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CE Marking requirements for full compliance with EU legislation.
Our experts classify products under one or more applicable CE Directives. After classification a proposal is sent for the compliance procedure by which your product can be fully certified. In addition we take into account the phase (design or production) in which your product is at the moment and whether there is documentation already available in order to ensure that the turnaround time for the certification procedure is as short as possible.

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Certification Experts B.V. provides worldwide training, seminars and workshops on the European product legislation and the practical implementation of CE marking.

These courses, seminars and workshops are intended for producers and exporters in all industries, trade associations, government agencies, consulting and law firms and educational institutions.

Some of our training seminars; 
- European Directives and CE marking
- European Directives and CE marking in relation to the product liability 
- CE certification in practice

Visit our website to view our full training program.  -

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As an established (CE) certification enterprise we can legally assist you with advice concerning the relevant legal and regulatory system and your position as an entrepreneur. We can provide your product with the CE mark/CE certification and compose and sign all official documentations.

For more information on CE certification visit our website or subscribe to our monthly newsletter. 

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Certification Experts can assists parties to ensure that their  products meet the applying European safety requirements so that they can be sure that their product is safe and reliable to be sold on the European market.

Watch this new released video on youtube, created by the European Commission about CE marking for construction products.
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