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How cool is this!

"South koreans can do their grocery shopping while waiting for the subway at a virtual supermarket opened by tesco homeplus, that lets users scan the QR codes of desired products, which are then delivered to their home within the day."
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FBG posted this last week, already trying to figure out how to do this in NYC, Chi and SF. Super cool idea right
Definitely. Especially if you lived in some metro without a car and had to carry groceries w you. This would be HUGE.
This has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Would have loved to have a service like this when I was living at Sky 
Chris imagine if the advertisers in your paper had this functionality. place an add that allows this to happen.
It would be beautiful. I can count at least 10 different times that I would have bought something instantly going through a best buy insert alone. grocery stores I would hope are already starting to look at ways to develop this in their area. I think even everyday brands for TP, coffee, Milk things you as a consumer typically always buy the same of because that's what your brand is. Can have an stand alone individualized message in the market. Key point being I don't have to do anything else but "BUY"
Nads Y
It's funny to hear the reactions from people... That's just how we do things in Korea. (Seoul is the most wired city in the WORLD). If you ever decide to go travel east and visit Korea or Japan.. make sure to be prepared for a MIND Blowing experience. It's like another planet.
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