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+Google Drive - I'm sure you're being inundated with questions about your lack of support for Linux but I need to ask the same question. Why? Is it coming soon? I'd rather not have to stick with Dropbox but if you don't support Linux, that's exactly what MANY of us are going to have to do. Google, we love you but you need to show that love for Linux, too.
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Very well said. I don't think I could be that polite today, however, I support your efforts 100%. I would really like google drive to work with Linux.
Thanks, Charlie. I'm trying my best not to get too bent out of shape until we hear more from Google. I'm really excited about Google Drive but to be honest, Dropbox is working very well for me and they support Linux. However, I would much rather use Drive because of the way it will integrate with other Google products.
It looks to me like the integration is usable without the local drive applications. I am not sure yet, but I think we will be able to use the web interface to get that much, even with linux.
Google has enough control of my data. I'm sticking with Dropbox until the inevitable happens and they are bought by Google.
I use Google for just about everything that I do online personally and for my consulting work. I've been very happy with them and I think Drive will just make the experience even better. However, +Jason Dunn, I do understand why you would feel that way.
Let's hope it is available soon and preferably as .rpm and .deb :-). Thanks +Teresa Wu you've restored some of my confidence in Google.
Paul Young
Not to doubt you +Teresa Wu, but I'm hoping this is not the kind of "support" that Google gave the Linux version of Picasa.
M Bybee
Picasa support was terrible, so I do hope Google Drive is better. Fortunately, there's Ubuntu One and Drop Box in case it isn't :)
+Teresa Wu That's awesome. Hopefully you guys are developing a simple to use command-line-based version so that we can use Google Drive on a headless command-line-only server! Looking forward to it!
Why was Linux left out in the first place? Seems to me this "hang tight" "no time line" BS simply shows how Google only considered Linux support as an afterthought ... not impressed ... not impressed at all. If I wanted this kind of Linux / opensource support I'd have gone with Apple.
+Teresa Wu that's great news.. I am a user of +Ubuntu one already .. so expecting an .deb package(heck even source files are fine with me ;)) and a PPA for future upgrades :)
+David Landry +Teresa Wu I echo David's question and sentiment. Sounds to me that Google only uses Linux components when they see fit without giving enough back to the Open Source community.
As a Linux poser user myself, it does disappoint me that some application and content developer tend to ignore Linux to only focus on most widely use operating system (Windows and Macs), I'm hoping Google doesn't tend to ignore Linux or the open source community when ti comes to Android success...
Thanks for the update +Teresa Wu , would be nice to see the Drive start page to reflect the fact that Linux support is coming soon. Right now it just looks like Google is giving a massive slap in the face to us #Linux users.
Launch a multiplataform service like Google Drive and leave Linux out was very sad! Okay that the Linux version is coming ... but what is the reason to not release along with the other versions? If Google (with Chrome OS and Android) start having a large operational systems market share, I'm sure that we will see much more of this... =/
I got the email too, but i can't find a link to install. Just "take me to google drive"
+Dave Thornton That's different. What's missing is a native Linux application that lets you synchronize your desktop folder with Google Drive.
+Dave Thornton what you did was converting Docs to Drive. In Windows, they have a client tool like DropBox to sync your files offline to your disk, but not yet on Linux :)
I am looking forward to the linux desktop client!!!
My thoughts exactly. Need Linux client for GDrive, will switch to GDrive from Dropbox at that point.
Looking forward to see Google Drive running atop Ubuntu. However, I still think Dropbox is one of the coolest startups over the last couple of years.
I'm pretty sure that GDrive is based on Google Music, which in turn sat on top of the new generic storage backend that sat on top of GFS2. In other words, I'm pretty sure that Google's goal in releasing Google Music when they did is specifically to stress-test GDrive. So Linux support can't be far away, there is already a semi-decent sync client for Google Music on Linux.
Will not start using Google Drive unless there is linux support as I do not have ANY windows or Mac machines. Google, you need to understand that there are people like me out there and you are giving yourself a bad reputation by not providing Linux support at the time of the launch. It is as if we are second grade citizens. #DriveforLinux
Like many others I use Dropbox because it works on windows, android and linux. Google drive will not be interesting until the linux support is done.
