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Cash Flow Clarity: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Cash Flow Clarity: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Are you already experiencing cash flow problems? Or do you just want to make sure that they won’t occur in the future? My strategies will help you correct cash flow problems and optimize future cash flow and profitability. When you have a full picture of your current finances, you’ll be better poised to recognize opportunities to improve profitability or eliminate products or services.

My Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling process gives you an ACCURATE understanding of your financials, including the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable, from an OWNER’s perspective (different than a CPA’s perspective). I will provide you with a 360-degree picture of your current finances and give you a cash flow projection for the next 8 months.

The first step in Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling is making sure that your financials have integrity and that you have the right operations in place to ensure highly accurate financial reporting. I look at how your company handles Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping, and internal reporting in order to give you a picture of your financials from a CEO’s perspective, not a CPA’s perspective.

My Cash Flow Consulting and Modeling package addresses short-term cash flow problems by improving your company’s bookkeeping and accounting processes. I act as your advocate by facilitating conversations between you as the owner and your bookkeeping, accounting, and wealth management advisors to identify cash flow problems and provide solutions.

Once you’re educated on how to read your financials you can better hold your team accountable. Your Outsourced CFO also helps educate employees on the big-picture financial story in order to show them how they can help increase revenues or decrease expenses.

Is your company growing but you’re not sure how to increase your base rate and margins? Or are you trying to assess how a loan will affect your profit margins and compensation packages? Your Outsourced CFO will help you make decisions based in reality, not emotions. They will take your specific goals and translate them into growth for your business.

Who do you entrust your financials to when you go on vacation or have a personal issue to attend to? It can be tricky handing over the reins to someone on your team, but your Outsourced CFO can step in to run the financials smoothly and without emotion.

An Outsourced CFO thinks like a CEO rather than a CPA; prioritizing business strategies and making sure everyone is working towards meeting the financial goals defined by you as the owner.

When you’re financially empowered you can act without emotion when it comes to financial decision-making. Making hard decisions about compensation and other sensitive issues is easier when you have in-depth knowledge (and me in your corner) backing them up.

As your Outsourced CFO I act as your advocate, help you manage and accurately project the long term financial picture of your company, and analyze financial data to maximize profitability and positive cash flow. I empower you by teaching you what numbers to watch.
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