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Al Bundy Ranch...

h/t +Craig Froehle
This Cliven Bundy situation has a lot of conservative activists and media personalities finally showing their true colors.

Here’s a guy who doesn’t recognize the existence of the United States government. He doesn’t accept federal authority because he doesn’t think the country should exist in the first place. He says he’s in the sovereign state of Nevada, and only the county sheriff has legal authority over him. The grazing land can’t be federal because the United States of America is illegitimate.

He is, by the purest definition, anti-American. And he is the new right-wing hero.

So much for all the “proud to be American” nonsense, huh? So much for the flag pins and the yellow ribbons and “support our troops”; so much for the Founding Fathers and the Constitution and liberty and justice for all. Oh, sure, those conservatives still exist – but you wouldn’t know it from watching Fox News, or reading social media.

No, the ones we hear from think this guy is a hero. For a while, they’ve been talking about nullification of federal laws, and federal laws not applying to Hobby Lobby, and abolishing the IRS and the EPA, and the federal government having no business in their schools or telling them they can’t discriminate against minorities they don’t like. Now they’re going whole hog, signing on with a guy who just plain thinks the United States of America shouldn’t exist.

See, it’s not about the money. If Mr. Bundy were a food stamp recipient, then it would be about the money – but grazing his cattle on public land without paying, essentially stealing from all of us, doesn’t make him a “taker”. No, it’s different, because this guy, unlike the “takers”, is against the very existence of the federal government. And that’s a cause they can get behind.

They can get behind it with guns. They’re itching for a fight. They wanted the shooting to start. The shooting didn’t start, because clearer heads prevailed at the BLM; not so much with the self-styled militia. “The people have the power when they unite,” Mr. Bundy’s son Ammon told a local newspaper. “The war has just begun.”

One right-wing media personality did stand out: Glenn Beck, who characterized the Bundy supporters as “the right’s version of Occupy Wall Street”, who “don’t care what the facts are, they just want a fight.” “We need to agree on, ‘we condemn those who use violence,’” he said on his TV program. “If you think that you have been wronged by this government more than Martin Luther King and the people he marched with, you’re out of your mind.” Really? Glenn Beck is the one talking some sense?

Of course, Mr. Bundy and his militia have every right to sit there with all the guns they want and say whatever they want about the government – and I’m kind of glad they are, because now we get to see what the 21st Century right wing really stands for.
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+Jeremy Mitchell They can hardly be considered welfare queens when they are productive people putting the land to good use, and when they are paying their grazing fees, if not now, then eventually, unless you think the federal government is going to give up collecting them.
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With Prom just around the corner, make sure to treat your date to a truly original... or extra crispy corsage.

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+Wayne Rosenfield Yah he figure why choke the chicken when she could just eat it instead.
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This is a great short film for anyone interested in the phenomena of sleep paralysis. Some of the descriptions in the film are all too familiar for me as I have experienced many episodes of sleep paralysis since I was nearly 15 years old. 

This 8-minute documentary enters a world between dream and reality to explore the science – and horror – of sleep paralysis.
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Sleep disorders suck. Massively so. Sorry to hear this, +Chadwick Jones.
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How will futuristic technology transform punishment?

It’s fairly obvious that we can’t significantly increase the duration of prison sentences — it’s just not economically (or societally) viable — and so we have to look at other possible solutions. This isn’t as easy as it sounds — humanity has spent a large portion of the last 10,000 years trying to work out how to fairly deal with criminals, and yet plain old prison still seems to be the correctional method of choice. Execution is one very obvious method of solving the problem of over-full prisons — but of course that’s a non-starter. Another option is downscaling the number of people that get sent to prison, through crime prevention and different, non-prison sentences (rehabilitation, house arrest, etc.)

I don't really see life expectancy making a huge jump anytime soon, so I'm fairly meh about this article. Interesting thoughts nevertheless. 

#science   #futurism   #crimeandpunishment   
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In norway, prisoners are sent to a commune on an island instead of in cages.
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Chadwick Jones

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How much social control is necessary to maintain the viability of a colonizing population, not only genetic viability but also cultural viability? What is the balance between shared goals and practical needs?

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Science at its most fun.  Although that population size might preserve most of our genes  under random mating, we would arrive severely blended.  Perhaps we would also be less robust, if there were advantages to gene assortments over blending.  And yes, what about cultural diversity, how many religions do we really want to preserve in their full range from fundamentalist to liberal.  How quaint.  I chose New Mexico for its cultural, geological and ecological diversity, yet that doesn't always mean we want everything that comes with it.
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Video calls going away... Maybe for some, certainly not all. :)
Is OK...  They didn't kill the camera and video capture capabilities.  You want video?  You'll just have to code it (and that's elementary my little #Glassware  developers).
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And another person got attacked for wearing these in Ca
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Chadwick Jones

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Brisket Manhattan...

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Goodness. I'm stuffed and seeing this brought my appetite back. Looks yumm! 
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Megan V
Oh that's funny haha 
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Yeah, cracked. Coffee should be that strong.
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As online platforms and digital technologies rapidly emerge and change, we need partnerships between patients and health-care professionals, as well as a guide to prepare for the future technologies that will have to be implemented quickly in everyday practices and in the health management of patients. Based on what we see in other industries, this is going to be an exploding series of changes. While redesigning health care takes a lot of time and effort, the best we can do is to prepare all stakeholders for what is coming next.

#science   #healthcare   #technology  

h/t +Bertalan Meskó 
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