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Wow!  Big congrats on a perfect 600 by Mike Schloesser at Nimes for his ranking round!  That is the fist time anyone has done it.  He also won the the competition.  Cant wait to see what he does at Vegas to defend his win last year.

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The new +Mathews Archery  No Cam HTR!  I cannot wait for the target versions to come out!

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Here is what i am proposing to clear up the advertising rules.  The last rules in the about section were a bit wishy washy.  I would like to change this paragraph:

If you want to advertise in this community about archery we highly recommend that you contact a moderator and get approval first.

To this:
Advertising in this community about archery products for personal or professional gain will not be tolerated.  Such posts will be removed and the person posting may be banned.  This community is not here to sell your products.  It is here to promote the sport of archery.

Let me know what the community thinks.

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Come on Hoff!  My kid is just trying to show his toy airplane!  Do you really have to upstage him?

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+Steven Thomas do you think we can get permission from our wives to do this?  Would be awesome in Tommy's room!

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New personal best 300 with 46x's during league night. 

Perfect game is 300 with 60x's for those keeping track at home. That means you hit the circle with the X 60 times at 20 yards distance.

See that top right target. All five would look like that.

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Who is going to the Lancaster Classic this weekend?

They have a live video stream if you cannot make it.

I am noticing some negative comments in this community about archery in general.  I see certain forms or archery putting down other forms of archery.

Archery is a noble sport.  There are many different forms of archery, but i think we can all agree that archery was born of humans trying to get the upper hand on game that we were hunting.

Some people use archery to put meat in their freezers so they can feed their family's.  Some use archery to hit spots on a target.

If this community wants to thrive then we must appreciate all forms of archery and we must help each other to learn from our mistakes.

I thank all the moderators for keeping this community focused on archery.

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This is John Deer.  He is much bigger now that he is almost a year old.  He was just loosing his spots in these pictures.
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