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CF.lumen resurrected for rooted KitKat and beyond

The night mode and color temperature adjustments of the original CF.lumen and Chainfire3D packages for Gingerbread are some of the most requested features that come through my inbox each day. Today I'm happy to announce that I've brought back these features to KitKat by way of a new version of CF.lumen !

CF.lumen can automatically reduce the color temperature of your display after sundown, vastly reducing the strain on your eyes. The colors also match closer to common artificial light sources, than the daytime light you get from the sun. Lower color temperatures cause less blue light to be emitted, which also reduces your brain's effort to keep you awake. (For your computer, see f.lux )

It also offers a sleep mode that changes the display to levels of red (by default), retaining your night vision.

Aside from basing the color filter in use by the position of the sun and the time of day, you can use the master override at any time, or let the light sensor override the current setting.

Additional filters are available, such as inverting colors, manual channel adjustments, and even enhancements for the colorblind (credit to Google, hopefully it actually helps). 

Walkthrough video:

Full description - far more elaborate than the one on Play, I ran out of characters - with lots of background detail, and discussion thread at XDA as usual:
CF.lumen adapts the colors on your Android device based on the position of ...
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And now CF3D, that would be awesome.
(Which I bought in those days)
As soon as I clicked "Save" for my location, it went into "Unfortunately, CF.lumen has stopped." mode.
Hey +Chainfire. I'm the developer of Lux Auto Brightness. Do you have plans to allow other apps to plug into this functionality, or would you be willing to licence out the tech to other developers?
Seems we have a few crashes here and there, and some no-working. Logcat and details are welcome in the XDA thread!
+Stefan Kirchner you can use gltools which has similar function as cf3d and compatible with kitkat(or at least my kitkat n4)
+Chainfire If I submit a report when the app crashes, that report goes to you, right?

(as opposed to somewhere in Google's vast network of pneumatic tubes)
Thanks +Joshua Randiny, will try it out.

Man, I really hope that Starfront Collision would work with those tools on my GS4. Played it all day long on my GS2 back in the days. :)
+Aaron Li +Daniel Peña Works fine on my S3 i9505 (latest CM nightly)

+Thassilo Haupt logcat and exact when/where/how welcome here or in XDA thread

+Claudio Ibarra just try again - I've seen that happen once during testing but couldn't reproduce it twice - worked next try.
+Stefan Kirchner Aside from other tools now available, CF3D may actually return as well. I was waiting for the longest time for Substrate to get up to speed to do it, but I've given up on waiting for that, so who knows ... :)

+Claudio Ibarra Yes, that comes to me - eventually. It goes through Google first.
+Vito Cassisi the driver is controlled via setprop, just use SuperSU's logging feature to see how to control it. It isn't documented in any way... just don't interfere with my 'Pro' features ;)
+Claudio Ibarra ah it crashes right on startup, not just on Maps. Different issue then! I'll wait for the crash report in Google Play's developer console (can take a while) and see if I can find and fix the problem. Phone and firmware details are helpful at this point.
It asks me to install drivers every time I open the app on my nexus 4 even when I already have. Can you help me out +Chainfire ? 
Nexus 5
Android 4.4.2 (stock ROM, rooted)
Franco Kernel #43
Build KOT49H
CyanogenMod phone case :)
+Karan Rajpal that's probably going to be more complicated to diagnose than G+ will allow, please go to the XDA thread.

+Claudio Ibarra interesting, running a Nexus5 on 4.4.2 stock myself. Superuser, CWM Superuser, or SuperSU ?
+Chainfire alright, no problem. I'll be glad to provide logs if you need them. Thanks! 
+Chainfire SuperSU is what shows up in my apps tray (I know I have the Pro version installed, though... I just double-checked by reinstalling from the play store's web interface to my phone).
Looking at the console, seems most of the crashes have Xposed installed. If you are using Xposed and experiencing issues - which modules do you have installed ?

+Claudio Ibarra the above question also for you!
I have never installed or used Xposed.

(I had to Google it to remind myself what it even was)
(but is there something I can do to verify 100% that it's not installed?)
Maguro here. App asks to install drivers, reboots phone, asks to install drivers again. (loop it forever) :c
I uninstalled, rebooted, downloaded the APK, installed, and ran it.

