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Surface Pro. Dude! No Pressure dude! No PRESSURE!

Surface Pro has no pressure sensitivity in Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, and many more graphics applications. Why? It didn't ship with a Wacom driver!

The Surface Pro does in fact contain a Wacom pen and digitizer, but Microsoft did not support or provide an installer for the Wacom driver itself. Initially, Microsoft goes on the defensive, and blames Adobe, stating: " may not be available until Adobe updates their apps to take advantage of the new Windows APIs."

Users take to Twitter to complain, two days later, Microsoft is "actively working with Wacom now.." stating " should be soon."

The power of voting with your wallets..
Who said the design community wasn't a large enough market for tablet makers to care about again?
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Oh dear, did someone actually say, "it's terribly beta of Microsoft"?  Because I'm sadly unfamiliar with that parallel universe where Microsoft products get released in full working order.
Steam available on Linux. Full wacom support in Gimp. I told you, and now it has come to pass.
I'm almost there man..!  I could in fact switch right now..
I have never gotten pressure to work in Wine though -( For an old version of Flash ) -which is the last software I NEED. Maybe run that in virtualbox - with a lite copy of xp.. hmm...