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Chad Wrye
Statistician, swing dancer, gamer, and live theatre geek.
Statistician, swing dancer, gamer, and live theatre geek.
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Last night, I was called the most decadent man in Nashville. I will wear the title with pride because of its irony.

There's one good thing about my new workspace: three monitors!

The problem with being socially awkward is that I can never tell if someone is flirting with me. Either that, or no one ever flirts with me. Naw, it must just be the social awkwardness.

So this is what it feels like to finally be caught up on sleep...

I was not able to attend the March for Science in Nashville this morning, but I appreciate everyone who went out there to express your support for rational discourse, even in this weather!

Trevecca is doing a genderbent version of Hamlet that is amazing! The woman who portrays Hamlet is a particularly good actor. It's interesting to see these classic roles taken in that direction.

When I started working at my current company, I had my own office. After a couple of years, I had to move into a cubicle, but it wasn't bad since it had a door. Later, I got moved to a smaller cubicle without a door. A couple of years ago, I was required to move to a desk in an open office environment, but at least it was in a semi-secluded part of the building that I only shared with a couple of other people. Now, I'm getting moved to a desk in the middle a large room with about 20 other people. At this rate, I'm waiting for the day when they draw a square on the ground and say, "Stand here while you work."

The downside to working MTAC is that I had to miss two dances with live bands this weekend. I made up for it as much as I could at The 5 Spot tonight.

I just got home from MTAC Haiku. We had a few hangups, but overall, this was one of the best years since I've been on staff. The team has really come together and figured out how to make things work. I'm already looking forward to next year when we do MTAC 18th Battalion!

A big congratulations to Jaren for winning first place in the risque cosplay contest! It was his best version of Silent Bob ever!
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