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Certified Hosting Google+ Page - Leader of unlimited shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers
Certified Hosting Google+ Page - Leader of unlimited shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers


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Certified Hosting's Monthly Digest - August Edition

For Web Hosting, Experience Matters (

You don't pay for a service from a company without #experience, right? You'd never go to an auto mechanic that just read a book about auto repair right?

The same should be true for website hosting! Certified Hosting has been around since 1999, and we're still offering best-in-class hosting packages for customers to this day.

Real-Life Scooby Doo Headlines (

Remember the tagline at the end of every Scooby Doo #cartoon? "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you kids!"

This man deserves some notoriety for his attempt to scare people at a UK graveyard. While this is definitely a fake scare, a web hosting company that goes down unexpectedly is a real scare.

Any Size, any Need for Certified Hosting VPS (

Are you ready to take your #website to the next level? If you're running an online business and want the flexibility of powerful web hosting without the overhead of housing and maintaining a server, consider a Virtual Private Server package from Certified Hosting.

You get all the outstanding service that Certified is known for at a completely affordable price. Click above to get started!

100, 300, or 500? (

The Certified Hosting #webhosting packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but you can be sure every single one has the highest level of quality attached to it. The title of today's post refers to our shared hosting packages, SH 100, SH 300, and SH 500.

100% Managed Dedicated Servers (

#Dedicated #hosting means exactly that - you have 100% managed servers dedicated to your website and your website only. Our dedicated managed hosting packages include KernalCare rebootless upgrades, free transfer with free server setup and configuration, and our Tier 1 network, 100% guaranteed uninterrupted transit.

True Wisdom (

This is deep. And for anyone wondering, let us know how that ketchup smoothie turns out.

An additional wise choice is to host your website with the pros - Certified Hosting. You can leave the veggies to the farmers, and top-tier web hosting for us! Make your life easier, follow the link above.

What Unlimited Bandwidth Means (

We offer our #customers unlimited bandwidth with our hosting plans. But does unlimited bandwidth really mean unlimited? We summarize it like this:

Summary: Your website will NEVER run out of storage space or bandwidth. It will never be suspended for exceeding bandwidth or storage restrictions.
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Price Matching from Certified Hosting (

We're absolutely confident in our #webhosting packages being highly reliable, and affordable for every budget. That's why we offer a price matching policy should you find a hosting provider with a similar service at a lower price. Simply send an email to our sales team and we'll do the rest.

Click the link above to read more about the offer.

#hosting #websitehosting #pricematch
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Just Keep Swimming (

Don't worry, we didn't exactly hit our goal of perfecting our beach body this summer either. But one promise we always keep is providing high quality, reliable website hosting for all Certified Hosting customers.

Follow the link above to browse our hosting plans. Bring a towel though, if you've been in the water.

#funny #webhosting #hosting

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Can We Get This On a T-Shirt? (

If you don't understand the #technical details of website hosting, that's ok - we do. And while we're happy to explain it (check out our live chat), isn't it better that it just works?

Reliable, fast, and affordable is what we do best at Certified Hosting. Check out our website through the link above to view more details.

#webhosting #hosting #funny

image credit to reddit user fiftyninjas
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Start Your Own Hosting Business (

If you've got a knack for building #websites that attract a lot of visitors, we want to offer the opportunity to make some extra income as a reseller.

You'll be able to access Certified Hosting's fast and reliable network, our reseller plans start as low as $18 a month! Click the link above to learn more.

#reseller #webhosting #onlinebiz
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How Far Back? (

Embarrassing #memories are something that each person has to deal with, and usually when they're trying to sleep as this cartoon points out.

Having your website go down unexpectedly can be embarrassing, but if you host your website with Certified Hosting, you won't have to deal with this! Follow the link above to view our current hosting plans.

#webhosting #funny #lol

image credit to Cooked Cartoons
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Unlimited Means Unlimited with Certified Hosting (

We live in a time when #unlimited might not mean unlimited. We hear phrases like unlimited data, and unlimited bandwidth only to be disappointed when we get that surprise bill because it wasn't really unlimited

Hosting plans from Certified are affordable, reliable and unlimited!

Unlimited GB's of Space
Unlimited GB's of Transfer
Unlimited Domains hosted
Unlimited email accounts

Click the link above to get started.

#webhosting #hosting #websitehosting
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Things Are Good! (

You might be able to fool your #friends, but deep down inside you know things aren't good. Soon enough, everyone is going to find out that you wore two different socks today. But good luck hiding it.

When it comes to your website being available - you can't hide that! Make sure you prevent problems before they start and host your website with Certified Hosting. Follow the link above to get started.

#webhosing #website #funny #lol

Image credit to reddit user willywillwinn1
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You've Got Enough to Worry Over (

You #website hosting shouldn't be one of them. If you're still trying to get that "flat" body on the treadmill, when you host your website with Certified Hosting you won't have to worry about hassling with customer support when you're finished.

Click the link above to visit our website and start browsing available hosting packages today!

#hosting #webhosting #funny
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Website Hosting Live Chat! (

Most of our #webhosting clients don't require much technical support from our team, but that doesn't mean we don't have multiple options available if you do need a hand!

For example, we have a live chat feature available right now. Don't believe us? Head over to Certified Hosting's website and see what we mean.

#livechat #webhosting #support
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