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Astrology Services, Metaphysical Education, Soul Coaching
Astrology Services, Metaphysical Education, Soul Coaching

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Pluto having to do with Power and Mars to do with taking action!

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Improve your health

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Astrology is the fore runner of astronomy. 
When signs of the zodiac are confused with constellations, you let down science, astronomy, history and astrology.

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Spring has finally sprung here on the eastern seaboard in the USA. Hope everyone wasn't picking up on the solar flare energies of last week?

April has arrived with a bang. The Lunar eclipse of 4/4 in Libra reinforces the need to put firm foundations in place, especially in all areas having to do with partnerships, either in business or on a personal level.

Feel free to share your stories.

#astrology   #lunareclipse   #spring2015  

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Happy Lunar year to the Sheep, Ram or Goat. 

#chineseastrology   #lunaryear   #ram   #Goat   #Ram  

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Given that Mercury has just gone direct, 2/11/15, the carton says it all. So grab a hot chocolate if you too are in the grip of this current blizzard. To those of you in a warmer climate, send us lots of smiles and sunshine. -- Namaste 
Given that Mercury is currently retrograde, I'm asking those who haven't introduced themselves on this forum to do so and to state what they hope to contribute and learn from this forum. I've added a few categories to make it easier going forward, if anyone had suggestions in this area, feel free to post to the forum and I'll add them. My weekly astrological commentary can be seen on my G+ page. We've just had a dusting of snow here in NYC. Just a little carton humor. Have a great weekend!   ~Blessings, CelticSeer

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A hearty welcome to all new members. The current weather on the US eastern seaboard is rather cold, in fact, downright frigid and more of the same has been forecast for the rest of the week. The temperature is -8 degrees Celcius | 17 degrees Farenheit. We have another month of winter till the Spring Solstice. 

Happy New Year  | Chinese New Year - Goat (2/19)

2015 adds up to an 8 which is associated with business, break through's and budget issues. So we can expect the stock market to be quite volatile this year along with currency wars. The same applies to one's one budget and finances. 

If you want to figure out what your personal year is, add your day, month and the universal year (2015=8), for example, Joe's birthday is January 1 (1+1+8=10=1), so Joe's personal year is 1. 

Personal Year = 1 
Change your Diet
Start new projects. 

Personal Year = 2 
Healing yourself and others

Personal Year = 3
Communication - Express yourself

Personal Year = 4
Get out and play. 
Gain Clarity

Personal Year = 5
Energy can be fast moving

Personal Year = 6
Attend to family issues

Personal Year = 7

Personal Year = 8 *
Start a Business, but be prepared. 

Personal Year = 9
Clear your space

Feel free to introduce yourselves and post your personal year and your interpretation for yourself and others. The above is just a sample to get the discussion going. This forum is all about participating and contributing. 

The planet of communication, Mercury, has just gone direct, so please feel free to share: recipes, your birthday's, astrology charts, and ask questions, etc. There are many people on this forum who can assist you. Looking forward to a lively discussion. As the forum expands, I will be looking for a few administrators to help out. Let me know if you are interested and why.   - Namaste!

NOTE: Please read "about the community." It gives general guidelines and you'll find a link to a website where you can create your own astrology chart. 

#newyear   #astrology   #community    #mercury   #numerology  
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I'm grateful for my health and wonderful friends. This is probably my favorite American holiday.

Blessings, CelticSeer


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Wishing everyone a Happy July 4th.
Be safe and be well.

Washington, founding Father in the picture below at the Masonic Lodge in NYC. ~Blessings, CelticSeer

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Happy Canada Day!
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