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Practice and Play in the GTA
Practice and Play in the GTA

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Just past the half way point in the season, golf conditions are excellent.  Although it has been a dry summer so far, our irrigation system is keeping our fairways and greens lush and soft.  We have been receiving many compliments on the condition of the golf course. 

Come and enjoy the long hours of sunlight while they last.  October will be here soon enough.

Come and enjoy the last few weeks of golf for the season while the weather permits.  Fall golf can be a lot of fun if you dress for the temperature.  Wear loose layered clothing so you can still swing the golf club.  You can peel layers off as the day warms up and add them back on as the sun drops.  A toque is often better than a ball cap because you lose a lot of heat through your head.  Gloves or mittens may come in handy between shots.  You might also want to think about using a golf ball that compresses more because lower temperatures reduce compression, which reduces distance.  Enjoy!

September is upon us, kids are back to school, days are getting shorter.  Remember that the times for twilight rates are adjusted as the days get shorter.

So far this year we have 5 Aces reported.  That means those people have a 20% chance of winning the draw at season end.  Don't forget to report your Aces and get in the game! 
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