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Recently updated to v1.20

Minor update, might take care of it not working at all on some very recent Samsung firmwares (such as anything S6).

You can wait for Google Play to update, or grab it from the first post of the XDA thread, which also contains some more info about the update: 
With Android 5.0 Lollipop's release, the recents view (multitask button) be...
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KMPlayer Checksum List [ Executable File (KMPlayer.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 12,146,496 Bytes CRC-32: MD4: c267f1a4b28f60fbcb7d50a13bd837a2 MD5: 53e9b65b050868c7cd77e0c85f2d02af SHA-1: a5caf6e87ae8ef72a91438d9931035a04f26d387 [ Install File (KMPlayer_3.9.1.138.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,050,664 Bytes CRC-32: 3bc64bd4 MD4: da150fc46294606175cf37f7adb4092a MD5: 9fe005fdf7cb503da844f9d09b1997e5 SHA-1: 46f2fbf37807a5738072f0bc3af408d6ba9c4dfb < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,049,840 Bytes CRC-32: 3f87129c MD4: a1851f916601ed9a866aae893590a93b MD5: 8c381d093f93d41fc6aabe99499f1ce6 SHA-1: e2a172c6485cd7701636e72b8e52ee705595ab8c < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,049,584 Bytes CRC-32: d37b451e MD4: d2351d4d0e2256d048a03740fc0af7df MD5: 86a8e95f23ef2a594febe196b91cdcc0 SHA-1: 61ebbb56024447388305cfabcef3eec8e29de43f < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,046,768 Bytes CRC-32: 450c5a28 MD4: 2e5f1f2074a77038ef62ce87082786aa MD5: c047e48258f7198b91013f657099a0fe SHA-1: c4c392568e31b7139828e0fbba3ba2f7fef05850 < FileInfo > FileSize: 33,341,632 Bytes CRC-32: 074e9b4d MD4: ba63bfcc9e23658106b9303e24d179f1 MD5: 80e113574f246ae12c214a274c0afab9 SHA-1: 7dbcbcecbe45cff13fd3e91c9dd9ca7d35c2ce0e < FileInfo > FileSize: 33,342,624 Bytes CRC-32: 571c233b MD4: 06d1355297db3687f4d02dfb19cbbeec MD5: 915610d64998846e13f7d4e75da4f5c2 SHA-1: 25e94f3eaf9db38d6ba0543b7e0f2840ad006a4d ---------------------------------------------------------- KMPlayer Checksum List [ Executable File (KMPlayer.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 12,146,496 Bytes CRC-32: 7796c0f9 MD4: 349572ed7667e26e8030087f44d7fb0d MD5: 62fba86cfbcbfa9aba6a1c380afffd1e SHA-1: 1a3fbf1db4c0be01b29a5e9c3506d4b7edd5660b [ Install File (KMPlayer_3.9.1.137.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,048,104 Bytes CRC-32: 0b220ff4 MD4: 1ac2085bb6474d88e87b5cad96a0d35e MD5: fb3b818db15e93740d2e3a7f0a0c90da SHA-1: 78889d3aba044390a486ccdac61b39ca955d6b7c < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,048,144 Bytes CRC-32: c474c5af MD4: 5f4769eabbdf20a99ba1c7044733a4f6 MD5: 7f9191a83f50a299ba73e7288f7c392c SHA-1: 49c82f19dd5968e0e51855424fe85440c88876f9 < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,047,344 Bytes CRC-32: 84374957 MD4: be3abbd756a38b26d5ce9892b18bd392 MD5: 306402ea69c78e541f1e572b2d54e976 SHA-1: f0f17c7038533192bead67182a9c6ef769d092be < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,048,880 Bytes CRC-32: cc36773d MD4: 0263b96119a25fb04e5d390f48b285c4 MD5: ef444c4df371b81d26d50d7bbd93f11d SHA-1: 6f4c69675d4eea9aec6b9490656d8136420433f4 < FileInfo > FileSize: 33,346,192 Bytes CRC-32: aa42bf4a MD4: 9edf31e72678a9427e0c499d7b2ec9ce MD5: f175dc2a90d6b12f6da01f6888890a06 SHA-1: 53fc088df1f6d1234ec10df2411fe5df68baf493 ---------------------------------------------------------- KMPlayer Checksum List [ Executable File (KMPlayer.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 12,135,744 Bytes CRC-32: 0978acfa MD4: b46602e4c3e7d4a973ce31b79e298852 MD5: d77532fa188572760374ccd1832413f3 SHA-1: 40bb45434a6b3ad5a3ea6eef2154f9a37d0de022 [ Install File (KMPlayer_3.9.1.136.exe) ] < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,199,896 Bytes CRC-32: fc9774d3 MD4: 5bb58bb39e5f78b6e3483f2d5bb004b3 MD5: 29de640e9629371d3e873bc4a6a3731f SHA-1: cd72d0fc8bfae3ba2f43a1cb8ff8431dd81a76a7 < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,197,784 Bytes CRC-32: 64ada415 MD4: fddae6628ae1c0438d82c8343d17f319 MD5: 9839a6c9b72c20dcd1d994a0adb9f76e SHA-1: 0e70f09d23b26e712240df6424ff0e710a9e868b < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,197,312 Bytes CRC-32: 36ee7e0a MD4: 36f6be2cc7c07e979f041e2f085d5c2a MD5: 1fe53ee925caeaa888112406b6b1d2a4 SHA-1: 78685427c29419e7ad67e662e2746746a9a135e8 < FileInfo > FileSize: 38,195,008 Bytes CRC-32: d5babc44 MD4: 49293bbff4b48fe849195800d0881460 MD5: 152581049a77c3c6743b908c4ad4c3b0 SHA-1: 24a7863ebf8b81619203a3ab5f8017da6de01d31 < FileInfo > FileSize: 33,341,552 Bytes CRC-32: 1eea4b7d MD4: b49404586fb0bdee32337a3fe29ed10d MD5: fd14834194ed537ddb1041b56fea0250 SHA-1: 756cf60eac26f91514bd1e4ec434ff411ec8781a ---------------------------------------------------------- KMPlayer Checksum List [ Executable File (KMPlayer.ex
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Samsung Galaxy S6 rooted
(Good news everyone!)

