the wrong mount context (introduced by ODP sdcardfs fix)
- CCMT: Update language files
- CCMT: Update guide screen
- CCMT: Update privacy policy screen
- CCMT: Updater: remove 4.3 and 5.0 specific upgrade messages, replace with generic; and detect if root must be manually updated
- CCMT: Drop support for Android 2.1 and 2.2. Minimum is now 2.3 (SDK 9, up from 7)
- su: Update mount namespace separation code to improve sdcardfs compatibility
- su: Fix kernel panic on ODP1/2 on 5X/6P
- su: Fix ODP1 compatibility on Pixel (XL)
- launch_daemonsu: Revert previous ODP1 work-around
- sukernel: Add option to patch out optional /data encryption (encryptable)
- suinit: cleanup /boot
- ZIP: Get boot image from fstab last-effort
- ZIP: Add REMOVEENCRYPTABLE flag to force disable encryption on newer Samsung firmwares
- ZIP: Fix slow /dev/random on some devices, apparently freezing install at "Creating image"
- ZIP: Fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH for hex-patch execution
- supolicy: Fix applying deferred allow rules
- supolicy: Fix setting impossible XPERM causing policy corruption
- supolicy: Add policies for ODP1
- launch_daemonsu: Work-around kernel panic on ODP1 on 5X/6P. Forces service mode for ODP1 on all devices.
- Fix erroneously deleting SuperSU's copy of app_process on 6.0 since 2.79-SR1
- GUI: Fix app_process requirement detection when supersu context used
- Fully eliminate sugote binary, no longer needed due to SELinux handling improvements in earlier versions
- Support /system/xbin/sush as default shell
- Adjust LD_PRELOAD filtering to exclude suhide's libraries
- ZIP: Motorola: default to systemless mode
- supolicy: fix some segfaults(NPEs) in pre-7.0 sepolicy handling
- ZIP: write boot block device once instead of twice (@_alexndr)
- (c) 2017 + CCMT
- Expand Samsung detection
- GUI: reworked portions to work with 'supersu' context on 7.0+
- GUI: fix binary update notice when superuser disabled by user in some cases
- su: reworked portions to work with 'supersu' context on 7.0+
- su/GUI: improve responsiveness when device busy on 7.0+
- sukernel: fix cpio restore failure with very short filenames
- sukernel: no longer patches file_contexts(.bin)
- sukernel: revert force seclabel (no longer needed with 'supersu' context)
- supolicy: add "create", "auditallow", "auditdeny" policy commands
- supolicy: support "*" for permission/range parameter of "allow", "deny", "auditallow", "auditdeny", "allowxperm" policy commands
- supolicy: -live/--file no longer apply default patches if custom patches are supplied
supolicy: -sdk=X option added (required for 7.0+)
supolicy: reworked all SELinux rules for 7.0+, run as 'supersu' context
- ZIP: Separate slotselect and system_root logic
- ZIP: Adjust system/system_root device and mount-point detection
- ZIP: Fix minor errors in documentation
- ZIP/frp: Explicitly label /su
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