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Triangle Away on the Note3 - the end of Triangle Away ?

Triangle Away is not fully operational on the Note3. The device doesn't seem to actually count the number of flashes, but it does store the binary status, system status, and KNOX warranty void.

As stated before, the KNOX warranty status appears to be a one time thing. This should not be treated as fact yet, but it is what it looks like at the moment.

Binary status however, would normally be able to still be reset. Alas, Samsung is now using a form of write protection on that part of the flash storage so only the bootloader can write to it. This means Triangle Away cannot reset this status for the time being. You will have to flash a stock kernel and stock recovery to reset this status. And even then, I have run two different bootloader rivisions on my Note3, and on one of them it wouldn't reset, and on the other it would. I'm not sure what that is about at the moment. Let just wait and see for a few weeks what happens on the bootloader front.

System status can still be reset by Triangle Away, but may be of limited use. It also depends on how much you modified system.

There is a possible hack to reset the write protection on the flash storage so we can reset some values, but it is a difficult one to build and I'm not even sure I'd succeed if I tried. Either way, at the moment it seems that is not of much use unless we can find a way to reset the KNOX warranty void as well. Until I get (or find) some information that that may be possible, I'm not even going to bother trying. A similar hack would be needed for the I9500 as well, by the way, but unfortunately that hack would be completely device specific if I ever were to get it to work. Alternatively, we could hack together our own bootloader, but we'd have some signing issues to overcome for that... :)

It is to be expected future Samsung devices will use the same methods as the Note 3, and as such, unless there's some significant new information or changes, this may well be the end of Triangle Away.
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I'm using I 9505. And using just root, no customer rom or kernel. So, if system and binary status can be reset I should be able to receive Ota updates... and this may be important to me. 
Even though this post doesn't concern me but I always enjoy reading you posts, thanks for the info :-)
No please the end of triangle away?? This can't be possible...triagle away will live 4ever!!!
I opened my i9505 new the other day to find a pre-KNOX bootloader. I count myself lucky for that. Promptly installed the GPE ROM.
To reset Knox till now there is only One way: replace eMMC... NOT even JTAG won't do nothing
Well, if someone cant undo the knox 0x1 trigger, someone might want to make a code that really bricks the phone to the point where it could not start the bootloader at all. If it cant boot, they wont know that knox is modified right?? As one's part, play dumb and pretend that it died on it's own... hehehe
I'm starting to think that there is hidden partition in the eMMC... Why? Let's take it logic: efused = not even the eMMC replaced won't retest Knox... But once you replace eMMC you got rid of Knox that means ... That have to be in the eMMC
+Simos Katsiaris Well, to play Devil's Advocate here - Sony's unlock procedure leaves a permanent record that your device was modified, just like the KNOX warranty alert.
You know the devs will figure it out.  They are the best.  
A friend of mine that is in gsm service did it. I'm working in free time in gsm service. So I we are in the community 
I'm so intrigued by this Knox business. Am I right in saying that once you root the Knox "switch" is permanently switched? Meaning the only thing that could change this back would be to "replace" the switch (soft or hard)?
+Stanescu Dan Interesting. If it's on the eMMC we might be able to find it (though it will probably still be write protected), but it's difficult unless you can compare before/after eMMC contents
I will still root my note
Waiting for some custom roms and kernel..
So to understand: we tried JTAG on Knox enable boot - result = not booting with non-Knox but booting with MH8 boot ( Knox on ... Still flagged ) ... So he tried replace eMMC. WORKED. Non Knox bootloader. 
----- I don't take cruiser credit for nothing ----- 