Obvious clickbait is obvious, unlocked bootloaders are unlocked, and as invariably someone has to point out in a snarky comment on /r/android, open doors are indeed open, even before you kick them.

Either way, the first CF-Auto-Root's for the S6 family are up: SM-G920T and SM-G925T - the T-Mobile US S6 and S6 Edge.

Only very minor modifications were necessary [to the existing CFAR script]. The S6 CFAR has been tested on a real device, and root was achieved. Further information? I have none, I wasn't there in person.

All completely expected, but perhaps nice to know regardless.

Before actually rooting though, consider that KNOX will likely be tripped, and there's a good chance untripped KNOX will be required for phone based payments.

CF-Auto-Root repository:

Let the "yeah I don't really need root anymore" commenting commence!

EDIT: The G920F S6 'international' has also been added now
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Is good 
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Recently updated to v1.10

I have just uploaded v1.10 to the Play store, which should start updating you over the next few hours. The impatient can grab the APK from XDA here:

There has been a lot more response to this little app than I had expected, as its just a little thing I primarily wrote for my own use. I've gone through a lot of the commentary on various sites, and this update should cover most of the reasonable requests, excluding primarily the true white/blacklist, which may or may not be coming in the future.

The age limit is now a slider with more options on the shorter end. Where 12 hours was previously the shortest option, now 1, 2, 3, and 6 hours have been added.

I've also added the option to make a 'Clear All' button show up in the recents view. It doesn't work on all devices (yet), though.

Another often spotted request was to do something about Google search results (from the search box and Google Now). Interestingly, on some devices this shows up a single card, and on other devices each search shows up as a separate card. If you "Ok Google" a lot, the latter can quickly become messy. Additionally, these results are often tied to the process of the launcher, and thus are always in the running state, until you reboot. This means the basic Recently options won't clear them by default. For this an option was added that allows you to limit the number of these cards that remain listed. I would advise against setting it to none and choose a low number instead, but it's up to you.

Personally I also hate seeing Settings in recents, as I always use another path to go there. So I added an option to remove that as well.

I've also added options to kill tasks and documents (browser tabs, search results, etc) when they become older than the set age limit. This is a fairly extreme measure to take, and I would generally advise against it, but there have been so many requests for this that I'll let you decide for yourself to use it or not.

Last but not least, Recently will no longer show up in recents itself, nor attempt to remove stale tasks that belong to the home, foreground or recents processes.

- Age limit is now a slider, with more (shorter) options
- Added option to show a clear all button (doesn't work on all devices)
- Added option to limit Google Search results in recents
- Added option to hide Settings app
- Added option to force remove stale tasks
- Added option to force remove stale documents
- The app itself no longer shows up in recents
- Never remove the home, recents or foreground tasks
With Android 5.0 Lollipop's release, the recents view (multitask button) be...
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Hello I am Omar me mobile Knott 3 and charged Super S U Enter the application says Bs challenged Fa says caused the update fails Please solve the problem

All complain of scent in the problem will solve the problem PlayStation please .......
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500 Firepaper updated to v2.60

Another update to 500 Firepaper today. Some of you may have noticed a couple of updates to this app lately.

