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Will Canada Legalize #Marijuana? Will Canada Legalize Marijuana? #420 #NationalWeedDay
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We seldom talk about marijuana here in Sweden but when they do the argument against it always seems to be that it leads to worse drugs. I am sceptical of this but I do not particularly care about the issue because it is not a large issue here. I think we are pretty good in fighting drugs in Sweden or at least help people to get out of the addiction, but that is a no brainer since we are godless socialists who think that you can rehabilitate criminals. Like if they were people or something, oh we are just to silly...
cannabis making you lazy is false, thousands use it so they can be active or use it to enhance the work they do.
cannabis is not addictive and no withdrawl -

cannabis cures cancer -

cannabis promotes brain cell growth by 40% and protects it from damage -

cannabis promotes healthy lungs -

cannabis will not lower your immunity this is why it is used by HIV patients ( in fact new studys show it to stop HIV replication) . your sperm is safe that is just a scare tactic.

do you know what "yellow journalism" is and how came to be?

i think everyone should use some form of cannabis from conception to death.

legal drugs cause more deaths per year than illegal drugs -

cannabis ZERO deaths from use ever!!

mother who use cannabis during pregnancy have healthier smarter kids. -

so now that you have facts on cannabis lets just decriminalize all drugs -

people complain about the crime and deaths the war on drugs has caused.. you explain why to end prohibtion and they say it will not work, its like they are standing in the rain saying they hate to get rained on and you telling them to come in side and they say no i will still get rained on.
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