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A couple of clarifications on the promotion we are doing with AppGratis:
- The promo will end at 1 PM GMT, June 7
- It is only for new accounts created in this time frame. So if you already have an account with the free trial expired, unfortunately you can't get the full license for free.

We are getting a lot of new users, which means that the servers are a bit overloaded and we are receiving many support emails.
Please bear with us for a couple of days, and if you see any weird errors on the web dashboard (like "Error=QuotaExceeded") try to install the latest development version of Cerberus, that you can download here:

Thanks for your understanding!
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Why not just push the version you mentioned through the Play Store, and also, if I choose to install the above version, would it be updated in the Play Store, or do I have to keep checking back here or on the website for an updated version?
Problem not resovido, absurd wait for couple of days to sort out!
Ok, we'll push the update on the Play Store, it should be online in a few hours.
The promo is not for a lifetime license ?
Okelly-Dokelly Cerebusarinos! xx
Cheers +Cerberus just reminded me I hadn't yet added your awesome app to my new Nexus. I hope i'll never need it :-)
You lost a client. If I can't install if I have an account before, I'll install AndroidLost.

Best regards.
Why not use the new Google+ Beta system where people who want the Beta can join and have it automatically updated via the Play Store?  
0 for Cerberus company. I have an old account and I can´t get this free software because my trial has expired, and other users create a new account and has the program for free.
+Dirk Degen +Lee Mulligan We will definitely use the new official channel for alpha/beta distribution after the final 2.4 version is published (hopefully in a couple of weeks).
not fair....the old accounts should have the offer to :(
how can i delete my old account from my phone to create a new one?
This is a shame. I tried the trial version few months ago and I can´t obtain this promotion. This software is good and have a good price but is  not normal that users who tried a version can´t obtain this software when there are another companys that give a similar program (with better gps location) for free. And these programs has a poor layout but are the same.
+Fran Tirado If you think that the free program you referred to is so much better, why are you here complaining you can't get this one for free?
+Sean Carey
 I want to try this software, everybodys talks about it and I would like to test it. And for example, in indie games such humblebundle you can adquire the soft for a symbolic price and later, you can pay the amount that you want. But is not normal that this company made this marketing and only for new users.
+Sean Carey In my case, I tested the application one year ago and I don't know if it is better or not. I have expired my test week and I can't test again before to buy it. Bad marketing.
I really do wish you would change this. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth...
STOP complaining.
I bough it time ago, and I do not regret.

Its only few dollars/euro....
+Cristian Zomparelli
 The real fact is not the money, 4€ is a cheap price. In my opinion this is a fail marketing campaign because I can´t test it because I install this software in a Galaxy Ace and I need to uninstall it because this phone only have 256 ram. I have now a nexus 4 and is a good phone to test and have running all day this soft.
If that is your real issue Fran, email support and explain.  No doubt they will understand.  B****ing on their G+ post will not get you anywhere.
Ahhh, this is a waste of time....
+Cerberus  I've updated to version 2.4beta from this download URL (not from Play Store) because I use it as a system app.
However, after initializing I get an error message: "Please verify that your internet connection is working and try again."
I have working internet connection of course. This happens on phone and on tablet, on WiFi and mobile data.
(I'm a paid user).
Is the app gratis deal for a free lifetime licence like it says or is it a con?
How do I know if its the full unlocked version or just the free trial?
So unfair for people that their account is locked cause of the trial, so unfair. I cant see the point in that case. Disappointed +Cerberus 
+Ricardo Emerick Please open Cerberus on your device and log in to access the app settings, you should not see the "Buy license" option anymore. This means that the lifetime license for your account is active. +james meikle 
I agree with +Panos Mesi  "So unfair for people that their account is locked cause of the trial, so unfair. I cant see the point in that case. Disappointed". Let us create a new account +Cerberus 
Hello +Cerberus 2.4 beta works great. Are the cerberus disguised on your website up to date? thanks!
Forget the whiners, +Cerberus - your app is awesome, I paid for it and would pay again.
Just because an app is free for some on a promo doesn't give you license to complain that you missed out. Your phone is worth many times the cost of this app.
Btw I think AndroidLost is awesome too, but let's face it Cerberus is better in enough ways to justify paying for it. 
Me sale un error "Error=MissingRegistration" como lo soluciono?? Es de por vida la licencia?
I dont think its a good idea to share you device id in public. 
And as the dev said :
- It is only for new accounts created in this time frame. So if you already have an account with the free trial expired, unfortunately you can't get the full license for free.
+Cerberus can you clarify if I have to download the app from appgratis or the official Cerberus app from the play store.

Edit: nevermind i figured it out.
I'm going to rate this app only with 1 star for not giving a chance for users that the trial expired
+Tim Hall Sorry I forgot to type how to do it.

Install appgratis and you will see Cerberus on the main screen when you open the app. Find the download free button and it will link you to the Cerberus app in the play store where you can download it.
+Brandon Lall I just installed from app store and got the appgrattis welcome message, so it looks like either way now.
I am glad it is free. But I bought this app to support yall. This app is amazing. Keep up the great work
So what happens to +Cerberus when we wipe and flash a new ROM? Is it considered a new device? Or will it still use the same device ID? 
+Sandra Pintassilgo So you are giving this app a 1 star review cause you didn't get it for free and would have to buy it like the millions of other people that had to pay for it. What will that accomplish with 10,000 5 star reviews? #firstworldproblems  
Still no luck with registration. Guess the server is overloaded. +Cerberus 
+Rafael Arredondo Depends on if you install cerberus as a system app. If you install as a system app, the app will survive a wipe/ reflash. Even if yo u don't install as a system app, the phone's IMEI is tied to your account. If the app is removed, and reinstalled, it be detected as the same device UNLESS you remove the device from the website.
It seems the beta automatically shut downs the wifi... And AFAIK I'm not the only one with this problem... 
It's a complete mess on my gnex! I can't open the app and I also have the Wi-Fi issue...
nothing error for me.completed registry juz now
Quando la versione 2.4 zip flashabile nella rom in recovery ?
Thanks people from Cerberus
I tried several times and finally could do the registration process
I find it interesting that people who paid for this in the past seem to have no problem with this promotion and those who did not and used the free trial and decided against paying for it have a lot of problems with the promotion.
I don't want your BETA version ! Im happy with version I have , your trying force me to update ? Or I'm going to have issues ? Quota exceeded.... When your app is ready I'll download it I don't want to be your guinea pig !!
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