CF.lumen resurrected for rooted KitKat and beyond

The night mode and color temperature adjustments of the original CF.lumen and Chainfire3D packages for Gingerbread are some of the most requested features that come through my inbox each day. Today I'm happy to announce that I've brought back these features to KitKat by way of a new version of CF.lumen !

CF.lumen can automatically reduce the color temperature of your display after sundown, vastly reducing the strain on your eyes. The colors also match closer to common artificial light sources, than the daytime light you get from the sun. Lower color temperatures cause less blue light to be emitted, which also reduces your brain's effort to keep you awake. (For your computer, see f.lux )

It also offers a sleep mode that changes the display to levels of red (by default), retaining your night vision.

Aside from basing the color filter in use by the position of the sun and the time of day, you can use the master override at any time, or let the light sensor override the current setting.

Additional filters are available, such as inverting colors, manual channel adjustments, and even enhancements for the colorblind (credit to Google, hopefully it actually helps). 

Walkthrough video:

Full description - far more elaborate than the one on Play, I ran out of characters - with lots of background detail, and discussion thread at XDA as usual:
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