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Same here, +Michael Sersen. i've met some great people here on G+. I'm hoping to hang out with many of them when we move to the DC area in a month.
Didn't this Victoria Nigar lady turn out to be a fake?
By the way, it worked for me, I have a bunch of new friends.  Here is +DL Byron's link to the Victoria Nigar story.
I think you're right, +Ben Folsom. I think that's how the person that I stole this from found it in the first place. :-)
I actually hadn't heard of this "fake" person until earlier today. It doesn't surprise at all that there are G+ accounts like this. It's funny how people will follow people that they think are famous and will comment or +1 anything they post. Sad. 
Not necessarily that 'her' posts aren't quality, just that 'she' is not who she says she is.
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