+Bill Ryder It's interesting right now linux support will just make it more interesting =p
Dropbox strengths are its ubiquiteness accross platforms and applications. Especially the integrations in tools on the iPad and iPhone make it seamless extensions to my trusty Linux Workhorse Laptop. It will take time to achieve parity in this area, even with a Linux sync client. But it will be an important milestone. For now, I'll remain a happy dropbox customer.
+Teresa Wu can you point us to the repo where it is being "worked on" so we can keep an eye on the progress?
+Luke Hutchison if "Linux support can't be far away", then why was it that on the Google Drive Start Page, iPhone and iPad were mentioned as 'coming soon', but there was no mention at all of Linux?

Did Google run out of disk space and couldn't afford the extra 19 characters?
I'm a little puzzled why a company like Dropbox supports Linux, but Google, who probably employs more chefs than Dropbox has developers, does not.
I agree with that. I love dropbox and one reason is because I dont think there is a platform that they dont support. Google is behind in a quite a few areas. It looks like all they did with drive was change the name and add a "Windows and Mac" Desktop application.
Here from the PCW article. I don't exclusively use Linux, which is exactly why I want Drive to work with it. Being able to easily transfer data between the six multi-OS devices I have would be quite useful.
+Jason Dunn and +Aeon Cipher - Actually, I think they should buy Bitcasa (the tech) instead, they day has long passed to buy Dropbox, I am sure they had that discussion internally!
I think they should show all our picasa photos inside the drive when you install it on your PC then you could just drag and drop photos into Picasa. Im not a huge fan of the lame picasa desktop app.
I agree ... please Google!! +Google Drive for Linux as soon as possible :D (before the end of world :D)
+Joe Young I would like it if all our Picasa files were at least in +Google Drive, plus our Google Music but I don't think the music biz is ready for that awesomesauce just yet.
Google should release linux support before the new Ubuntu release, many of us had jumped to #driveforlinux quickly to migrate our info
I would love to get this working on my ReadyNAS box - considered Google Drive "secure offsite backup" more than anything for pictures etc...
I would love to see this integrated with #Synology NAS devices. That would mean the sync is server-side instead of client-side.
Google owes a lot of its success to linux, so come on already!
For a company that take advantage of linux with a Q1 revenue of $10,645 (million) It's a shame to be not able to provide a linux client !
shame???? more than's deeply concerning and upsetting to see this happening. I love Linux and Google...but seeing this lack of support is really bad, very bad. Why to favor Microsoft and not the Open Source, Linux, that is the base of Chrome OS,etc...?!! They already dropped support for Piccasa,etc...No, this is not fair for us. have to change and realize that Linux is just starting and Ubuntu, RedHat, Linux Mint,Debian,Android(google linux os) etc....are getting Linux to a different Level ...and Microsoft is going down fast....SUPPORT LINUX GOOGLE!
"For a company that take advantage of linux with a Q1 revenue of $10,645 (million) It's a shame to be not able to provide a linux client !"

so ... back to dropbox
Sander Goudswaard I dont know if I would go for this idea. Lets work on getting the clients working before we go too far. If they cant get a linux client I doubt they will start supporting your synology
Ubuntu isn't the only Linux out there folks and UbuntuOne doesn't work well with other distros if at all, so it's really important for GDrive for GNU/Linux get out there. +Teresa Wu can you give us a time-frame as it's May already and it was supposedly to out sometime this month?
They need to get this sorted. Can we not just have an estimated date and if it slips fine. We're used to that being a possibility from distro releases.
I was thinking the same thing. Especially, after reading the story about how much Google employees love Linux and KDE.
Right that's hardly conclusive that Google developers use KDE. I'm sure some do just as some do xmonad.
+Stephen Allen What can be conclusive about "Google developers" when there are hundreds or maybe thousands of them? I'm pretty happy to just see some of them liking KDE. I personally like it a lot better than Gnome or Unity which IMO don't offer nearly as much customizability as KDE.
Oh, I'm sure many Google developers run their favorite environment. There's one here on G+ that I follow that loves LXDE.
