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Cell Spy Setup and Configuration
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how do you log in to veiw activity remotely on computer... I purchased the advanced version and dont know what to do.
+christina crowder The advanced version works the same as the basic version. You will recieve all activity reports to your Gmail account that you created and configured in the application.
for the advanced version: how long are you able to remotely record? like 30 seconds at a time or something? same as the others, you have to text the phone to record everytime?
+Shades Ofgrey 1 minute equals about 1mb in file size. I would recommend staying between 1-5 minutes.
thanks for your quick response.....while i have you here, where can i get the $5 link, that is not broken, to purchase that upgrade? The only link that seems to work is the $15 one from the bottom of an email....?
after I purchase the advanced version, will i need to reinstall it on the phone or is this more like a unlock code that i text to the phone?
Unfortuantely it is only possible to hide from the Apps menu. Google Android operating system will not allow anyone to hide from Manage Apps.
How do u knw if u installed it right and how do u knw its working took me 2 hrs i thk i fin got it not sure
+Leah Halcomb You will know that the application is working when you start receiving reports to your email.
Well how do u monitor the numb u need to an it keeps sayin somethg when i try to do a test email

Sent from Samsung Mobile
I nd to monitor my husband an daughter phn how do u do that 
I nd to monitor my husband an daughter phn how do u do that 
+Starr Hoffman A third party application for SMS could cause this issue. Look for such an app, example would be Handcent. Also you can try and reinstall the application on the target phone.
Send a text with the word ai-service to the target phone. Then go to Apps and look for ai-service icon.
B. Ahl
I wonder if you're saving some data from my mobile at your service server?
+Kardo Mc the application is designed to send all data to your Gmail account. I never receive any of your personal data, there aren't any servers setup to communicate with this application. If you are concerned I would advise you to find another application to use.
I buy the pro versión but i dony get any report just GPS why?
I buy the pro versión but i dony get any report just GPS why?
+E Camacho please check your Phone and Email settings and confirm that your email settings are correct. You can use the test email function to ensure that email is cofigured correctly.
Do you have to physically put this application in target phone?
I have an android phone but my browser will not open or download "CellSpyinstallphone"
I downloaded app but im not receiving any reports.dnt kno why
+Kenshi Baret please take a setting Phone and Email in the configuration, once you are there then do the test email feature and then check your inbox. Also check your spam folder to make sure the reports arent being sent to Spam.
+jennifer swanson please double check and make sure that you are typing the download URL correctly in your browser. You will not be directed to any page, you will just notice that your phone has started downloading ai-service.apk. Are you using the free version?
If the software was uninstall and the reinstall would I have to set it all over again
Does this work on any phone ?
I have an LG phone does it work on that type of phone?
What do u text to the target phone to get a response on activity not understanding that part
+Tyrone Frederick if you have configured the app correctly with your email address, you will receive a report in your email with the text that were sent and received.
I got a comfimation email but when do I start getting track emails

