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SuperSU v2.78 SR3 (with Pixel fixes)

This update brings fixes primarily for devices with the A/B partition layout such as the Pixels, but there are some other fixes as well.

I have you not read the release notes for v2.78 SR2, you should probably do so now:

If you are a Pixel user, you need to fastboot boot the updated boot images contained in the linked ZIPs. If you are using any other device with TWRP or FlashFire operational, flash the SuperSU ZIP file.

System bind

For A/B partition layout devices (such as the new Pixels) the /system to /system_root/system symlink has been replaced by a bind mount.

This corrects absolute paths to something Android expects, and indeed prevents the System UI crash when battery drops to 15%.

As an unintended side-effect this may also magically make some root apps that manipulate /system work that did not work before. Definitely not all of them, but some of them.

Full unroot

This option inside SuperSU wasn't working correctly on A/B partition layout devices, and has been fixed.

Factory reset protection / survival

With the FRP setting enabled (default on the Pixel, manually enable by doing echo "FRP=true">>/data/.supersu in a root shell for other devices), systemless root will survive a factory reset (/data wipe). Note that any updates to the su binaries installed by Play Store updates to SuperSU will be lost.


Pixel (sailfish):
(fastboot boot to root/update)

Pixel XL (marlin):
(fastboot boot to root/update)

Flashable ZIP:

SuperSU BETA thread on XDA:

- Fix 'Full Unroot' on slot-based systems
- sukernel: replace system symlink with bind mount
- sukernel: add missing slot check for system_root import
- sukernel: fix ramdisk backup segmentation fault
- supolicy: adjust priv_app policy to be able to call su
- launch_daemonsu: adjust su.img size detection
- ZIP: improve loop device setup
- ZIP: add factory reset protection (FRP variable, default if slots used)

Downloads served: SuperSU: 61 454 082. This file: 21. Support my efforts, get SuperSU Pro ! Follow @ChainfireXDA · Follow me on Google+ Download Want to keep root next time you upgrade firmware? Try FlashFire! Copyright © 2011-2016 - Chainfire.
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Will it be released by an app update via the play store?
+Ryan Foret eventually, but if you are a Pixel user, a store update will not fix the issue.
C Jay
I know you are a busy man but im requesting if its possible can you please help me root techno phantom 6 plus. I bricked mine and root is the only method i can use to extract backup from a friends phone and restore. Please help if you know any other method too

If I already did fastboot boot boot-to-root.img for v2.78 SR2, I am doing the exact same process to update my Pixel XL, correct? That method is for both updating and installing for the first time?
I assume that these Systemless Roots are compatible with ROMs Marshmallow onwards?
Nice but i tryed on my N6P with latest factory 7.0 + EX kernel, decrypted. All SR version will be encrypt my storage. Is it wrong version? Or What?
Has anyone tried this on Serial Number 'H'? It's not working for me.
WOW! Probably this "- sukernel: fix ramdisk backup segmentation fault" fix will make Moto X2 systemless root working properly. I'm going to test and post the result. Thanks +Chainfire !

Just to be clear, due to the bootloader unlock, we still cannot have root and use Android Pay correct?
Confirmed: Now the boot image patching works out-of-the-box on Moto X2 :)
I have kinda same question as +Petr Matula . My Nexus 6P was running Stock Android 7.1.1 DP1, Stock Kernel, SuperSU-v2.78-SR1 and storage was unencrypted. I flashed the SR3 now and it is at the boot animation stage since last 15 minutes. I'm afraid that it is encrypting the storage and if I force reboot, it will "corrupt" the encryption and I'll have to do a full wipe. Any inputs?
+Bikram Agarwal See if it's possible to perform a temporary boot with TWRP and backup everything. I think it supports encryption. Here's the fastboot command: fastboot boot twrp.img.
It finished boot. And now it says "Encrypted" under Android Settings > Security. :( Anyway to unencrypt it without wiping everything?

+Chainfire SuperSu doesn't disable force-encrypt anymore?
+Chainfire thanks! Did this happen to disable the finger sensor on the back? I can't use it to swipe my notifications anymore.
Running pixel NDE63L flashed new sr3 over old sr2 from fastboot. Working great. No FC at all, great work brother. 
Thank you for all your hard work. If not for you and devs like yourself I would likely lose my mind using my phone. I absolutely loathe advertisements. 
Hey this is off subject but have anyone try to install a font app, enable root to change the font? It jus force close for me. 
Trying to root my xl, old file worked, but killed me when battery got low, new file doesnt give me root. Unlocked US XL
Zoran M
Hello my ADB doesn't recognise my Pixel XL when I type in adb devices...are there new drivers for the Pixel XL ? My Pixel does show on my PC though
Make sure debugging is on also
Zoran M
Thank you...All working now, I used fastboot devices instead of adb devices and adb can see my Pixel now
thanks for your hard work , whats that mean SR3 please ? is it possible to use latest version 2.78 for all phones OLD & New ?
Shouldnt this really be v2.79 SR1 with such major changes?

Many are reporting root checkers not working with the current version. 
Is this compatible with 7.0? I'm at the newest build of PN. 
+Mark Ashworth no, it shouldn't, that's not how the versioning scheme works right now. As for root checks, I haven't seen a single report, and they're stupid anyway. SuperSU runs a dozen tests on every startup, if you open it and it doesn't complain, you're fully rooted. It's the only test you need.
Totally agree. I have been telling these people exactly the same, to not rely on root checkers. If root apps work and supersu doesn't complain they have root.
Thanks for the response. How on earth you manage to track responses and continue to update your various softwares at the same time is unreal. Get some rest man!

thank you Chainfire you are the best:D
Didn't you post a updated adblocker link for the pixel riot method? Thanks for awesome work..
I just tried the new method and my system UI crashed to a rainbow screen had no idea about the battery percent was it fixed in the newest version?

