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On the iPad google plus app: if you pinch a post you can drag it to the top right hand corner to share. Looks really cool
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I bet there is a lot more we can do and we just haven't figured it out. Lol
Can you repeat that to the masses? Seems to be a lot of Apple Haters here. 
If you listen to +inThirty I cohost with an apple lover. I constantly have to convince +Harry Marks that plus is good. I'm ready let's go.
There's the spirit! Lol
I like the Google+ apps, but the service just doesn't have the activity I need to stay engaged.
It would do exactly what you want, if you take a little bit of time to build your circles with people who post stuff that interests you. 
We build our level of engagement. If we take time to know our "circles of followers" we can post to them appropriately. We can't post cat pictures to a circle of dog lovers and expect a high level of activities or comments.
Here's the problem: The people who are active are the same people I follow on Twitter. They are, in fact, more active on Twitter than they are on Google+, so I spend more time interacting with them on Twitter.

My friends, who I'd like to talk to on G+, are only active on Facebook, so I converse with them there. Google+, as cool as it is, doesn't have the level of engagement as the other two major networks out there. It's stuck right now.
I can totally understand where you are coming from. I think it is because people don't fully understand what G+ has to offer or how to use it to it's fullest capability. The circles definitely take maintaining, which I happen to be slacking on at the moment, but it is well worth it and easy once you get the hang of it. For me, when I post on FB, I know exactly who is going to respond and what they are going to say. It's the same story day after day. Here in the wonderful land of G+, I never know what direction the comments might go in, how many people will respond, or what interesting new people I might meet. I'm still getting used to Twitter, but the limited # of letters you are allowed to type, has me looking at most tweets like I am deciphering some word puzzle. 
The reason for a non write API is because google+ doesn't want people to import their Facebook and twitter accounts. That was one reason that buzz failed. This forces people to come up with original thought. If you take time to deal with circles you will end up with a much better experience.
+Chaim Cohen I shouldn't have to take any more time managing circles than I do following/unfollowing people on twitter. I'm not saying I want my tweets and wall updates on Google+ - I want a reason to keep coming back and right now there isn't one. Not saying it isn't a good service, I'm saying it's lacking content. 
I am bombarded with three things on twitter I want to filter out.  Foursquare check ins, getglue check ins, and political tweets.  Not that I could eliminate that here, but people may be smart enough to not to subject me to them.  I know a lot of people have political circles.  
Who's starting a rivalry? I'm merely saying there's not enough of an audience on G+ to keep me coming back right now. I hold no allegiance to any service except the one that the people I want to talk to are using. Right now, that's Twitter.

G+ is fun and its apps are lovely. However, there's nothing holding me here right now. Them's the breaks.
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