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Propane Safety Reminders from Central Coast Propane

Propane, a heavy, flammable gas, C3H8, is a by-product of crude oil and natural gas production and is used for hot water heating, cooking, heating and many other uses. Propane is naturally odorless; for this reason, an odorant is added to the gas to alert customers of a leak. Some people will say that it smells like rotten eggs.

Despite the strong odor, some people cannot smell a propane gas leak.  People that cannot smell a gas leak can include: the elderly, users of alcohol, drugs or tobacco, or folks with colds, allergies, and sinusitis. Even if you don’t fall under one of these categories, it is best to have a propane gas detector; anyone who uses propane indoors should have one installed.

If you smell a gas leak or a propane gas detector announces the presence of gas; then do the following:

• Distinguish all smoking materials and open flames including candles.
• DO NOT turn any electrical switches on or off.
• DO NOT light any matches or lighters.
• DO NOT use a phone in the space where you smell the odor.
NOTE:  Any spark or static electricity in the area could ignite the gas.

The next steps are:
• Get everyone out of the building or enclosed area.
• Shut off all gas supply valves outside the building and at the tank.
• If possible, use a cell phone or a neighbor’s phone and call 911 and your propane supplier.
• DO NOT go back into the building.
• Wait for your propane company to repair the leak and place your gas appliances back in service.

Since summer is here and it’s barbecue time, it’s best to follow safe protocol and cooking tips.  The following is a list to keep in mind:
• Keep your grill top open when lighting and do not shut the lid until the grill is lit.
• When you have finished cooking, turn off the burner(s) and close the cylinder valve.
• If you smell any gas odor before or during cooking, shut the grill off and find the source of the odor. Do not use the grill if it has a leak or is not functioning properly.
How to properly transport and store propane cylinders:

• Transport in a secure, upright (vertical) position in a well-ventilated area in your vehicle, and take it home immediately.  Do not leave a cylinder in your vehicle while running errands or for any extended period of time. Use or store cylinders in a secure and upright position outdoors and do not place in a garage or shed.  Always store propane cylinders outdoors.

• Smoke while handling a propane gas cylinder.
• Use lighters or matches to check for propane leaks.
• Allow children to tamper with the grill or cylinder.
• Use, store, or transport propane cylinders in high temperatures
• Try to be a grill repairperson. If you are having propane cylinder tank or grill problems, call a qualified service technician.

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