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Just open sourced a handy little #materialdesign color palette tool for Mac. Enjoy, designers and developers!

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#androiddev Enter the Android Experiments I/O Challenge for a chance to go to Google I/O 2016.See how here:
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One week ago +Cesar Valiente told me Droidcon Tunisia is one of the best Droidcons. And it's absolutely true.
I just come back from Tunisia and I'm impressed on the quality of the conference and the community.
Great speakers from Sweeden, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Algeria, United States and UK.
The venue was perfect, different tracks, contests, wifi worked very well and new fresh ideas like Droidcon Junior.
All of this surrounded by the great community of local developers and a perfect group of organizers.
+Amira Cheniour +Taher Mestiri I hope to see you next year!!!

#gde #Android #DroidconTunisia #techtalk
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Hey software engineer!!

Join us tomorrow at GDG Berlin Android monthly meetup to talk about FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software), so you will learn what you can and can't do with the software that you are using it everyday.
Are you using it correctly? can you mix A and B licenses? I will explain all these topics and much more.

Ps: that's the reason I've used "software engineer" term, so this is not just for Android guys ;-)

#gdg #community #android   #gde #floss #opensource #techtalk #event  
After one month we will meet again for our monthly meetup of Android Developers. This time again at c-base.

We're happy to announce that we have currently one speaker with us for this event: 

• Cesar Valiente will give his presentation "What you can/can't do with FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)" 

Currently, most of all developers in the world use open source software, but most of them, actually, don't know how to use it, which open source license they have to use if they work on a privative software, if they can merge two different projects that use different licenses, if they can make money creating open source software, etc. So in this talk I will try to explain what you can and can not do with FLOSS. 

As always we invite the audience to share interesting Android development tidbits in the form of lightning talks. If you're interested in presenting, let us know in the comments or find one of the organizers during the event. 
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Here are the slides and open sourced demo application of my presentation at #mobiconf last weekend about driving the extra mile using animations and UX patterns to make your application stand out from others as well as help your users navigating through it.  



Feedback and contributions are more than welcome!

#opensource #gde #android #androiddev
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Hey #androiddev you can check it out now my slides about "New Permissions model on a "Nice" way" here: (under CC-BY-SA 3.0)

The source code of the sample app: (under Apache License v2).

And a small video showing what the sample app does here:

Hope that this work helps you to implement the new permissions model on Android.

Questions, issues, tips, feedback, etc. feel free to ping me. Thanks!

#opensource #gde #mobiconf #android  
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Buenos días GDGeros ;)
Quería anunciaros que hemos creado un grupo de meetup del GDG Madrid para que no se os pase ninguno de los evento que vamos haciendo. Así que uniros y compartirlo con vuestros conocidos ;)
Un saludo,
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Hi #androiddev

at Wunderlist (Microsoft) we are looking for a new and great colleague to help us in the Android team.

We are looking for someone who understand what is clean code, architectural patterns, for whom testing is not something that some nerds are currently talking about, who is very active in the community (either speaking in conferences, developing open source code, helping to local GDG groups, etc.) and of course someone who is a good team player.

If you think that you are the person we are looking for, this is the link to the offer --> but feel free to contact me directly through G+.


#android #community   #wunderlist   #microsoft
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