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"Damage history — major repairs can affect the value of an aircraft significantly, but may be hard to pin down."

"A damage history will decrease the value of an aircraft, depending on the type of accident, nature of the damage and the degree to which major components have been involved."

"Any aircraft with a damage history should be closely scrutinized to make sure it has been properly repaired in accordance with the applicable FAA regulations and recommended practices."

"Paint/interior — used on occasion to give "tired" aircraft a quick facelift. Check new paint jobs carefully for evidence of corrosion under the surface."

"Interior items should be checked for proper fit and condition. Done properly, both items enhance the value of the aircraft."

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Instead, use the “90% rule”: Shop for an airplane that meets your needs 90% of the time, and rent for the other 10%.

A six-seater that you’re considering for family vacations probably will carry just you and a friend most of the time. Realistically list what you’ll do with your airplane, and how often. The money you’ll save by purchasing the right plane will pay for years of “10% rentals.”

Today’s airplanes are electronic marvels, but they eat energy fast. There are backup systems that range from a simple backup battery to dual independent electrical systems. Be aware of each option and the price tag it carries.

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PRIVATE AIRCRAFT CHARTER" is all about the client, the trip and the "Private Aircraft." When you "Charter a Private Jet" with us, we make sure everything is perfect, and never over look any detail. We make it easy to "Charter a Private Jet."

"What makes us stand out?"
"What can we do for you?"
"What are the advantages of using us?"
"What types of Aircraft can you use?"
"PRIVATE JET CHARTER" and professionalism with luxury treatment is what you will receive when you choose to travel with us. Our team will provide you with seamless travel.

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"Central Jet Charter Inc.," is all about the best "Private Jet Charter Service," and the best "Private Aircraft." We only use "Federal Aviation Administration FAA Part 135" regulated "Private Jets" so rest assured that we are getting a great "Private Aircraft."

jets, planes, airplanes, aircraft, private jets
You will be able to travel luxuriously in the "Private Jet" of your choice with "Central Jet Charter Inc."

"Private Jet Flights" do not require lengthy waits and frequent unnecessary delays at commercial airports.
Flights do not expose you to embarrassing scrutiny at commercial Airport security screening checkpoints.
"Private Jet Flights" do not expose you to the nuisance of nosy or noisy seat partners on flight.
"Jet Flights" allow you to select your precise departure time and location.
"Private Jet Flights" allow you to select the traveling companions on your flight.
"Private Flights" allow you to select the exact services and service levels you and your party desire.
You will arrive rested and ready for your business meeting or well-deserved vacation. "Central Jet Charter Inc." We offer a wide selection of "Aircraft Services."

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AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT" is something we can do for you, so please give us a try. You gain a 24/7 number providing direct access to your personal flight advisor. "Aircraft management." Owning and operating a "business jet" is both costly and time-consuming.

"Management Services Available.
"Discounted fuel rates at some continental US FBO locations."
"Waived facility fees at some continental US FBO locations as well as at another large FBO chain."
"Reduced "Aircraft" insurance premiums through our extensive fleet policy with an industry leading insurance company."
"Discounted training programs with two of the major simulator providers."
"Preparation of monthly management reports and invoice reconciliation."
"Monthly Management summaries with detailed account analysis presenting all expenditures, revenues, fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, insurance and other associated costs."
"Maintenance discounts through some facilities."
"We will coordinate the details and ensure your Aircraft provides revenue instead of remaining idle."

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AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT" is something that we can do for you. We will show you a level of service that is impeccable and we can set up any type of "Aircraft Management Program" that suits your needs. Try our "Aircraft Management Services."

"Oversight and Compliance: Stay ahead of intricate regulatory requirement savings in key operational areas."
"Protection and Confidentiality: Keep your flight activities private."
"Flight Operations: Operate your "Aircraft" with precision and efficiency."
"Risk Management: Find ways to reduce your operational, security, or financial risks."
"Flight Crew: Hire, train, and retain the best flight crew for all your missions."
"Finance Administration: Know where you stand financially with CJC at all times."
"Aircraft Maintenance: Make sure your aircraft is always in top flying condition."
"CENTRAL JET CHARTER Inc." would love to help with your "Aircraft Management" so please contact us!

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The NEXTANT G90XT" background: After Nextant created a new category in the "Private Aircraft" Bluebook with the "Nextant 400XT" (and the upgraded 400XTi), which was essentially a re-built "Hawker 400", the company chose the "King Air 90" to form the basis of its next re-manufacturing project. It has:

Single lever power control technology for enhanced safety and reduce pilot workload.
Fully integrated Garmin G1000 flight deck including electronic engine and fuel quantity indication.
Ultra- low maintenance GE H75 engines for industry leading reliability and performance.
Digital Pressurization.
"The Nextant G90XT Turboprop Aircraft" which GE H75 marks a step up in performance and economy from previous turboprops in its class. The engines operate at higher temperatures and pressures than the competition, which translates into lower fuel burn and higher power output, even in high and hot conditions.

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Buying or selling an Aircraft" can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We have the expertise, experience, insight and process you need to smooth out the bumps along the way. Whether you’re buying or selling an Aircraft for your business or personal use, we bring the best to every transaction.

We would highly recommend "GLOBALAIR" to assist you because Aircraft Sales are very complex there are many choices, and they can assist you with the purchase or sale. Without the proper guidance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals, a very costly error could be made on a particular "Aircraft acquisition."

"AIRCRAFT SALES" The error could cost the buyer hundreds of thousands of dollars! We can assist with buying or selling or buying a "Private Aircraft." "BUYING a Private Aircraft" or selling one is very complex process. We will provide help with and all aspects of buying or selling a "Private Plane" from start to finish!
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