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For those looking to grow your business: is looking for partners.  I see that as an awesome way to get in front of small business owners and stand out as the local expert and go to person.

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What am I missing?  The client is "Spicher Home Improvements"  If I go to maps and search "Roofing Contractor Lancaster PA"  he does not display (well very little).  You need to move the map north a little to get to his location.  There is another roofer down the street called "M R Roofing".   Both of these guys have an East Petersburg PA address.

Yes I checked his categories, his address is marked to not display. He has a 25 mile service area. 

I have tried a few different searches like "Roofer" or "Roofing Contractor" "Siding Contractor" all ending with Lancaster PA. 

The "M R Roofing" is not even claimed or verified (no checkmark).

I checked a few other clients, I have another that I am seeing the same problem with.  Others appear fine.  

The only similar pattern is the two with the issue appear to be clients I have worked with for a longer period of time. The others I checked appear to be more recent updates.

And maybe it is me in my mind overlapping Maps and Google My Business.

Thanks for any feedback.

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We just started delivering from Azteca Mexican Grill in York PA
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+Darren Shaw  shared this guide  by +Garrett French  on another local Search community I am a member of.  

What really resonated with me was focusing on "content that either SHOULD exist but doesn’t, or content that hasn’t been done well yet." and also the focus on charitable donation with I also heard +Andrew Shotland mention in the recent BrightLocal webinar.

Our (marketers, consultants, etc) focus should be on providing a better user experience and going after unique content and avoiding regurgitating the same old information out there already.

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Google Webmasters released a series of 6 videos to help small business get more exposure online - Here my take and a link to the video

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You never want to get your website deindexed by Google

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Check out my recent guest post on Small Business Triage.  

I discuss why I think it is important to put yourself front and center on your marketing materials, both online and offline.

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I am looking for a little feedback if I may.  I redesigned a clients site about 50-60 days about . It has been nowhere to be found in the search results or when it finally shows at like page 6 or beyond it is not even a page that should be showing, like the "about-us"  page for a search for "Criminal Defense Attorney Harrisburg PA" .  So last week I did some searching and using  I discovered a lot of duplicate content on the site which was created from the categories I assigned Blog posts to.  Apparently (I am embarrassed I did not know this) but according to the Categories are to be marked "NoIndex" and the "AuthorPage" and "Archive Pages" should all have tweaks made to avoid duplicate content.  

My business site also has and issue a few months ago but I thought is was from some of the content I put on my site and have made little effort to correct and of course have had little improvement.

For this Attorney all the content was brand new and what I felt was quality.  All of my other clients I have not made any changes to the "Categories" or "Archive Pages"  I was waiting to see how this played out.  No one else is having any issues. 

In looking at his links they are not super strong but nothing that different than other local attorney sites at the bottom of page 1 or the top of page 2.

So my question, how long should I expect to wait to see results?  Does anyone have an opinion on any errors I am over looking?   Thanks
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