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Chad Atkins
Scientist. Always smiling and rarely clean-shaven.
Scientist. Always smiling and rarely clean-shaven.

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Hockey fans - did you know +NHL ice is PAINTED white?

Find out this and more in "The Big Chill", a story written by the Chemical Institute of Canada regarding the chemistry of making ice.

#NHL   #IceMaking   #ChemicalInstituteofCanada  

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Are you a chemistry educator? Do you find optical absorption a difficult concept to explain?

The attached manuscript describes a simple demo to explain the relationship between the color of a dye solution and its optical absorption spectrum

+ACS Publications  #JournalofChemicalEducation   #AbsorptionSpectroscopy  

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Science is hard. And scientists are humans. 

So when you read stories about retractions of published scientific articles or results that have been fabricated, know that they're rare and a side-effect of the process. 

#ScienceIsHard #ButItAintBroken

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Great piece by +Alheli Picazo: "there’s an illness sweeping its way across North America, one which has long-troubled the scientific community and baffled even the most seasoned medical expert. . . . . . . a condition known as science-denialism. . . once airborne, this virulent ideology is nearly impossible to contain"


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Diet fads may never go away - neither will the people who claim to be experts on nutrition.

But people who are experts tend to be confident in the information they share, and that means they're willing to respond to public criticisms. It's easy to spot fakers - like the +Food Babe - because they constantly dodge these criticisms and portray themselves as victims. 

This post describes some of Vani's techniques to avoid her skeptics.

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Canadian doctors fact-checked 40 random episodes of Dr. Oz and published their results in the British Medical Journal (the BMJ).

It turns out that roughly 4 out of 10 assertions made on the show appear to be made on the basis of no evidence at all.

#DontBelieveEverythingYouWatch    #CriticalThinking

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Play with the periodic table of elements like never before! 

Google has used their data expertise to transform the periodic table into an interactive tool. Curious what element has received the most mentions in books? Or which elements are most abundant in the sea?

Check it out to see for yourself.


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There seems to be a creative trend this year where advent calendars are counting down with "modern delicacies" -- craft beer being one of them. 

+Compound Interest decided to put a different spin on the advent calendar by presenting: the Chemistree! (revealing one chemical a day, until Christmas)

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This is what I'd classify as creative #scicomm -- using hip-hop to explore science.

Famous hip-hop artist Gza stopped by a classroom learning about natural selection in the Bronx, NY. Here's a snippet of a rhyme developed by a student:

"This is my profession, I do it with perfection
I'll survive and you won't, call that natural selection"

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Proof that #evolution works in amazing ways.

In the 1990s, a pesky parasitic fly began to infiltrate the cricket population on Kauai, Hawaii. Read this great story by +Ed Yong on how a mutation of the male cricket wing helped achieve survival. 
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