I am eternally grateful for all the support everyone has shown through my recent quest to help our friend, +David Callaway.  I am proud to report we raised $1970 and our friend not only gets to keep his Glass but gets to take care of the issues that were leading him to think we would let him sell Glass. The #glassfamily  really showed it’s true colors and proved that we are more than just a community of tech enthusiasts.  

Well without further delay here are the prize winners that were chosen at random:

+Nathan O'Kane wins the first prize drawing from +Kata Rina   (http://goo.gl/CZHukM):
Copy of Borderlands PRE-SQUEL  (code) signed by GEARBOX crew
The CEO Randy Pitchford also is a GLASS Explorer
A Golden Key code card
Early release of X-Box magazine
PAX east lanyard

+JD Wallace wins A pair of Stereo Ear Buds from +Joseph Riddleback   

+Cecilia Abadie wins Google Glass shades (unused and with pouch), extra Glass bag and nose pads-thingys (unused of course) from +Marky Jackson 

+Zack Freedman wins a Glass Bag from +David Callaway 

+Costel Anton wins a Mono Earbud with desired cap color from +David Callaway 

Jasmin harth (not able to be tagged) wins a Spare Glass Charging cable from +David Callaway 

+Florian Rohrweck wins a Galaxy Media Dock for Charging Glass from +David Callaway 

And lastly a special thanks to the biggest donor +Jason Ives, who wins the Glass Pouch and the Mono earbud from +Shazafar Khaja 

Please contact the prize donor with your address as soon as possible so the prizes can get to you. 

Thank you all again for helping me support an Explorer in need!!!
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