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Navy SEAL Chad Williams
Navy SEAL Chad Williams

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My buddy Jason Thomas Powell and I have been doing a video series related to answering common questions and objections encountered during street evangelism. Our latest video has to do with "leading someone to Christ." Check out the video and a recent post that goes along with it:
Do you think we could lead others in a prayer? Could there be a right and wrong way to do it?

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Hey, G+ friends! I just launched a new segment on my website called, "Ask a Navy SEAL" where you can ask a Navy SEAL any question ranging from SEAL training to spiritual life. At least one question and answer will be selected daily. Please help kick start this by sharing the link and try asking a question on the page

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I have a new landing page for speaking invites. Navy SEAL Chad Williams
Please give it share and help me get it out there :-) 

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Here is "how to" wrap up a conversation while evangelizing with 4 simple closing questions!
Please "like and share”
I would greatly appreciate it if you could link to my site in your blogs and websites!!!
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