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Certified Hosting Google+ Page - Leader of unlimited shared hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Managed Dedicated Servers

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A Monthly Digest of Certified Hosting - February Edition

Dedicated Hosting, So You Don't Have To Share - (

#Sharing is a beautiful thing, and something that should be encouraged, most of the time. Sometimes, it's better to have your own; namely when it comes to highly trafficked websites.

"10 Small Business Website Errors That Drive Customers Away" - (

Confusing Navigation

Creating user-friendly website navigation is far more complex and nuanced than meets the eye. Strong navigation is intuitive and simple, and makes it easy for visitors to quickly find what they need and get back to where they were.

Important Local Business Ranking Tips YOU Should Know -

Have you experienced trouble getting #searchengine exposure for your local business? You might have a new avenue to pursue help.

The Google "Possum" Update -

If there's one thing the #SEO community loves, it's naming the recent Google updates. But if you pay attention to local search results, you might agree that the latest algorithm shake-up is deserving of a title.

How Mobile Has Changed Search Behavior -

If you follow #SEO news, you might have been aware that SMX East recently concluded and today we wanted to share an article from +Search Engine Land which discusses how mobile devices have changed the way we search the internet for content.

"GoDaddy Tells Customers to Watch for Phishing Scam Emails" -

While it's nearly impossible to be immune to #phishing scams, customers of GoDaddy are being warned about a fake support email circulating that is a phishing attempt from hackers.

A Website Hosting Hole In One -

The #websitehosting industry is rich with options, just ask anybody who's built a website - there are a lot of options to choose from.

Local Business Heads Up! -

#Google Maps is now showing how long customers typically spend at your location! In a somewhat creepy sign that we're never not being tracked the new feature in Google Maps reports on crowdsourced location data.

JavaScript SEO for Non-Developers -

We're going to go down the #SEO rabbit hole today, but for good reason. The average webmaster today needs to understand search engine optimization to a certain extent, and there's a good amount of mis-information floating around out there around how JavaScript can (and can not) interfere with a holistic SEO strategy.

3 Digital Marketing Opportunities for Franchises -

#localsearch is a complicated process for single-location businesses, and unfortunately it can get even more messy when it comes to franchise businesses.

Dork, Nerd, or Geek? -

The terms #nerd and dork, or geek get thrown-around a lot; sometimes they're meant as a put-down. But honestly we consider these terms to be more of a badge of honor. It was geeks and nerds who helped land the first spaceship on the moon, and who developed the first computers we're all so keen on using today.

Requiring Too Much Divine Intervention to Keep Your Website Up? -

Maintaining your own #servers is sometimes the right choice for webmasters with an extremely high amount of traffic, or owners of popular web apps. But with that comes extra responsibilities - maintenance, software updates, and other server monitoring tasks have to occur when you take on setting up your own server rack.

What AdBlock Looks Like in Real Time -

Isn't it funny how #advertising infiltrates so many aspects of our life? The picture below makes a funny but salient point - this is what Times Square in New York looks like with all advertising omitted.

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At Least Your Website Will Stay Up (

Talk about #technical difficulties... definitely not the way you want to start out the weekend. A mysterious system delete can make your Friday afternoon feel like a Monday morning.

Luckily, when you have website hosting services from Certified Hosting, there's no chance you or your visitors will attempt to log on to a down website. We have an average up time of 99.999%, make sure you check out our available hosting packages through the website link above.

Have a great weekend everyone!

#websitehosting #funny #webhosting
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Math I Can Understand (

Sometimes the world can get #complicated, I'll admit, I still don't understand what the numbers next to the stock market symbols mean. Is the Dow Jones hitting 3,000 a good thing?!

At least pie is simple, and this kind of pie chart makes perfect sense to me. It is also making me hungry.

Speaking of simple, when it comes to website hosting services Certified Hosting is your provider if you want your website to always be up, always be fast, and always be there if you need support.

With plans starting as low as $3.95/month there's really no overthinking it. Just click above, visit our website and keep it simple with Certified Hosting.

