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Chad Smith
A financial planner who enjoys writing. Also a Wolfpack fan who also enjoys the Back to the Future triology.
A financial planner who enjoys writing. Also a Wolfpack fan who also enjoys the Back to the Future triology.

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Top 10 List for Quick Tax Savings

A quick listen for a few easy end of year tax savings.

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It's the Little Things

So many things are over-complicated when it comes to getting your financial life in order.  Take a listen to quick and easy top 10 tips to get on the right track pronto. #personalfinance  

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Do I Really Need a Financial Plan?

In this podcast, Mike and I share how a financial plan provided us the confidence to make a key financial decision in our lives. We also provide insight in to helping you decide if a financial plan could benefit you.

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"Am I Saving Enough?" Here's How to Tell

During our first meeting, a 55-year-old couple asked, “How do you think we’re doing for people our age? Are we saving enough?”  This is a good question, one I’m often asked. People want to know how they measure up.

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How Budgeting Can Make You Rich

Most people can never find the time to consistently track their spending. Yet knowing where you spend is the secret to creating real wealth. Follow these tips and you'll be on your way. #personalfinance   #budgeting  

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Do You Need to Amend Your Tax Return?

Out of 131 million returns filed in 2014, the IRS projected that 5 million would need to amend their tax return.  We've listed the common mistakes and 5 specific tips to successfully amend your tax return.

#taxes   #personalfinance  

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Baby On the Way? 5 Tips to Be Better Prepared

A story about our journey as new parents and 5 decisions we made that helped us to be as prepared as we could be for this incredible experience. #parenting   #personalfinance  

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The Best Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

The majority of people fear public speaking more than spiders and clowns. I used to be in that camp. I share a story below about the advice my dad gave me as a youngster that I still use today in our financial planning practice. Oh, and please don't mind the mullet picture but I thought it was pertinent to the story. #publicspeaking #mullet #fathersday

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When your plans take a detour, this mindset can help.  #surprises   #financialplanning   #birthday  

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Shared a few less conventional ways to save for retirement in this +CNBC article. #financialplanning   #retirement   #saving  
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