As soon as I clicked "save" for my location, I was back to crashing on app boot.
Oh nice, downloading now. Run Xposed so I'll cross my fingers, but I'm sure crash problems will be taken care if ASAP
+Claudio Ibarra silly question, but what happens now if you reboot normally and try again?
These apps are awesome, I used to use f.lux for my computer but the massive red/orange tint to everything really bothered me and I would end up turning it off.
+Chainfire I get the crashed notification window on reboot of my phone before I can even launch the app (i.e. the app boots and dies when the phone restarts).
When I saw night mode as an option, I bought the app immediately. I missed that from the early days of CM. 
Craig D
Thanks +Chainfire... A great app. Look forward to the crash bug fixes. Keep them updates coming! Bought the app to show my support.
Too bad it needs google maps...i use an alternative map app. There should be a possibility for a manual location entry
Having a problem, reported on the xda thread.
Using omnirom on a N7000. Works very well. Thank you.
+Chainfire What about the people who paid for chainfire 3d specifically to enable this feature? I don't want to rebuy an app to get equivalent functionality.
Just install your 3d paid app it unlocks this one as well
+barnassey thomas "Nightmode - now called 'sleep mode' in CF.lumen - was actually the kick-off of Chainfire3D's development, and the later arrival of the original CF.lumen additionally containing the functionality to change color temperature based on the sun's position. Completely different (and no longer possible) techniques were used to get similar results. There were fewer options, and the filters limited display to the selected channels instead of the currently used much higher quality method of displaying luminance levels on the selected channel." that's from XDA. I hope is clear, and pls follow the thread there. thanks
- All "not compatible" questions: make sure you are running Android 4.4.x KitKat, as is required.

- All crashes: logcats in XDA thread!

- Driver not sticking: this is probably a detection issue. To be sure, please check if /system/lib/ is present.

- +Claudio Ibarra I'm not sure how to go further from this point. If you can pull logcats straight from device and install test versions (perhaps connect on hangouts?) I'm sure we can sort this out.

- +Mirko Grell ultimately there should be an option to enter it manually. However, if you've just used your alternative map app and let it determine your location, then open CF.lumen, it may actually detect your location automatically if you press the butotn.

- +barnassey thomas as +Kishorelal Deva stated, and is listed in both the Play store description as well as the XDA thread opening post: installing the Chainfire3D Pro package will also unlock CF.lumen Pro.
Anyone having problems, please post your location as well (doh) as location has influence on a lot of the code path. Nearest city and country name will do!

+Claudio Ibarra not really, you need to do it from computer, or type "su" before you type logcat :)
+Chainfire, my location is visible under my avatar on XDA!
this apk is wonderful, but I wanna remove the noti- on statusebar and noti pannel, it it possible?
+Chainfire New build still isn't working on my Nexus 4 w/ OmniROM. The app launches but is stuck on the loading screen. No error messages or crashes.

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Edit: Looks like SuperSU stopped working for some reason. Had to flash Koush's superuser to get back root. Lumen opens up now but crashes when I try to install the driver.

Here's the new logcat:
+전진호 that information is in the app description

+Shiv Manas Dass try again with v2.10 that was just released. Play should have it in a few hours, XDA thread has the file right now.
+Chainfire Awesome, thanks! Really appreciate your super-fast responses as usual. :) Lumen works well now with no crashes.
If you have the infinite driver install issue, that appears to have been a problem with Superuser. Just update to v2.15 with a fix, so get that from Play in a few hours, grab it now from XDA, or simply switch to SuperSU

+Karan Rajpal +Filip Maciejewski +Bog Monster 
Can this app consider having gray scale mode?
Everythings fine now. Used my cf3d pro to unlock. Great work. Thanks a lot
Small question: is grayscale saving battery? Or is it just a filter over the color?
+Naitch35 if you're talking about USA/USD specifically (always hard to tell with the dozens of currencies in Play) it was increased because the price didn't correspond to the price for the rest of the world. Think of that what you will.
Chain fire master of all😀😀😈
Vasi Petrica no se de funsiona esa aplicasion en.mi telefono tengo unSansung galaxi S 2
I paid for the full version, please please please and again please keep updating to make sure it works and we never go without it. I simply love this application and I have sensitive eyes so at night time it's just great. I've always been a big supporter and even donates considering that some of the other applications don't work.
working fine on my xolo q700s ! i heard that gray scale mode saves battery !! like in samsung galaxy s5
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