#webhosting #funny

image credit to reddit user xolieo

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You Work Hard Already, Let us do the Heavy Fetching (

This #dog has a pretty amazing racket set up here. The owner throws the ball, pushes his mouth towards the target - all the dog has to do is open his mouth and wait for the next lift to the ball!

That's the good life!

Speaking of the good life, Certified Hosting, similarly, makes it so easy for our customers to get started with their next website project. Our shared hosting packages allow our clients to get started for as little as $3.95 a month! Click the link above to visit Certified Hosting and get all the best hosting services brought directly to you!

#websitehosting #webhosting #website #funny #lol

image credit to reddit user bassistmuzikman
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One Click Wizard (

Setting up a #website does not require years of wizard training, anymore. If you are apprehensive about your website or web hosting, don’t be!

At Certified Hosting we believe that anyone can learn how to build, update and manage their website. That is why we provide online video tutorials covering a vast array of subjects.

Check out the link above to see our range of video tutorials and if you are looking for web hosting or website building we can help you with that too!

#websitehosting #buildawebsite #websitedesign #webmaster #tutorials

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The Certified Affiliate Program - (

Everyone fantasizes about winning the #lottery, but luckily your friends here at Certified Hosting have an easier way! Our affiliate program offers the highest payout in the web hosting industry.

On top of providing high quality shared and dedicated hosting plans, we provide options to make between $65 and $125 for every sale you refer our way! Click on the link above to learn more.

#affiliate #websitehosting #money #webhosting

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“10 Ways To Take Your Small Business Website To The Next Level” (

All small #businesses need to have a stand out website. This is essential and if you do not have a great website then you are missing out on potential business. An article on Small Business Trends talks all about why a good website is so important.

When customers or potential customers visit your website, they aren’t likely to stick around very long if your site is full of errors. There are some common ones that can really hurt your business online.

When building a website, it’s important to have a great design. But not all businesses get it right at first. Plenty of businesses have made critical web design mistakes that can ultimately hurt the bottom line.

#business #tips #webhosting #websitedesign

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The Importance Of Mobile Responsive Website Designs (

These days everyone has a #smartphone. This means that more people than ever are accessing websites on their phones instead of just on their computers. Your website however may not automatically look the same way on a mobile device as it does on a computer.

Google has been very clear that is continues to rank websites with mobile responsive designs better in search results. With this new algorithm it is more important than ever to make sure your website is mobile responsive.

Having both a desktop and a mobile version of your company’s website is less efficient and cost-effective than embracing responsive design.

Click to read the full article on Ironpaper on why you should make your website mobile responsive.

#webdesign #mobilesearch #resonsive

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When You Need Hosting Support Right Meow (

Unlike other #webhosting companies it is really important to use that we provide five star service to our customers. We want you to feel as though you are speaking with a real person.

Not a larger than life cat human cat.

If you are having a problem our support center can help you. We have a dedicated knowledge base where you can browse previously asked questions and post your own. We also offer live chat so that you can chat with one a real person in real time if you are having problems with your website hosting or server.

You can also pick up the phone and speak to one of our customer service agents at our call center at 1.800.547.9995. Our call center is open 24/7 so we will always be available to you. That is our certified (hosting) promise to you.

#funny #CertifiedHosting #support #customersupport

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How To Choose A Great Domain Name - (

Having a great #domain name for your website is #essential. It is important to have a domain name that accurately represents your business and is also easy to type into a search bar. It is important that the domain name that you chose is marketable and going to fit your brand.

In a new article by CIO the importance of choosing a great domain name is discussed. Here is our favorite part from the article:

A domain name is to a website what a street address is to a house. It’s how people find and identify the website. But in addition to serving as an identifier, the domain name also serves as a descriptor. So, you could argue that it’s twice as important as a street address.

Click the link to read the full article - (

If you have an idea for a great URL make sure you visit Certified Hosting to get your domain name. We have a range of great packages for all of your domain needs. and even have a handy domain name checking tool available for anyone to use. Click the link above to visit our website.

#webhosting #websitehosting #business #tips
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