Why run LXDE and it's incumbent overhead when one can just run Openbox? ;-P LXDE get's some flack for using the efforts of XFce. Having lurked on their mail list for some time I'm quite leary of running LXDE. To each their own though. <shrug>
I've been running LXDE for years and love it. It's my desktop of choice. I do run Openbox on my older laptop but LXDE is running on my newer laptop an on my desktop.
If you're running LXDE aren't you running Openbox anyway?
I'm also concerned about the Linux support Google Drive will get. Just take a look at Picasa, +Teresa Wu =/
They could also contribute to #grive or give out some release dates. Users are impatient ;)
picasa on Linux was bundled with wine. That's my greatest fear.
I'm waiting patiently to "drop" Dropbox and start using Google Drive, but since I use it mainly to collaborate between Windows, Android and Linux I can't switch yet. Any idea on a time frame for the Linux release?
What's the status of it?
+Stefan K. - To be honest, I've almost given up trying to find a status of support for Linux. I've made multiple attempts at finding out but still have no answers. I'm just going to do a "wait and see" but I don't want to "wait and see" too long. Right now, like mentioned by many here, Dropbox is working for those running Linux. Google needs to get in gear and complete the Linux client or many running Linux won't make the move away from Dropbox to Google Drive (myself included).
What I do is run an instance of SAMBA to my Win7 workstation sharing my 25 Gb Skydrive and Google Drive folder. I can access them with Nautilas easy enough via bookmark. Work-a-round for now.
I've given up waiting as well .. I have my own domain and have installed my own Zimbra community server, which is now connected to my Android phone for email, todo, calendar services, and am slowly moving over gmail to Zimbra.

Looking into a few personal cloud services that I can host myself as well (no need to be limited to just 5GB of linux hating drive space when I can have hundreds of GB.)

Eventually I hope to be down to just using G+ and nothing else (sure, I'll have a gmail account, but only to access G+)
I think that the question Google needs to answer is "Will you hold off on replacing Google Docs with Google Drive until you ship a native Linux client?" I use Google Docs for my schoolwork and I am concerned that one day I will sign into my Google account only to find out that I cannot access my docs until Linux is officially supported. If the answer is yes then I will gladly wait patiently.
+Jan Lippert is correct. It's just another name with new features. I'm a Linux-only user and I've lost no Google Docs functionality since switching to Google Drive. It's easy to move your docs from Docs to Drive, too.
Still no sign of #driveforlinux This is getting very very silly. Surely Google must know what is going on.
I've been thinking the same thing, +Gregory Wellington. It's getting just a bit frustrating. Google can, at least, give us an update. I don't care if the client won't be released until the first of the year, just let us know. I'm about to call it quits and just continue to use Dropbox. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Google products and pretty much run my consulting business using their software. But lately, I've been looking into replacements. Maybe apps from a company that really supports the Linux and Open Source community and doesn't treat the community as an afterthought.
Interesting...did you notice that the @Google Drive G+ account has been deleted?
A recent thread where I asked the question to a Googler .. got me nowhere ... a bunch of CYA project manager drivel that amounted to nothing:

I get the feeling that they really aren't working on a Linux client, but figure simply saying they are and telling us to be patient will shut us up until eventually we all give up asking.
I'm using Microsoft Live - but it suport only Windows systems and i don't like it. I am also using Ubuntu One - but i can't share photos, docs, etc. such easy as on Google. Drive has two disadventages - it doesn't support Linux and 5GB? What the... And 2,5$ per every 25GB.. 100$ per 1TB... - Dedicated server is cheaper..
So it's been 2 months with no linux client and no news, any chance of an update Google?
Google build Android on Linux...and made dollars on it...and then forgot Linux Client on the most important innovation GDRIVE ahahahahahahahah LOL or tears ??? I'm a linux user
grive is working for me after the last rpm build they posted. you could try building from source if you're having trouble. +Teresa Wu: grive (besides a front end or shell integration and some more polishing) looks promising. Has Google reached out to the grive team? If not, why not? I mean, their tool is mostly working already - why not leverage it?
This lack of interest in linux SUCKS!! first of all Android is linux... in the google campus windows was banned from all computers that means that linux and mac where the only OS left if that is true linux should have better support by google.
