Interactive News Launch

This turned out a little verbose, but I think you'll like it.

The first TV news program co-hosted LIVE via Google Hangout occurred today. You can watch the first-ever airing on the link, below. What an amazing experience! I'm blessed to live in a community where we have talent like +Sarah Hill and +Jen Reeves coming up with new ways to experience the news. It's not a one-way stream in my town: it's a conversation. And it gets national attention.

I was one of the participants in the very first airing of U_News@4 where we co-hosted the event from a Google Hangout. This will be the format every day. Today we had co-hosts in Italy, France, New York, Canada and Missouri. During the show, the local NBC personalities report the news. That's where most markets end. On U_News@4, that's when the station jumps on Facebook and Twitter to capture what people are saying about the stories of the day. That's pretty cool, and I love that they do that! The big difference here though is that throughout the broadcast, they come back to the Google Hangout to get feedback and contributions from the participants.

Sarah got updates on the Nuclear Reactor incident in France from +Laurent Jean Philippe Ravalec... you know: 'cause he's in Paris! She got a report about the feelings people were going through over 9/11 from +Joseph Puglisi... makes sense 'cause he's in New York. +Kempton Lam shared how Canadians use rail differently than we do, in light of the AmTrak funding issue in the news today.

We get to see the news from new perspectives: through the eyes of those who are there and experience it. There were nine people in the Hangout, and each one got to offer something of themselves to share with the viewers. In my case, my good friends Jim and Jessie had a baby this morning: a brand new Mizzou fan named Bennett Wesley. His introduction to the world happened on live TV during a historic broadcast in a first-ever format for local news. Bennett and his parents deserve an historic announcement, and I'm proud I was able to provide it.

I'm leaving so much out! We saw +Aaron Fuhrman in a lovely bra, +pio dal cin shared a fireworks factory explosion in Italy, we heard from +Kim Beasley on her St Louisan's perspective on AmTrak funding and +Michael Mozart was kind enough to stream the behind-the-scenes video on youtube for us.

Thank you so much for the experience, +Sarah Hill et al. I look forward to watching every day, and participating again next week.

U_News@4 rocks.
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