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Chaim Cohen
Math/Computer Science Teacher From New Jersey. Tech Geek and Costco Lover
Math/Computer Science Teacher From New Jersey. Tech Geek and Costco Lover

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Whether you choose an echo or google home, here is my review about the HueGo light working with an echo:

My review of the Amazon Alexa

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So yesterday, I gave a tedx speech about secrets, and why you should have them.

Here is the video: I'm grabbing it from the live stream, so there are probably audio/video mishaps.

Tom and I did a further explanation here:

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Make it part of your new year to delete photos or tags you don't want to be associated with.

I love sharing photos through Google photos because it renders properly in the other social networks, but I can delete the link in one spot. 

New years resolution is to figure out a proper way to use Google plus. I believe that I don't use circles properly, and I think Google learned that most don't.

1) remove people who don't post.
2) consolidate circles
3) start following collections

I'm not ready to give up, but I think I can find the right use for plus. 

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My chromebook 

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+Joseph LoRe​ why haven't you posted any Dead Prez lately? I blame you.

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Need some more USB C 
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