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Chad Antinora

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Us and Them

The attempt by the rich to marginalize those among us with the least is a despicable practice. One that the rich have successfully used before. Of course history shows that those that were the worst offenders paid in the end. But, if you get enough people to believe history fungible and you can convince them of anything. Right now there is a sad amount of people that think that the poor have taken trillions of dollars from you. I'll need to see some math on that. Or is that too close to science for the conservatives to bother with. Then again, their base won't be asking for proof.
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Chad Antinora

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This. I have no problem getting along with people of all and no faith. Why? Because we all know what respect actually means. Asking for respect is not asking for others to change, but to understand that you will not. Standing up for yourself is allowing yourself remain unchanged in the face of adversity, it is not seeking to change others. 
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Chad Antinora

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No they didn't. Sincerely, Smarties
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Chad Antinora

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I'll just leave this here.
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Chad Antinora

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Adhesive based on gecko feet? OH YEAH!

I've been waiting for more info on this. Saw a similar tech during a TED Talk. This seems to be a functional departure from the other attempt I have heard of. I can't wait to see this in action. I'm expecting people to start wall crawling like spiderman not long after this stuff is made publicly available.
"The ability to stick objects to a wide range of surfaces such as drywall, wood, metal and glass with a single adhesive has been the elusive goal of many research teams across the world, but now a team inventors describe a new, more versatile version of their invention, Geckskin, that can adhere strongly to a wider range of surfaces, yet releases easily, like a gecko's feet".
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Chad Antinora

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I love the smell of old books. The need to put that on a list of scents for some candle co or bath and body to create. I'd buy it.
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There is nothing better then the smell of books. Old and new, that's why I prefer an actual book instead of EBooks :)
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Chad Antinora

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This is such unbelievable bullshit!  What possible purpose can this serve?  Do you honestly think that if you outlaw feeding the homeless that the homeless will just... go away? 

h/t +Tina Bouman 
Philadelphia PA. will fine you $150. 00 for feeding the homeless. 
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They'll die... then maybe that is what they want. 
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Chad Antinora

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I have mentioned that viruses and bacteria are a great place to see evolution in fast forward.  They have so many generations in a short period of time, you can plainly see the changes taking place.  I was told, "but we're not bacteria or a virus."  Very good, that's not the point tho......
Found on Tumblr.  
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Born a geek, a geek I remain.  Just came off of a on again, off again relationship with the Computer Industry.  After a 3 year jolt at a K-12 which ended in my school being completely closed down, I am in college. Getting my A.S. in Computer Science, then moving on to UCR's School of Engineering.  I'll be attempting a double major there of Mechanical AND Electrical Engineering.

Other than that, I'm engaged to my live in fiancée.  I read a whole lot.  I am getting in to Arduino Development.  I'm a programmer.  I'm a musician and former member of my high school marching band (pit/accessory perc) AND stringed orchestra(violin, cello.)  I'm becoming very obsessed with tabletop gaming(nod to Mr. +Wil Wheaton.)  I drive too fast, with my music too loud.  I cook every night and it's not frozen dinners or microwave burritos.  Anything else you might want to know you can feel free to ask. 
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