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Great anti-theft protection for your Android device
Great anti-theft protection for your Android device


Cerberus 3.4.3 is out! Changelog:
- Fix for "License expired" notifications/wrong SIM checker alerts on some devices with Android 7+
- "Protect device admin" feature improvements (Android 7+, rooted devices only)
- Fix for a freeze/reboot on rooted Galaxy S7 devices
- "Block status bar" feature working on Android 8 (system app only)
- Other bugfixes and performance improvements

Cerberus 3.4.2 is out! Changelog:
- AutoTask event "Shutdown attempt while device locked" added
- Data enabling on non-rooted devices with the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission (to grant it see here:
- Photo capture fix on some OnePlus devices
- Several performance improvements and small bugfixes

Cerberus 3.4 is out! Changelog:
- Added app authentication with fingerprint (Android 6+)
- Implemented Android N features (direct boot, network security config)
- Small bug fixes and performance improvements

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New web interface!

We have been working at a responsive redesign of the website, using Material Design and providing a good mobile interface for the web dashboard.

It is still a work in progress, but we are ready to share with you; it can be accessed from this link: . We would be glad to receive feedback, so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or experience any bugs, please let us know here or via email ( Thanks!

Cerberus 3.3 is out! Here is the changelog:

Changes and bugfixes for Android 6 Marshmallow
Android 6 brought a lot of changes: a new permission model, new API, behavior changes like new power optimizations, and much more. Cerberus is now fully compatible with Marshmallow. For all the features to work, please make sure to enable Cerberus in Settings -> Apps -> Configure apps -> "Draw over other apps", "Modify system settings" and "Battery optimization".

AutoTask: new "Block status bar" and "Delay" actions
You can now create an AutoTask rule that enables or disables the "Block status bar" option, and also there is a new "Delay" action that is useful in rules with multiple actions, to set a delay between one action and the next.

Improved support for phones with a Project Fi SIM card
Project Fi users will now see their phone as a single device on the web dashboard, regardless of the network the phone is connected to. Unfortunately there is still a small issue with the "SIM checker" feature, because both the SIM card serial and IMSI change when the phone switches to a new carrier. If you receive any alerts from SIM checker, please follow the instructions in the Help page on our website to authorize the "new SIM card".

We also added compatibility for multiple Android Wear devices connected with the same phone, and as usual there are other small performance improvements and bugfixes.

You can update to version 3.3 from the Play Store or from our website.

We just published version 3.2 of Cerberus! Here is what's new:

By popular demand, we added a new "Block Status bar" option: enabling it will prevent the status bar to be pulled down in the lock screen. This is useful for devices with Lollipop, since a thief would not be able to modify the quick settings and disconnect the phone from the internet or disable location services, for instance.

We also added dual-SIM support for devices with Android 5.1, since Google introduced official API for dual-SIM in that Android version. Both SIM cards will be protected by the "SIM checker" feature, and you will see the details of each SIM card with the "Get device info" command from the website. BTW, there is an Android OS bug that breaks our alerts if no SIM card is present into the phone (, hopefully Google will fix it in the next update.

There is a new "Bluetooth" condition in AutoTask, so you can create more useful rules, and some performance improvements and small bugfixes.

As usual, you can download the new version from the Play Store or from our website.

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Cerberus 3.1 is out! Here are the new features:

Android Wear support
Open the app and go to the "Wearable device" section. As you can see in the attached screenshot, these are the available functionalities:
- Loss prevention: if you forget your phone, your smartwatch will vibrate and display a notification as soon as it disconnects from the phone
- Find device: misplaced the phone and the smartwatch is still connected to it? Say "Start find device" or select the option from the apps on the smartwatch, and your phone will start a loud alarm, so you can find it
- You can also start emergency mode or any rule that you set in AutoTask directly directly from the smartwatch

The "Protect device admin" option is now available also on Android 5.x (Lollipop), so a thief would not be able to disable Cerberus from the Device Administrators.

There are several bug fixes and improvements too. You can download Cerberus 3.1 from the Play Store or from our website.

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Want to help us translate Cerberus? You can do it from our Crowdin page:

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Cerberus 3.0 is out!

The 3.0 update is available on the Play Store and on the Download page of our website. It has all the new features and options described in the post on version 3.0beta ( and some more:
- Commands to enable/disable the Wi-Fi hotspot remotely
- A "Capture screen recording" command, to record up to 30 seconds of what is displayed on screen and send the video to your email

Regarding the "Known issues" paragraph of the 3.0beta post, we decided to remove the "Protect device admin" option in Lollipop, since unfortunately we couldn't find a way to make it work. Also, in Lollipop Cerberus will take a picture at each wrong unlock attempt, to circumvent the bug in the Android OS.

Version 3.0 is compatible with Android 4.0+, sorry but it won't work if your device has Android 2.3.
Also devices with Android 4.4 that use the experimental ART runtime included in KitKat are not supported, we apologize but version 3.0 works only with the Dalvik runtime in KitKat, while on Lollipop it works fine with the stable ART runtime.

Due to all these new features, the price for a lifetime license will increase to 4.99 EUR, but only for new users. If you haven't already purchased a license, we suggest you to do it now, because this is the last day to buy a license for 2.99 EUR from the Play Store!

Cerberus 3.0beta4 is available from the usual download channels (Play Store and direct download links).

We kindly ask you to test photo capture (send a "Take picture" command from the website, checking "Take picture immediately"), since we made a few changes in the code and we'd like to be sure they did not break anything on any device model.

Thanks for the feedback!
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