What they did with Picasa is unforgivable.... I'm a Google FAN but some things they do are just plain stupid... 
+Teresa Wu What's going on with Drive for Linux? Was completely ignored at #io12 Chromebooks and even iOS now have it! You have no idea how disappointed I am with Google.
From all the negative posts in my stream, today, there appears to be some rather frustrated and pissed off Linux users attending #io12 .
We are in July, where is the client for the Linux? Do you have any ideia to launch the client for Linux?
What's happening ? I want the client for linux, (specially for debian ;) )
+Teresa Wu, I'll believe it when I see it, this sounds just like the usual empty promises us Linux users hear all the time. What a disappointment to get it from Google. Hang tight. Pfshaw. No thanks, I'll just keep using Dropbox instead of hanging tight.
Actually found out that on Gnome-Shell, if one enables Online Accounts (Google) and install Gnome-Documents; one can browse their documents on GDrive. Just documents, not any media files.
Thanks for the share, +Rob Kennedy. This is great. 

I would still like to know, however, why Google has given us a client, yet. To be honest, I don't think they're going to. 
Any news on this... Google what is happening?
I feel aggrieved, use linux and I will not change for this service, I think that today I will continue recommending dropbox ...
Dear +Teresa Wu,
I hope you don't regret letting us know Drive for Linux was in the works.  We're all eagerly hoping for your comment to bear fruit.  Any chance for an ETA?  How can the community help?
+Teresa Wu December 27th and still no news... Can anyone provide a sound explanation of the current situation for this port?
Hang tight? Umm, Jan 8th 2013 and we are still hanging tight. Oh, come on google! This is not fair!
Another cry for the linux client - and I should be specific - a command-line-only version.  I don't use a linux desktop (yet) but have a critical need to sync folders from Linux and Linux-based NAS boxes.  You'd sell a lot of gdrive space fast this way.
Ubuntu Drive +1, Fake Google Drive for linux -2
+Teresa Wu , when can I run Drive in combination with Linux? Does Google really need one year to get that tool fixed? Maybe you can give it to me as a birthday present?
Linux is very popular inside google, so the fact that Drive for Linux does not exist yet is a strong indication they'd prefer to store their own data on NetApps than eat their own dog food with Google Drive.  Sad.  I just got a Chromebook and with 100G available free I'm even more motivated to use Drive extensively.
Google Drive is still not supported under Linux.
I will not say that Google is evil, though I don't like my emails read by a bot and that the fact that they will not let me search when I use TOR. I will say that they have NOT practiced what they preached and are certainly not benevolent. I use mostly duckduckgo for search and insync for accessing my google drive in Linux. I even got rid of google drive app on Windows and use Insync there too.
I wanted to bump this, but I guess Drive for Linux will never get released, eh +Google Drive? I suppose I'll have to move to something like Spacemonkey.
22 months later and we've got nothing.
+Teresa Wu yep, really, who can be bothered by this now? Your profile says you're now in Glass operations team, who is in Google drive team? 
I've given up. Actually, I gave up on this quite a while ago. What upsets me more than anything is that we've not even received a response from anyone at Google.
Yup, that bit is frustrating, as well as the rumor I've read somewhere that there IS a Linux client, only it's not released. I mean, they do it on ChromeOS.
But I am curious, +Chad McCullough , are you using something else or have you given up on Google Drive entirely?
No, I've not given up on it completely. I still use it to share docs with my wife but I use Dropbox for almost all of my freelance work and sharing with clients. I love Drive and think it's a great tool but the lack of communication from Google on the Drive client has frustrated me.
Yeah, I've given up on thinking there will ever be a Drive client but haven't given up completely on Drive. Well, not yet, anyway. But it will probably happen since my wife has a Dropbox account.
Yes I know. But to be honest I cannot see them releasing anything soon despite their promises. 
+Gregory Wellington Can you share your experience? Is it seamless like Dropbox? Is it a install-and-forget type experience? If yes, I might grab a copy.
I think it's pretty clear that while Google will support some Linux development (things they can use internally,) they've pretty well abandoned the Linux desktop user base.
It is very smooth. It allows very specific level syncing and also syncing of shared items. Integrates with gnome and xfce nicely. 
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