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/Agree. What most don't know is O.J. really stands for is Overrated Jabroni. We don't need him in green.
i think the banners scares them. so OJ aint got no balls. players who dont want to go to Boston are afraid of the challenge of adding another banner. they know they cant stack up against celtic greats. they dont even wanna try. pussies.
If you don't care about playing for the winning est franchise in the history of pro-sports. Who needs you?
Damn, that's a total N.

So, what is the hierarchy for choosing teams?
1. Market
2. Money they will pay you
3. Weather
4. Legacy? Maybe?

I feel like there couldn't be a greater pull than playing in the Garden, or MSG or in LA. Having Bill Russell or Magic or Clyde Frazier strolling into the arena to watch you play.

Fuckin OJ Mayo.
This comment on our site says it best:

"No one wants to play in Boston until they play in Boston. Then they love it."

Just look at KG. He didn't want to come here at first, but once he did he understood the tradition and the expectation. Playing in the NBA has to mean more than just getting a paycheck and going to the beach.
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