Has anyone flashed the new factory images for the Pixel/XL yet (NDE63X)? If so, does root survive and/or does the boot-to-root method still work? Release notes above indicate that it can survive a wipe of /data, which an OTA or manual flash of factory image shouldn't impact. Thanks!
+Rob Monroe how can we update without losing root? Do we need to return to stock dl update then reroot? Missing twrp it made flashing n updating easy
+Chris Sucharda I am not sure yet. I don't want to lose root either. The release notes imply that it should survive, but was waiting to see if anyone else has done it yet.
Randy F
Flashed NDE63X. Root does not survive. Does not boot after boot boot-to-root.img 
Update not working with this root on google pixel.
Please update.
+Chainfire Question, On the Pixel XL (I am on a VZW variant and I have it unlocked) - it wont pull updates from Google so it seems. So I am forced to download the OTA -> Flash via recovery. Once I do this i seem to lose root and have to re-root. Thats part 1.

I also wanted to know if i can use FlashFire to flash the from google so i don't need to use a computer? or do you have another tool to do so?


Btw, this is rhcp :)
what happen with SR3 ? it force-encrypt my nexus 5x ?

Google Pixel XL: I just unlocked my boot loader and run the command "fastboot boot boot-to-root.img" my phone rebooted twice and now it's stuck at the booting screen (4 coloured jumping around). Any ideas? Edit: I unlocked with the command "fastboot oem unlock" then tried to root. This was a problem because when it unlocked it erased my user data and I hadn't set-up the phone again. All fixed now.
After fiddling a bunch, here is what I figured out.

Hold power for about 20 seconds until the screen goes black. Release
power. Then press down-volume then press power while holding down-volume.
Hold for a few seconds and you will be in boot mode.

I re-flashed the latest pixel image. Can get those with instructions
directly from Google.
do we need busy box? Also, in busy box app where would I install, like to what folder on the pixel xl? Thanks in advance!
+John hale did you root with sr3 first then update to NDEU63X? How did you update? OTA method? Boot looped mine and could not flash factory back. Recovery disappeared. Google sent new device right out next day. Want to find out how you did it since I don't want to have to get a third phone in 3 days. Thank
+Brian Gold yes I was rooted before flashing the ota. Lost root and booted the root again and boom. All set. 
+John hale I'm wondering if it was a bug in sr2 that caused the issue after the OTA was flashed. It actually reset the phone to factory and I tried to reroot again and that is when it looped. Sr3 was not out yet.
Does the root for the Pixel work with the nde63v build? Mine bootloops. It does seems to work with nde63p though

Randy F
Mine bootlooped after flashing Factory NDE63X and trying SR3... Had to flash back to NDE63P and re-root. Cannot get it to root with either NDE63X, nor NDE63V, just NDE63P.
+Randy F Have you update to the latest build with OTA yet? Is the root gonna be survive?
+Zijian Wang obviously you don't know what he said. He flashed the factory image of the latest update then attempted root, and got a bootloop, so he reverted back to NDE63P.
+Brock McCrory I know, that what I did too, revert back to NDE63P, and root it. That's why I'm curious about will the root survive if I OTA update to NDE63V.
+Bill Zajac That's correct. If you're stuck in the boot screen you need to force power down. power + volume down. Then I flashed the phone with the stock image from the google site and started again. Bit of a pain. But it did work in the end. Just keep in mind when you unlock the bootloader it wipes all your data.
Does anyone know how you revert back to NDE63P if you don't have a backup? I prefer not to lose all my data. I tried to sideload the OTA but it won't allow a rollback (I should've known that). Thanks!
+Adrian Then Took me few hours to get all my stuff back to normal after a downgraded and root my pixel, wish there was a way which could remains all userdata.
+Adrian Then your trying to revert back for no reason? seems illogical....stick what you're stock FW, it's a pain in the ass to root (clearly not as simple as it should have been) especially since majority of the time the damn root wont stick...i ended up "flashing" not booting the other fw...then reverted back to stock, then flashed franco kernel then "boot" boot-to-root, proffit...If you are worried about loosing everything at this day and age, you probably shouldnt even worry about root/unlock etc... ;)

I rolled back to P and reset up my phone. With X now out I'm wondering if root will survive applying the upgrade? Thanks +Chainfire​ for your fantastic work. I can now enjoy my new pixel xl how I want.
Any reason why Flashfire doesn't have the latest version of SuperSU and is still on 2.78SR1?
Basu Ra
¿Cuando se podrá rootear Hisense U972 con SuperSu?
+Randy F Thanks for your post. I also got bootloop when trying to root NDE63V.... reverted to P, and root process worked fine.
+Chainfire I'm on Shamu and experiencing the same bootloop on the November update with SR3.
many thanks. this fixed issues i was having on CM 14.1 on Z00T.
built in CM root was not working for some things, and previous versions of SuperSU made system not boot.
Hello. After install latest version on Galaxy s7 edge,running android n beta, it breaks wifi and camera. Is any fix coming soon? Device works with magisk but this conflicts with a special apk im using. Please take a look for this bug. I allways root my devices with superuser ...
how do i input commands to download this file and add to my device, currently have Google Pixel