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It's Cerberus 3rd birthday, let's celebrate!

We just published updates for Cerberus (version 2.5) and Client Cerberus (version 2.0). There are some cool new features in Client Cerberus, that will make easier to recover your lost or stolen phone from another Android device:

- Web control, like remote control from the web dashboard but integrated into the app

- Touch the device name and you'll see a navigation icon, that will start "Navigation Mode" : the Google Maps navigator will start, and Cerberus will update the destination if you device moves

- If you are near the lost device, touch the radar icon to start "Radar Mode": WiFi hotspot will be started on the lost device and Client Cerberus will display the network signal, so you should have a very good indication (better than GPS) on how near you are to the lost device.

Oh, and since it's Cerberus birthday we need to celebrate: all new accounts created for the next 30 hours will get a free license! The promotion starts now (midnight GMT) and ends at 6 AM of April 26.

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aww i already pay LOL
What an awesome offer, breadcrumbs for all. Happy birthday to one of my favorite apps.
Awesome, my friend has raved about your app. 
Love Cerberus. Thanks
Amazing! Happy Birthday! 
Bryan L
The new Client Cerberus is PIMP! 
Yay!  Updates!  Love you guys!  
Wtf you disabled my previous account. Popup says free trial expired, when attempting to login it says I can't add any more devices. Shit man. 
Nice, Happy birthday three headed dog Cerberus
maybe some discounts on a new release ? :))
Happy birthday guys lol I love the hell outta this app and that radar and navigation sounds perfect for easily finding a lost or stolen device 
Happy Birthday.... You guys are the best.... 
Midnight its now? Or its like after 11:59 of 25 April ?
Be proud that we are Indian proudly proclaim I'm INDIAN.
Happy Birthday! I'm so happy to use it and keep on sharing to all my friends/families I know. :)
says my trial has expired and der is no option to register new .. any solutions ??
happy birth day to you!its a special moment of your life indeed!Enjoy!
i installed it and it gave me trial has expired, is it possible to register a new account?
Amazing. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
Ly Ha
hi im ly
hey!!!!!!!!!!!! we need a time to help street children because there many and any country.
Thank you, awesome app
Happy birthday, this is a great a tool! 
Sounds good very good. Tom. Happy Birthday.
Please please.. how to delete my expired account?
Happy b'day +Cerberus   .. :) but when I try to create account the terms page doesn't open. Even seems like your site +Cerberus is not opening at this moment. Is anything wrong?
Is gud to luv or gal wif honest
Great bit of software, just installed and works perfectly :)
Happy B'day!!! I installed it for the first time and its saying your trail persiod is over.
Happy birthday ill be telling every one I know
Great app great service...HAPPY BIRTHDAY 
Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.
Great news! Your App saved my phone from getting lost in a taxi in Abu Dhabi last year... It fell from my pocket between the seats so even the driver couldn't have found it quickly... I could locate the cab driving around, called the taxi call center and received my phone back 2 hours later... Thanks!!! 
Jason N
This is AWESOME. Thanks LSDroid
Please fire the Illusive Man and use the Lazarus Project on Shepard again.
I can't delete my account, how can i do?
I'd love to create a new account, but I think you're authentication process is being Reddit-hugged to death. Cerberus tells me my network connection is down when I try to create an account, yet here I am, posting to G+ from the same device. 
Happy birthday Cerberus! I love this app! 
Great guys. I have a device from a cousin linked to my account, can he make a new account in order to apply to the promo??
Congrats guys! Great app, keep up the good work.
Keith L
need an option to blow the device up
Happy Birthday, Cerberus! and thanks for the free gift!
I think after the week your get the free license, a friend of mine recieved a confirmation e-mail on license lifetime though
It's your birthday and we get free stuff? Awesome!
i installed it but the mail i got says its a trial upto 2nd may only...............whats happening ? is it a joke?
I'm confused. In one e-mail I received a message saying it's a lifetime license. On another it says there's an expiration date. For how long can I use this license ???
but for me only 1 email came and that tells me its a trial upto 2nd may only..........
Just tested the new web control feature from the app and it is fantastic.
Thank you! happy BirthDay!
SDDIS ABAba irraa emli barabadaa haadaraa nserga kaa maloo
Could any body advise how to update all my apps in play store without getting error messages

Happy Birthdays to all of us, Cerberus is my new love affair :)
H Geez, but all l Khan Khan tv'm Thai ratio
Its only giving 1 week free for me is this right.
Happy birthday nd to my friends at g+,have a nice day. 
welcome to cerberus.. ur trial version is going to expire 3rd of may... WTF? its not 6 am yet... please reply?
Lesh dayman le albo tayeb monsab a555 minek ya deni sho asyeh
I'm confused, I also registered... through the app, got the email instantly with an expiry or 4th of May or similar, no other email yet with lifetime license stuff.  I read somewhere else that a second email comes for that, but when???
Wait, damn, I think it was 6 AM GMT, which means I am 5 hours late to the party!  Ugh!   Boo!
A mi me dice que tengo una semana de prueba gratuita. 
I downloaded it in the time but it says I should buy a liscense?????
How do i get m'y free licence? It says my free trial will expire un 6 days
Keep your coton picking fingers of Austalia's Naval Base. Cerebus has been ours for two world wars you bloody fools.
SMH, can't believe I missed this!  Happy Birthday Cerberus!
+Cerberus I have a problem... when I have activated my account I recived an email that says that my account will end on 4th may... Can you solve my problem? And, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
+Cerberus downloaded the app in time but missed out on the license. OH WELL! My fault! Happy birthday!
Mk Nx
Can't thank you enough for the free license. I'll try though, thank you! Happy B-day🎂🎉
Get Fucked stealing names is the most disgusting path, but than you have to be a Yank claiming you have the right to do so.
Late to the birthday party (again)!
Same boat as Mark above. I registered in the time frame, license ends in a couple days.
Felicidades ☆☆☆☆☆ a la app. 
I downloaded the app within the window, but didn't realize I had to activate my account right away, so I missed the free promotion by one day.  How sad!
Hezké slůnata
Randomly found my way to this +Cerberus post & after noticing all the praise from the app users I had to check the app, after reading a bit of its features... WOWZA! This appears to be a stellar app (despite the recent minor security breaches) that should already be preinstalled on a new device. This is amazing, installing for sure!
Rian to
Is good Articel.
Are there any plans to create an Apple version of Cerberus? The app pretty much has no rival in its field. 
FYI, this app saved my phone.   I'm so grateful someone recommended this app to me, it's fantastic and I've recommended it to the rest of my office.   Real time tracking is just so amazing.
sorry if this isnt the right place to ask this but i cant find anywhere that looked better than the next. 

will cerberus disguise survive after kies update on the galaxy s4?
Dose anyone know if disguise will survive the new update for SGH-I337M
I'm french ans I don't speake english
Shake off all of your sins and give them to me! :) 
Sometimes things sound better than they are so much for a long time!!!???
já tentei de tudo comprar o raio da licença e não consigo compra, já procurei cartão da play store internacional e não achei pra comprar na internet os cara só que da golpes fica dificil -.-
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