Two weeks ago, 500px made some unexpected changes to their API and CDN. This resulted in a lot of blurry (upscaled low-res) images to be displayed by 500 Firepaper.

Some fairly rigorous changes were needed to parts of the code to cope with this, and it had to be released quickly, so most users would still be seeing the cached high-res images when the update came in, and many would never be the wiser.

Of course, a rigorous and hasty change is not always the best technically, some bugs had to fixed, and some optimizations done. Hence the intermediate updates.

The changes at 500px required 500 Firepaper to make many more API requests to the 500px servers. These are just text-based requests and are not very significant bandwidth-wise, but they are slow (and thus increase latency of several actions, and in turn battery use). This latest update drastically reduces the amount of API requests needed, thanks to some advice from gurus over at 500px themselves.

Hopefully this is the last minor update for a while!

Discussion thread on XDA:
500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the late...
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I bought a pro version how to activatie?
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LiveBoot updated to v1.12 - Putting the fun back in to bootloops

I've just published v1.12 to the Play Store, it should be available within a few hours. Alternatively, you can grab the latest APK from the thread on XDA -

The response to LiveBoot has been great so far - much better than I expected, actually. As always with a first release, there were a number of bugs to solve, and a lot of feature requests.

A fair number of these feature requests have been implemented in the latest version, and some major issues have been fixed.

One of the more common issues was the logs only showing up on screen for two seconds, and then going back to the normal boot animation. That issue should now be fixed.

Unfortunately, there are still a few users for whom it just doesn't work at all, and that issue is still under investigation.

SuperSU requirement

There has been much whining and gnashing of teeth about the SuperSU requirement. I thought I explained the requirement relatively well in my posts, the app description, and even the popups in the app itself - but apparently to no avail.

As luck would have it, most of the users in question are running custom ROMs that do support init.d. After some consideration I have added some basic init.d compatibility to the app, for users who are not using SuperSU.

su.d (provided by SuperSU) scripts run at boot the same as init.d scripts do, but guarantees are made regarding SELinux policies state, /data being available in decrypted state, and the timing of execution. init.d scripts do not have this, and it depends on the init.d provider (usually your firmware, but sometimes an app) and your current setup whether these requirement are met.

In practise this means that most popular source-built custom ROMs with init.d support, permissive SELinux, a data partition that is not encrypted, and an older version of SuperSU or a different root altogether, may now work.

It should be noted however that there are still a large number of firmwares and setups (even with init.d and non-SuperSU root) that will not (ever) be compatible. There really isn't anything I can do about that without significantly increasing the risk of bootloops, which is not an option.


- Possible fix for only showing for two seconds during boot on some devices
- Fixed typos
- Pro: Made logcat buffers configurable
- Pro: Made logcat format configurable
- Made word wrap configurable
- Added option to disable logcat color coding
- Added option to darken the background
- Added option to save logs
- Added option to reboot
- Reduced APK size
- Added capability to use init.d if not using SuperSU. Not officially supported, correct working impossible to guarantee.
LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-scr...
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TVHZ - another award winning app name

Quick app to switch hz on your Nexus Player. Because reasons.

The entire hz switching feature on the NP is pretty broken, though.

Details on this implementation, the issues, the caveats, etc, in the XDA thread linked below.
This app allows you to switch the hertz of your display. This is a tool for advanced users, please read this entire description. Hopefully this app will b…
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Discussion  - 
All discussion (questions, comments, issues, bug reports, anything) should go to the XDA thread linked below !

SuperSU required (for now).

Posts here will be ignored if not removed.
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Recently updated to v1.15

Just pushed to the Play Store, wait a few hours for it to propagate or grab the APK from XDA here:

Some minor fixes, a form of multi-user support (config as admin, works the same for all) and some CM specific fixes. Barring the discovery of any major issues, this should be the last update to Recently for some time.

Let it not be said (again...) that I never give any love to CM users. There was a bug in the service code which left the background process alive if using CM's su and you turned Recently off.

But the real reason I even looked at CM were the many requests to do something about the # symbol in the status bar when using Recently. Apparently it's a bit of an annoyance that the user can't turn off, and as the root process exists the entire time the app is activated, this means you'd always see the # symbol, and it loses all the usefulness you may think it has.

