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Correcting the flaws of perfection!
Correcting the flaws of perfection!

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Wildlife Wednesday Fact: Wolves are unprotected predators subject to being shot on sight in some states.  Two species (the Mexican wolf and the Red Wolf) are even critically endangered.

Wolf Awareness Week, held during the third week of October, is a time when organizations around the country work together to get out information on this charismatic and often misunderstood species.  Let's help spread awareness here on G+ as well. :-)

The past few days have seen some successes: Federal Judge Jackson denies Wyoming's attempt to return wolves to State's control - the Wyoming wolves have won!  They are going to be protected again.  And in Alaska, the federal government has agreed to decide in late 2015 whether a rare species of southeast Alaska wolves warrants protection as a species.

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Mr. Bean inserts himself into famous portraits and I spit out my tea

Even if you aren't a Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) fan, some of these portraits will surely bring a smile to your face at least. Between Mr. Bean and Grumpy Cat, my heroes are covered. :-)

Rowan Atkinson, the actor behind the famously hilarious Mr. Bean and Blackadder characters, has made another foray into the pages of history thanks to caricature artist Rodney Pike. He took some of history’s most famous portraits and jazzed them up by replacing the original subjects’ faces with those of Atkinson’s unforgettable characters.

See them all here. Just don't take a big gulp of anything first:

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Doesnt she look fabulous?

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My photography! Come follow my new page.
A little of my own #Photography  

Feel free to have a look :)
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