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Politicizing Guns: If Not Now, When?

It's a trick. When people tell you that you shouldn't politicize a tragedy like the shooting in Aurora, Colorado they are unwittingly helping to spread NRA propaganda. After a tragedy like that, it is the most logical thing in the world to ask what went wrong and how we can fix it. When you ask that question, the obvious answer is our gun laws. It's awfully hard to stab 70 people and kill 12 of them in a short period of time like that. It's very easy to murder those same people if you have an AR-15 assault rifle, a shotgun and two glocks.

via +Cenk Uygur of +The Young Turks 
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when you say NRA propaganda one could easily say leftist or UN propaganda.  Everyone has their take on it and their agenda to push.  Both sides will push that gun control would have prevented this vs more armed citizens would have stemmed the damage...

you say it's hard to stab that many people, true, but if you ban guns, it's a lot easier to make a bomb and blow up that many people and more... don't forget the unintended consequences of simplistic solutions.  Take note of the effect anytime we simply "ban" an object but do not treat the actor that desires to use the object.  Prohibition of alcohol, war on drugs...for examples, it just creates a black market where the worst people can still get the worst things except it costs a lot more and the environment becomes greatly more dangerous.
well they have gun laws in the UK...but even that doesn't stop people from committing murder there...
The problem is not the gun laws. Countries with strict gun laws also have mass shootings. The problem is the way violence is portrayed as acceptable and right in this society.
+Big Mama damn texas, good on some things but these social conservatives just have to die out... they are... but it'll take a while.  The youth is greatly more tolerant and pro freedom in comparison to the current controlling groups of all parties.
Look at all the mass media and movies. It is the hero who shoots up everything "bad" and conquers the situation to emerge as a hero. It doesn't matter what the situation - it's just explosions and gunfire and shit flying everywhere, and the "goodie" emerges triumphant. That is not reality. It also makes it acceptable, in some people's minds, if they see themselves as the "goodie" to shoot it up and emerge victorious. Death of anybody is a tragedy at any time but in the media it is portrayed as right and acceptable, so long as you're the "goodie".
it's nothing more than an illusion thinking that disarming the public would make anything safer all it would do is open this country up to the same violent terrorist activity they have every where else in the world that we here take for granted...this country would erupt in utter chaos if we even had half of the major terrorist attacks here in this country that most of the world experiences every day...I agree that it is an unforgivable act taking another persons life and it is a tragedy because it is something that we as a society will not be able to control until we start practicing the good old law of ..."an eye for an eye"...and in all honesty I don't think even that will ever stop one human from taking another humans life...if you had a time machine and could go back to the day before Cane murdered Able maybe that would solve the problem...   
Bless you...gun control starts at home...along with raising your children to be good people and respect others as well as life itself...
I agree with you. It comes down to values and morals, not gun control. As +Harold Fisher correctly said, removing the right to bear arms will do little except subjugate the people to the government and open us all to terrorist activity at will.
eye for an eye...what court...if they did it then you shoot them right then and is just as barbaric as the other...,
An "eye for an eye" doesn't really solve the issue. It's hardly a deterrent and, again, it's a case of the "goodies" being justified in killing the "baddies"
it's like the towns people hiring a gunslinger to clean up the town...then when it's done they are so afraid of him that they go and hire some one better than will never be able to stop this vile act against a human being...I guess it's the price we pay for turning out as the dumbest creatures on this planet...unlike all the other creatures we share this planet with that live in harmony...we human beings ill each other simply because...we...can...and it will continue until we eradicate one another... 
It would have been more horrible to run a semi-truck into the theater so are we going to ban trucks too?

Focusing too much on the guns distracts from the real issues that cause these problems in the first place. Happy people don't kill themselves or others. With all the stuff going on today and you think its not related. It is not human nature to kill everything, that is stupidity talking.
Great article. I also love the stupidity of the argument that if other people had guns, they could have shot him and prevented the tragedy. No. instead bullets would have been flying everywhere and many more people would have gotten shot.
I agree but didnt he have a bullet proof vest on?
Awesome logic on here. way to generalize everyone and suggest that you yourself are better than everyone else. 
The criminals and crazies will always find guns. this tragedy could have been greatly minimized if only a small percentage of the patrons had been law abiding concealed carry permit holders.
Is not democracy also about serving the greater good? If one person's life is saved by stricter firearm laws, and as a trade off thousands of people have to fill out a bit more paperwork and perhaps wait a few days to get their firearms, would that not be serving the greater good? Just seams logical to me...
There should be a 45 day waiting period on the purchase of any gun to be able to do a extensive back ground check and most criminal minded people do the crime within a month of purchasing a gun that will be used.  As the guy above mentioned it would be hard to stab 70 people yes he is right but thank God he didn't use or make a home maid bomb with regular household  items.  Then what they will be outlawing bleach and other cleaning supplies.  Don't outlaw the gun for some ones stupidity guns actually do good in the right hands.  
Freedom and equality is more important. You want to save lives, worry about peoples educations and standards of living. If we concentrated more of our efforts on making sure that every human on this planet was cared for and happy it would not matter how many guns anyone had. A good background in the sciences can help more people, then living in fear with even more laws.  
running out an enacting legislation in response to a tragedy is a horrible idea, that's how we ended up with the TSA and Patriot act. 
well according to Michael Shure (of TYT) we should all guns.
When we finally accept that the NRA and its affiliated foundations, PACs, 501(c)(mumble) orgs are in support of a manufacturers' lobby, not a civil rights group, we may get somewhere. We have the ACLU and the courts system to defend the 2nd amendment. Given how it's been cut and trimmed to suit the politics of the time – the Black Panthers were no encouraged to exercise their 2nd amendment rights, with no less a rightwing hero than Ronald Reagan signing gun control laws as gov'r of California – it's time we stopped pretending the NRA is about anything but dollars? 
+Gene Crady But the NRA will make sensible limits on weapons of no value to any normal person into an assault on mom, apple pie, and freedom itself. Outrage is their business and business is good. 
I think we should all have ray guns on our rooftops, and nuclear power generators in our basements.
Everyone does realise that your statements are lost right?  The simple fact it that since the clock tower shooting in Texas that took something like 32 lives gun laws have actually gotten more laxed!  More over, consider that your average FOID carrying right-winger can go to gun show and buy anything from a AK47 to a friggin LAW rocket and M82 grenades and I think you can understand why better arms legislation is all but a dire neccessity as this point.  If you can logically argue why you need a silencer on your hunting rifle or a 100 round drum clip for your AR15 then I can maybe see your point.  And in case anyone is wondering I am an FOID carrying second amendment advocate, I just think its time for a Hell of lot more common sense in this type of debate.
I am inclined to agree, you can't really kill 4 people with the same knife let alone 12 and injure 59. I thought that this shooting will probably enforce theaters to regulate a tougher entrance and now hire people to check/probe people as they enter the theater. Other than that, regulating gun laws would be harder to enforce.
+Suhail Ch. He didn't bring the guns in when he bought his ticket. He went out through the fire door and came back loaded. Like the lessons learned by passengers after 9/11, no one will be able to do that again. 
Dave H
It's not about banning guns, it's about getting mass-killing weapons out of people's hands. Nobody needs an AR-15 assault rifle for protection nor should anybody be able to buy it off the internet.
+David Hollingshead Exactly right, but the manufacturers lobby that is the NRA has made this an all-or-nothing/slippery slope argument. The sensible position that assault weapons have no place in the home is drowned out by the argument that taking those away is the thin end of the wedge. And no politician who hopes to retain his seat can lead on this.

