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By the way, we have some new beta versions of Cerberus and Client Cerberus that you might want to try. To join beta testing do this:

1. Subscribe to the Cerberus forum:!forum/cerberus-support-forum
2. Join the beta testing program, following the instructions here:
3. Download and install the beta versions of Cerberus (2.5) and Client Cerberus (1.4) from the Play Store - if you prefer to install the disguised version of Cerberus the link is

Then, if you open Client Cerberus you'll see some nice new features:
- Web control, like remote control from the web dashboard but integrated into the app
- Touch the device name and you'll see a navigation icon, that will start "Navigation Mode" : the Google Maps navigator will start, and Cerberus will update the destination if you device moves
- If you are near the lost device, touch the radar icon to start "Radar Mode": WiFi hotspot will be started on the lost device and Client Cerberus will display the network signal, so you should have a very good indication (better than GPS) on how near you are to the lost device.

We'd love to hear your feedback, you can drop us a line at

Thank you!
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Works for me, add yourself to forum, eroul as tester to both app and download client - the store one - will turn to the tester mode.
So far, i did not found any flags, app runsmootly in my Lenovo p780....

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Cerberus 2.4.3 is out! It does not have new features (we are working on that), but there are a lot of improvements for better performance and stability, so make sure to update.

You can download it, as usual, from the Play Store or from our website.
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Como trasfiro meu hotmail para o gmail do ceberus ?? Alguem me ajuda ??
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We just published updates for Cerberus (version 2.4.2) and Client Cerberus (version 1.3)!
If your device has Android 4.4 KitKat, make sure to send SMS commands to it with Client Cerberus, so they are hidden.
All the files in the Download page of the website are updated too.

Cerberus è una applicazione antifurto completa, la migliore protezione che ...
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Dropbox works on my acer liquid z3 all like sony experia 105
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Version 2.4 of Cerberus is out! You can take a look at the changelog in the Play Store or on the Help page of the website. The zip and apk files on the Download page have been updated too.

As you might have read, there was a bug that could have allowed an attacker to hijack other accounts. It was promptly fixed and devices are safe regardless of the app version that is installed, but we strongly advise you to update to 2.4 because old versions will be phased out in about a month and won't work anymore.

We are aware that some antivirus apps, like Bitdefender for instance, flagged the update as malicious. It is a false positive, and they are going to update their virus definitions soon to solve the problem.

We are also aware that there are some issues with photo/video capture on these devices:
- Rooted Galaxy S3/S4 with CM 10.x ROMs
- The new Nexus 7
We are working on that and we'll publish a 2.4.1 update when they are fixed.

If you sent a support request in the past few days and did not get a reply, sorry for the inconvenience. We'll reply to all requests between today and tomorrow.

Thanks for your constant support!
Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can ...
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bagaimana cara mengatasi tidak bisa log in di handphone sendiri?
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A couple of clarifications on the promotion we are doing with AppGratis:
- The promo will end at 1 PM GMT, June 7
- It is only for new accounts created in this time frame. So if you already have an account with the free trial expired, unfortunately you can't get the full license for free.

We are getting a lot of new users, which means that the servers are a bit overloaded and we are receiving many support emails.
Please bear with us for a couple of days, and if you see any weird errors on the web dashboard (like "Error=QuotaExceeded") try to install the latest development version of Cerberus, that you can download here:

Thanks for your understanding!
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Bom demais deveria ser de graça carai
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The following communication was sent via email to all the users whose data is involved in the leak. Keep reading after the email for more information.

"Our Security Team recently discovered and blocked suspicious activity on Cerberus servers. The investigation found no evidence that your account was in any way accessed or compromised.

However, the attacker(s) were able to gain access to usernames and encrypted passwords for a subset of our users. No other personal data (emails, device information, etc.) has been accessed.

While the accessed passwords are encrypted, as an extra precaution we have immediately secured these accounts invalidating the current passwords.

Please create a new password by signing into your account at and selecting the "Forgot password?" option, or go directly here: . Submit the form and you will receive an email with further instructions to set your new password.

After you reset the password, you can verify that no unauthorized commands have been sent to your Android device. Open Cerberus on your device, log in and select the "View Cerberus log" option at the bottom of the app settings.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of having to change your password, we take security of our users very seriously and are constantly working to improve it. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cerberus Support at

The Cerberus Team"

Here are some more details on the incident:

- The database was not accessed, password are hashed and uniquely salted multiple times there, and we will migrate to bcrypt soon
- The attacker was able to access a legacy log file that contained usernames and SHA-1 hashes of passwords, that was generated by the app logins between March 1 and March 21
- We have then deleted the log file, stopped the legacy logging procedure, invalidated the passwords for the accounts present into the log and notified the users involved
- A total of 96564 accounts had their password reset and have been notified with the email communication above. These accounts have not been accessed in any way.
- A total of 3 accounts were accessed by the attackers, before we blocked their activity and reset the passwords. Those 3 users were notified before the others with a different email communication.
- As of March 26, none of the data obtained by the attacker was released publicly, that we know of.

We are working closely with law enforcement on this matter, so unfortunately we can’t share any more details at the moment. We will update this post when we have any news.

If you received the email communication and use the same username/password combination for other services, we strongly recommend that you change the password for those services too.

We are deeply sorry for what happened. We have already contacted a security firm and in the next weeks we will do a thorough code audit and security assessment of our infrastructure and procedures.

We are a small team (3 people) and are trying our best to provide a secure service that you can trust to protect your devices and help you recover them if they are lost or stolen.
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I understand you, but this is pretty serious, as an attacker with an account can remotely wipe my phone...
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Wanna help us translate Cerberus? Go to our Crowdin page!
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I speak French I will help you in a few days 
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Just published an update, version 2.4.1 solves the problem with photo/video capture on the new Nexus 7
Cerberus is a complete anti-theft application, the best protection you can ...
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acabei de recuperar meu galaxy S4 graças ao Cerberus. Fui roubado e localizei meu S4 e ele já está comigo de volta. Muito obrigado mesmo. Estou muito feliz.
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As you might have noticed, both the website and the app are experiencing performance issues. Cerberus servers are overloaded at the moment, due to all the new accounts created - 80.000 users created their account today, and we thank all of them!

We deeply apologize to people that are trying to recover their lost or stolen Android device. If you are in this situation, send a "Start emergency mode" command to your device and don't worry if you see a "Problem communicating with your device" message. Cerberus will eventually receive the command and start to send periodic email alerts.

We kindly ask all other users to wait a couple of days before testing the app. Install Cerberus, create your account (if you get a "Network error" try a few more times, it will eventually work), then please test the app during the weekend.

We also received feedback from users that have an account with the free trial expired and would like to take advantage of the promotion. These users can log into, click on the "Delete account" link that will appear, and then create a new account through the app.

Thanks again for your understanding, and stay tuned for more exciting news!
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Giving free is training the public to expect everything free. Pay is better!!!!!!!!
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Cerberus 2.3 is out! Changelog:
- New "transparent" option in the app settings to capture photos/videos without showing a black or white screen
- New option for the "Call phone" command, to put the call on speakerphone
- New "enableroaming" SMS command to turn on data roaming (rooted devices only)
- Fixed issues with photo/video capture on some devices with ICS/JB
- Several small improvements and bug fixes
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Muito bom ótimo 
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Great anti-theft protection for your Android device
Triple protection for your Android device:
- Remote control from a web dashboard
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