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+John Mueller Are video snippets going the way of Authorship thumbnails?  I'm seeing a drastic decline in sites displaying them.  Here's my analysis:
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We're still showing video snippets, seeing changes from time to time is normal.
That's like describing a plane crash as a change in the flight plan.
Hah, let's try again :). They're not going away, we're still showing them, but you might see changes in how & when we show them (and seeing changes in search is normal). 
It still looks to me like Google has gentrified the search results. We groundlings and penny stinkards have been purged. Once again, the brands have it and everybody else has been relegated to have not status. Show me a regular Joe blog or website that still gets video snippets for embedded HTML 5 video. +John Mueller 
+John Mueller Definitely see the need for certain SERPs to get the video snippets over others....seems like they were becoming a bit of a false motivation for people vs. doing legit video content.  Would love to see a nice balance between Youtube/Big Brands and valuable video content.  Thanks for chiming in! :)
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