I suspect a study of news articles, legislative actions, and lawsuits would put guns pretty high up on the list of what American care about. 
Funny you say that, a survey on Morning Joe today showed 49 percent felt strongly about gun ownership...I believe.  But what's entertaining is that the NRA, through their other web groups such as guns america are pushing petitions to stop potential gun legislation from taking place.  It is definately an all or nothing subject with the NRA and that is a paramount issue concerning the gun violence in America today.
+Jacob Gonzalez I think guns and ambivalence rarely go together: people feel strongly, one way or the other. If a survey had been done a week ago, I wonder if the results would be different?

And the gun lobby has a very potent weapon: fear. I suspect if you could measure fear mistrust in society 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago, it would show in increase, even as various aspects of life have improved. There's a deeper issue there about modern society and the erosion of prosperity – one of the root causes of fear and insecurity. But fear and outrage keep gun sales rolling and hold gun control legislation at bay. 
It's a little more than that, when you have the NRA basically drumming up an atmosphere that America is on the fringe of anarchy then some idiot pulls something like what happened in Colorado it reenforces the paranoia.  All the while the NRA using episodes like this to strengthen their own agenda.  It's more than a slave mentality their driving for, it's a self preservationist mentality but on an individual basis like something out of the book of Eli or, ironically enough, the dark knight rises.
Allow me to pose an example if you will.  I grew up in Humbold Park in the city of Chicago which wasn't regarded the best or safest place at the time I was growing up there.  A few years back the police decided that during a Puerto Rican festival they were going to have a show of force and mass at major intersections where known gang activity was prevalent.  In a one week span fewer than a five shootings took plave but the number of stabbings increased almost exponentially within the same timeframe.  My point being, it's not the guns that are the issue, it's the people.  You can scream out for gun control but the sad fact is that if people want to do bad things then their going to do them regardless of how many mandates or regulations govefrnment puts in place.  So the real question isn't how to ban assault weapons but how to better create awareness and educate potential and existing gun owners.  Just saying no doesn't work, any parent can attest to that.
And with that point I totally agree with you, but there's a differance between carrying around a full auto anything anything and a semit auto anything.  The intent is in the nature of the design of the weapon so Uzi's or "spray and preys" have no diffinitive purpose other than to end lives but a semit auto is intended for accuracy one round at a time.  To your point about what was being carried at the time you were running with the crews; don't you think a better argument would be finding a way to get full autos off the street?  It's got to be segmented into a list by importance and the battles need to be picked accordingly.  Beyond that I'm still adament about increasing edducaiton and awareness on guns while better legislating how some goes about getting a gun.  Saying ARs and AKs are the problem isn't a good argument to me.  9s are just a bad but there's no one arguing about controling the distribution of hand guns any more than kitchen cutlery these days.  Community involvement, education and awareness are the steps for the inner citty.  Better legislation, tracking and closing the gun show loop hole is the next logical step overall.  But I can't demanize the weapon, think of the Marine Rifleman's creed - with my weapon I am nothing, without me my weapon is nothing.  The people is where the issue starts and ends.
Yeh out law all the guns and the only ones who are gonna have them are the outlaws, fight fire power with fire power.  Hell alcohol has killed more people here and around the world than guns have. Outlaw alcohol. Like I have said in the past if somebody was in that theater carrying legally not as many people who have died. The gas mask wasn't bullet proof. 
Yep, that's the answer.  Imagine, if everyone in that movie theater would have had a gun what a wonderful bullet storm that would have been. A real 1882 Wyatt Earp O.K. Corral battle for those that are still living in 1882.  The more guns the better.....NOT!!!!!!!!
Gun shouldn't get into the hands of those who would abuse the use.
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