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Security Software Eval Results:

The evaluation period was 3 months and started with the installation and setup process. Just how easy was the software installed and set up. The security applications actual reach and overall effectiveness. Out of 10 security applications evaluated two were at the top.

Number one was RdpGuard, this application covers 10 areas. Very effective!


Installation and setup was straight forward and no problems. Depending on your system there will be a small amount of additional setup. No surprises, fully functional the minute it was installed and setup.

Number two was dotDefender, this application covers 13 areas. Very Effective!

Covers all websites on a server:

Brute force attacks
SQL injection
Bad User - agents signature
Check URL encoding
Probing - version control files
Path traversal
XPath injection
Windows directories and files test scripts
Probing - backup files

Installation was a little more involved and setup can take some time depending on your system and how you want the software to handle a particular type of intrusion. It also allows you to write your own security rules if you need to.

Each of these applications proved to be at the top of their class of security
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We are currently evaluating several security applications. Once once our evaluations have finished, we will post our findings, good with the bad.
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Electronic kits for any age or ability. Not toys but fully functional test equipment, radios, Robots, educational.
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