Add me in circles I want to send you something in privet
Well, to be exact dont care a shit Aslong as i live inside eu :) thought shit like this makes it worse outside ....:(
This is the End of Samsung for us, not TriangleAway's. You have done a great job ChainFire ;)
Anyway, not To get me wrong i appreciate all work u have done with Samsung devices, but its not going to keep me without root even if we dont have triangle away
+Stanescu Dan I've added you to circles on this account - let me know what you want to let me know :)
Why wouldn't the old magnet trick work on the eMMC thus whipping all data encrypted or not then perhaps jtag it
Triangle Away didn't work for me on the Note 2, it would reset all but leave a 1 for the custom binaries! 
Paris ... How to tell you... I that thing when you don't know what ate you donning and you are seeing a yellow triangle ;)
I see no yellow triangle. I just can't update through ota. 
It exists a rumor that triangle away might fix the custom status 
+Bradley Leyten probably u forgot to remove ur ext sdcard. It happened to me too.
+Chainfire i know you can figure things out. TriangleAway might not work here anymore.. maybe u can make KnoxAway instead..😆😆😆
Also, not rooting is like having a windows phone.. 😝 anyway, i've had the s2, s3, note2 and now note3 - still haven't used the warranty.. i dont think this is really a big deal.. but it is a big sweet problem to solve though.. 😲😨😤😬😟😅
Brianbarria That's abusing the system to a strong point costing all of us in long run but. I have a way to do this. However it involves unshielding and a powerful magnet. A few screws. Lol
Bad news for people who like to flash roms - and keep hardware warranty intact, but good news for Samsung as it indicates Knox security is working. 
On my rooted note 3 right now. If I ever have a issue with this that requires Sammy to repair it, I'll be happy to take them to Court if they refuse. It would only be a hardware thing, if it's a software issue then I've got the whole community to help!

Thanks for all your hard work, +Chainfire , I and many others appreciate your efforts and everything you've done thus far. 
+Chainfire Respect to you Chainfire, magnificent work!! Please, please, keep it up, thanks for all your hard work and devotion.
Does triangle away 3.10 work fpr knox firmwares for the i9505? Dpnt wanna brick my phone..
i dont know any thing about flashing but , can an img with a stat for knox  and  the phone count two .
this is not the End
you did it before and you will do it again
Thanks chainfire

wish you all the best :)
Knox is not yet Installed in my note 3..When I click in Knox icon, it will give an install prompt. does this mean i can use triangle away? 
nope, knox apk, knox security goes beyond an as Chainfire says its built in inside the new bootloader and it will trigger the void flag, then you cannot use knox apk ....
Chainfire, I think you are the number one seller of Samsung products. If you go somewhere else I, for one, will follow.
Don't understand why they just don't release an aosp version.... Leave out knox, tw, port spen apk to Android, seems there would be a market for it.... Just limit the warranty to non flashing damage.... Etc... I just don't understand the big stiff against that.... Charge 50 more and limit the warrenty
+Chainfire I am sorry to hear that our most useful tool:triangle away may come to an end. I am hopeful that you will come up with another tool even better. You are the man. Thanks. 
Any chance of updating T-A for the SCH-R970C? It resets the Binary Status to Official for 1 boot as long as everything is stock. But the Flash Counter still goes up.
What sucks is I can't evem downgrade to damn 4.2.2 firmware on my s4
Holy Shit!
Since 4.2.2 doesn't have a knox boot loader if we downgrade it would trigger the warranty bit!
Screw Samsung
Ive been using samsung since years!
Now it may be crippled
It cheated me!
Chainfire, please can you explain what the difference is between the i9500 and the i9505, for you have the code broken on the i9505. Really don't want you to give up on us, we are all hoping that you will get the resolution for this binary counter reset for the i9500. thanks 
From XDA:
Hi all,

First of all pardon me for my poor English.

Today I went to Samsung service center to fix my note 3 SM-N9005 after I missed up with it.. no efs folder, no IMEI, bootloader flashed to MJ3 and the Konx was 0x1 actually warranty void..

The technician guy checked the Konx and told me the warranty is void but don't worry I will fix it for free.

The surprised thing is that they have fixed my mobile within 10 minutes.
After fixing it.. I checked the the Konx is back to 0x0 so they reset it !.
The bootloader back to MJ1 so they downgraded the bootloader !!.
IMEI and serial no. never changed !!.
And no hardware change at all.. so now, its very clear the Konx trigger is a software trigger and can be reset again with some how.
Thank you for the info, so that means that there is a reset tool. Awesome
news. Now we need just the clever people to help us with this tool. Someone
at samsung must be able to assist with the correct direction to take.
is it possible to reset status on sm n900 exynos by triangle away
fock :c i need this apk for my n900
exynos sucks ¬¬
Please add support for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500...
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