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All licenses for the promotion have been activated, here's what you have to do:
- Open Cerberus on your device and log in to access the configuration
- Check if the "Buy license" option is present
If it's still there, send an email to from the email address you entered into the form; otherwise, enjoy your free license!
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oh man u guys r the best!!!!! and the app rocks!!! #cerberus
Thanks! Great app
Thanks! Mine is activated, love the app so far. Hope I want have to 'really' use it in case my phone gets lost/stolen. :)
+Christopher Bowley You can also log in on the web portal and if you have the license it won't show you have X amount of days left in the trial.
Thanks heaps. The app is awesome
thanks cerberus the app is fantastic
Eric T
I installed this app first thing this morning, right before taking off (was flying all day). I didn't have a chance to email before we took off. The moment I got home, I emailed them. They won't budge. Lame.
Thank you so much guys! This is great and congratulations on your milestone!
I thought u could enter the information in tell 12 o'clock wasn't it tell midnight that the promotion was going on???
+Björn Green how can u still do it I go to the address he put up to insert ur info an it says its closed already
Eric T
No time left. It died hours ago folks.
Very nice style. Evangelizing brand.
Thanks guys. Best app I hope to never use.
Thank you very much! And thanks to +All About Android for mentioning it in their weekly App Arena segment on their podcast.
Thanks +Cerberus! For some reason I was unable to buy Cerberus app with my credit card for a month now....I even contacted support and couldn't solve it... this was a GREAT gift!!!
nes gm
thank you no buying option avaliable anymore! awesome service
i love it, it looks so great. Today i say goodbye to SD, and hello Cerberus.
+Christopher Bowley I hear you, is there a way we can at least donate 2 dollars for such a incredible app, and suck beautiful giveaway.
fui roubado me ajudem perde meu celular vc q e dono desse aplicativo poderia localizar meu celular se me emviasse o local de onde se esta meu celular espalharei q esse aplicativo e tudu e mandaria uma quatia de 50,00
Ja La
I've got the license, thank you!
Thanks a lot. How about you add a donation option? I'm sure you need money for your servers and stuff.
This app is really awesome. I was showing it off at work and everyone liked it. Hope it sends you guys some business as well!
Thank you! I got to test it out and on purpose typed in the wrong code to unlock my device... my favorite part is the precision in locating the device.
Thanks! Love the functionality. Keep up the great work.
Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!
Absolutely love this app! Can't believe it really was free. THANK YOU! What is the best way to submitted app enhancement suggestions?
i installed and added my name to google doc last week. yet still says register for c2dm...
As a new android user, thank you so much for showing why android is the best! Great promotion
+Nick Chloupek c2dm is android to cloud messaging, nothing to do with the license. Somewhere above that it should say "buy license" and you have X days left. If it doesn't then your registered :-)
I bought the license and I am very satisfied with the product and the security that brings me, can take full control of the phone wherever he is. Congratulations for the excellent app!
Здравейте, регистрира своя сметка в срок до 29.2.2012 на безплатен лиценз за вашата програма, но тя все още е Trial. Бихте ли ми казали какъв е проблемът.
Thanks Cerberusapp,love your app,security,works brill on my desire(original)so much better than seekdroid ;)thanks for the free licence,x Diolch i chi gyd(thank you all in welsh) ;)
Hi, uploaded this service from my Android, two days ago, but did not see your promotion on Google+. May I receive a license
genial no tenia idea que se habia activado automaticamente, me imagino que esto es de por vida
si es asi MUCHAS GRACIAS, THANKS VERY MUCH!! ceberus <3
need a license for my Cerberus anti theft... can open the promotion page... please help
thanks Cerberus,love your app,so brilliant,works perfectly on my htc desire,be putting it in my upgrade phone?in coming month. ;-)
Cuando van a volver a dar licencias gratis
I filled out the form before Feb. 29 and never received an email/confirmation or anything. I tried finding my username with my email that I used on the form, but got nothing. I know it's been a long time, but can I still get my license?
+Jason Macikanycz Please send an email to from the address you entered into the form.
This app works better when you tell knownbody.
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