The work-around used is not very complex (though it did require more code changes than I generally expect doing on a Sunday), and it is only one of several ways it could be done. It does make you wonder though... What's worse than a security related indicator the user can't turn off? A security related indicator the user can't turn off that also doesn't reliably indicate the conditions you expect it to indicate.

- Workaround CM's # in statusbar
- Fix never quitting with CM's SU
- Multi-user support - works for all users, but with admin's config
- Fix settings screen margins on tablets

Other apps
As an aside, several of my recent root apps (and upcoming ones too) will keep a root shell open in the background during the app's lifetime, as it is both faster and generally more efficient than repeatedly creating a root shell, running one or two commands, closing the root shell, and doing it all over again seconds (or even minutes) later. 

Ironically, these are the virtually the same reasons some argue against the use of Recently itself, though I maintain those arguments do not hold when none of the Advanced Recently settings are used, in any but the very worst case scenarios.

Anyway - those apps will show you the # as well - I do not foresee implementing this same work-around for most of them.
With Android 5.0 Lollipop's release, the recents view (multitask button) be...
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just wanted to try on my device but no joy. is a BLU STUDIO Ce. damn. I knew was no guarantee. Crap. It is rooted. Maybe some day. 
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Recently released!
(Make recents useful again on Lollipop)

If your recents (aka overview aka multitask) screen has become completely pointless on your Lollipop-toting device due to it listing every app you ever opened in no particularly useful order, then Recently may be for you.

Recently uses some root voodoo to manipulate the recents list, showing you only what (you tell it) you want to see.

You can limit the list of shown apps to only those that are actually running (instead of every app and every document ever), or limit it to apps run within the last X hours. The latter can be handy because Lollipop tends to be fairly aggressive in killing off apps, and you may not want an app you just used to disappear from the list.

Additionally, you can limit the number of apps shown, though it will always show actually running apps.

The app uses virtually no resources (and no wakelocks), and it doesn't actually kill any apps (it only hides apps that weren't running anyway).

Grab it from Google Play (link in the box below) or join the conversation on XDA-Developers:
With Android 5.0 Lollipop's release, the recents view (multitask button) be...
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Thanks chainfire
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CF.lumen updated to v3.00

I have just pushed an update to CF.lumen to the Play store, it should be available for installing/updating shortly. Of course, you can also grab the latest APK in the XDA thread linked below.


Rootless and KCAL drivers have been added. Below is a short description for both of them, a full image quality and performance write-up is available in the second post of the XDA thread (linked below).

Rootless driver

For those without root, CF.lumen now has a rootless driver. It uses an overlay like all the other apps that do something similar and cannot begin to come close to the image quality of the root-enabled drivers, but it's something.

KCAL driver

KCAL is quickly becoming a popular kernel mod on Qualcomm-based devices, and CF.lumen now has a driver for that as well. While the image quality of various filters (especially night mode) is not as good with the KCAL driver as the original CF.lumen driver, the KCAL driver has no performance impact at all. So if your kernel supports it, you might want to try it out and see which driver works best for you.


As is becoming common in my apps, I've added a freeload option, which enables all Pro features without paying. Honestly, I'm not sure it'll stay in this app.


Thread on XDA:
CF.lumen adapts the colors on your Android device based on the position of ...
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LiveBoot v1.00 released - Live logcat/dmesg boot animation

LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen. Output configuration includes logcat categories, whether to show dmesg, and the amount of lines that should fit on your screen. For Pro users there's also the option to make the output transparent and overlay the default boot animation.

Root is required (SuperSU v2.40 or newer), and even though various firmwares from 4.3 up to 5.0 may work, it's aimed primarily at 5.0 devices, with 4.4 users most likely to run into issues. Those specific issues will be looked at in due time.

Of course you still remember this app's predecessor from years ago, but that version can't really be ported to new devices, so now there is this!

There's a lot more to tell about this, please see the XDA thread for further details!



Google Play:

LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-scr...
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500 Firepaper updated to v2.40

Pretty minor update. Hardware acceleration is now enabled by default. Some users were not having the Pro version showing up on secondary devices, which should also be fixed now.

I've done some basic L theme adjustments (only for users actually on 5.0, not 4.x), some color here, some animation there. Still needs some work though. The app icon, banner, etc is also up for replacement, probably next week.

I've added TV compatibility, so you can let 500 Firepaper be your daydream on the TV. That is, assuming Google accepts the submission for TV distribution!

Google should start rolling out the update in an hour or two.
500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the late...
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Awesome app!! Can you add an "Automobiles" category?
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