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DSLR Controller updated to v0.99.3

We're very slowly creeping up to v1.00, it seems. I have a bit of aversion to that, as v1.00 indicates that it's ready, which software never is :)

AF system rewritten

One of the most important changes in this update is support for the new AF modes and redesigned handling of existing AF modes in the very latest EOS models (like the 70D, and all other models with FlexiZone support). All AF-related code in DSLR Controller has been remodeled, and though I have tested it extensively on half a dozen different camera models, it is still possible this has broken something somewhere. Please do let me know if this is the case.

Wi-Fi in Smartphone mode

Another awesome new feature is the capability to connect to cameras over Wi-Fi using the Smartphone mode instead of the EOS Utility mode. This allows the camera to be the hotspot, which simplifies the setup process in the field. Though beware several users report having a small external portable hotspot gives a more stable Wi-Fi connection.

As with most devices in EOS Utility mode, video functionality is also disabled in Smartphone mode (this is a camera thing, not an app thing). All other functionality appears to work as expected in Smartphone mode as well, so hurrah for that.

Additionally, Smartphone mode allows the liveview resolution to be configured (at least it does on the 70D, let me know if this also works on other Wi-Fi equipped models). DSLR Controller uses medium resolution by default (you can change this under options - bottom-right cogwheel icon). High resolution is much slower, but also much sharper. If you're using filters or using the Android device for exact focussing, I would definitely recommend using high resolution mode.


- Added: Support for Wi-Fi connections using the 'smartphone' protocol
- Added: 70D specific support
- Modified: Completely redone AF-related code to fix issues with newer cameras
- Modified: Quick mode now shows all focus points
- Modified: Tap-and-hold on "Live" or "Zone" resets/recenters focus area
- Modified: Image review on high memory devices: image no longer blanked when loading new image
- Modified: MX Player is no longer forced S/W mode. To always use H/W: change "network" decoder setting in MX Player 
- Fixed: Fullscreen follow-shot no longer shows image info
- Fixed: Timed bulb shot >30 seconds now works over Wi-Fi
DSLR Controller is the first and only app that allows you to fully control ...
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You can always have 0.99.9999... no? 
Just add another 9 every release... yeah :)
When you get to the threshhold, please do include RAW support... I keep forgetting to switch to .jpg. Cheers, LMH
+Lutz Huesch what are you talking about? RAW works fine for me - the only place it shouldn't work is "follow shot" mode
Probably this has been asked a thousand times before but... are you ever going to consider us nikonians? :D. BTW thanks for everything you have done for the Android and Samsung community. You're an authority without any doubt.
As an owner of the 70D I salute you. I couldn't care less about the version number of software, as long as each new version is an improvement.
Nothing says the minor version has be to 2 digits only. You could go 1.1xx.xx. I know previous versions only had 2 digits, but I prefer this over doing a release before the software is ready. 
That's why I like version numbers as dates in the format YYYYMMDD. They it shows date of release and which one is a newer version, but doesn't have the connotation that a version 1 or version 2 would -- stability.
+Chainfire Any possibilities of making this work with a Sony NEX? Their PlayMemories app is terrible, but I remember them mentioning somewhere that the APIs are open.. 
+Chainfire Sorry 'bout that, I'm an old idiot: I read somewhere along the line that the app supports ONLY .jpg, so I dutifully made sure that I set it to .jpg each time..

So today I set it back to RAW, took some shots, could preview them fine on the camera - but then I got my come-uppance: the EOS Utility on my PC could no longer download any photos! It presented a series of grey placeholders, and when I attempted to grab one of these the software crashed! I have just downloaded all the Canon stuff again and will take some more snaps...
Not working with nexus 7.2, noticed there is a 'get-around' on the web site, will give that a go.... Working on original Samsung Note.
Amazing app, keep up the great work!...
Awesome app, thank you.
Come on people enough with the requests for Nikons, etc. This awesome app is for real cameras...Canons. LOL jk
Bloody awesome job with this app mate. Very impressed.
Nexus 7.2 update, simple restart was sufficient to get things rocking!... Chainfire rolls, and rocks!...
+Chainfire I was wondering cf if you have made any progress into the issue where the camera is not detected if the language of the device is not set to English (US). I was also wondering if you could enable taking a picture with the camera itself when life view is enabled. It is currently only possible if disabled. 
+Wim Vandekerckhove Upgrading to Android 4.4 should fix the language issue. As for taking a picture, it should still be possible if you turn on liveview on the camera as well.
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