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Are you forgetful? In this episode, I share what it takes to overcome forgetfulness. I also look at the initial causes of forgetfulness and what it takes for us to move out of dangerous places of "unmargin"

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Do you struggle with how to contact, assimilate and lead visitors into part of your church? This episode is ALL ABOUT building guest systems in your church. I sit down with my friend Rev. Allison Sauls. Allison isn’t a normal guest, but she leads Foundry with me! We break down the systems we have built over the last 9 months in starting a new church and the lessons we have learned.

Productive Pastor 48 | Building Guest Systems

#productivepastor, #goals, #systems, #firsttime, #guests, #ministry, #church

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If you want to have the maximum impact with the folks who visit your church you need to develop as many systems as possible to make Sunday morning amazing. Here is how our team uses #trello to make a big impact. 

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Productive Pastor 28: Productivity, Call and Soulcare

This episode of the Productive Pastor will be a little bit different. I have a conversation with Omar Rikabi and Michelle Manual. Both of these conversations are centered around how productivity relates with our call and soulcare. These conversations stemmed out of the New Room conference this past year in Nashville. Omar and Michelle are friends from seminary. We had great conversations together and I wanted to attempt to repeat them for the podcast.

You can find Omar’s writing at
You can find Michelle’s writing at

#productivepastor #timemanagement #productivity #call #soulcare #ministry  

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Productive Pastor episode 26
How To Read for Maximum Effectiveness

Most of us in ministry are readers. If not, you need to be. Readers are leaders and leaders are Readers. It is a cliche…but totally the truth. The best pastors and ministry leaders are the ones constantly learning.

Reading can easily be a drag. We don’t know what to read or how to go about retaining the information. There are services out there giving you book summaries…but let’s be honest. Most of them are barely passable.

Maximizing your reading is all about developing a system for reading.

#podcast #ministry #timemanagement #productivity #pastor  

New #productivepastor. How to lose a week (and not lose it all)

It’s time to get into the big stuff. Not the easy, entry level time management, but the stuff of practitioners and productivity evangelists. This episode is about how to lose a work week and not lose your sanity. From time to time we all have to do it. The very fear of this is probably one of the reasons people in ministry don’t sabbath well. We are scared to be out of town because of all the work we might get behind on.
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