SuperSU v2.79 SR3

This is a minor bugfix update, a new stable will be released soon.

Some users reported bootloops on SR1 and SR2, for whom the last stable worked fine. If this still happens on SR3, report it to the BETA thread on XDA, otherwise I will consider these reports fixed.


Download flashable ZIP:

SuperSU BETA thread on XDA:

- Fix erroneously deleting SuperSU's copy of app_process on 6.0 since 2.79-SR1
- GUI: Fix app_process requirement detection when supersu context used
- Fully eliminate sugote binary, no longer needed due to SELinux handling improvements in earlier versions
- Support /system/xbin/sush as default shell
- Adjust LD_PRELOAD filtering to exclude suhide's libraries
- ZIP: Motorola: default to systemless mode

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