+Tyrone Frederick the default settings for reports to be sent is every 6 hours. Have you checked your spam folder to make sure any reports have not been marked as spam?
Tyrone go to manage apps and uninstall ai-service.
A few questions... Why isn't the gps accurate? I checked when the phone was at home and the gps said it was about a mile away. Also, my last report didn't come in. I know the app is still on the phone. Will it not work if turned off or out of range? Other than that, everything is working great! Thanks!
+Shana Riera the app stores GPS location based on the time interval that you set. If you want to know where the target phone is located then you can send the GPS command you set during the configuration to get the location at that time. Also the application depends on Google Maps for accuracy and from time to time Google has been known to be off. Please check your spam folder to make sure the report didnt end up there. Also if you arent receiving reports it could be that you changed your Gmail password, the app isnt running, or has been removed. The application WILL NOT work if the phone is not turned off or if the phone does not have internet access to upload the report.
+cash money please view the PDF document on a computer if you are experiencing troubles reading from your phone.
+cash money we do not offer phone tech support. Do you have a computer that you can view the instructions with?
+cash money you have received the instructions on how to install the application. It is up to you to make it possible for you to read the instructions. There isnt anything wrong with the PDF instructional document other than you are trying to view from your phone which isnt recommended.
Can I turn the app off and on remotely?
+cash money If you set the command for recording to record then you would send text to the target phone like so record 5m which would record for 5 mins or record 30s would record 30 secs. The command is case sensitive and check your configuration.
+cash money this feature works on all Androids. If you are seeing the text come through on the other phone then you need to check your settings to make sure you are typing the command exactly as set in the config. Also make sure no third party text applications are installed such as handcent.
Do I buy the service first the upgraded version on my own phone? And do I have to buy one for my husbands phone if that is the phone I want to monitor. If I buy the upgraded version on my phone how do I monitor his phone?
Hey the SMS are going to target phone how do I fix that. I'm typing the same and set owner to me and uninstalled SMS apps?
K well now works except the recording. Checked the word over and over just keeps sending that one to the phone. And GPS is on but it always reports 00000000000 as a location?
+Trevor Freeman If you are seeing the record command that you setup on the phone then there is one of a few issues. One you are typing the command wrong. If you set the command to record then you would send the text record 5m which will record for 5 mins, record 30s records 30 seconds. The command is case sensitive record isnt the same as Record. And last if there is a 3rd party SMS application installed this will show the commands on the target phone, this includes all commands not just the record command. Hope this helps. ~chad
Ok so I set it to " you record you" , so with that I type say, you record you 5mins .? Is this correct? Thank a lot going great otherwise, money well spent.
why would the audio file be 1 MB for 1 minute ? i have used other recording / send to website recorders that use a .gpp file and 2 minute recording is only 80k
is the $15 a one time fee or monthly subscription ?
I purchased the upgrade and can't
+kathrop chum Please email the name and email address used when making the purchase.
Qi Liu
Sorry, I did not understand what you mean, can put some detail?(不好意思,我没看懂您的意思,能否说得详细一些?)
Today found the target phone call records sent are lost.
+Jack soon please uninstall then reinstall the application to see if this corrects the issue. To uninstall go to Manage Apps then uninstall ai-service.
Qi Liu
I uninstalled and reinstalled the application, there are still some SMS and
call records are missing, do not know whether my phone on? My phone is
Motorola XT928 (dual network-CDMA and GSM).
Another problem: the target phone's call log call duration time is 00:00:00
+Qi Liu Please make sure your Android phone has the latest firmware and operating system installed. Check your phone for updates.
My phone android operating system version is 4.1.2 (404), does not seem tofirmware and operating system problems. I found a similar software, but I do not likeit. It will target all phone SMS, call records and other content integrity issue, you need to refer to it? If you need to, then I sent you via e-mail.
Please .... Someone speaks spanish?
Technical details of permanent failure:
The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that prevents additional messages from being delivered. Please resend your message at a later time. If the user is able to receive mail at that time, your message will be delivered. For more information, please visit             Why am I getting this instead of the  spry report??  
You need to check your email settings. Looks like to me the app is trying to email a bad address. Send a text to the target phone with the word ai-service to un-hide the application. Then open the app named ai-service under apps to check your settings.
What if u only made it to the code part like drawing the pattern then got disconnected how do u fix it 
+Lisa Parisi You need to go to manage apps on the target phone then uninstall ai-service. Then re-install the application.
I just purchased the pro version and the link says that the acct is suspended.  Need help or money back
Hi, I bought the pro version and when I click on any of the links it says the account has been suspended. Your free version is still available tho. Just wondering if it is the system, or something with my system. I would really like to get the pro version installed
I bought the 15 dollar plan and after i uninstalled the free one i tried to install the download you gave me. It has not worked at all. I have wrote to customer service to get the download again so i can try to reinstall the version i paid for. I have the reciept from paypal and need assistance, can someone please HELP!!!!
+Lisa Parisi send an email to support at and I can send you the download instructions asap. I will need the email address that you used with Paypal to purchase and the receipt please :)
I've been happily using cell spy for several months. However, a few days ago, all my "codes" to call info or record aren't working. They are going through as regular texts and not sending me the requested info like before. What is going on?
when i text ai-service to the phone, it goes through as a text and doesn't pull up the screen.
All I can receive is reports via email with the advanced version would the handscent third party app have anything to do with that
i,have install this but where typenumber to record
its come this Index of /

Apache Server at Port 80 in my id when i click on track the number
now its not work ing
i have tried that. I know cannot even get the free version site
I'm having some issues with cell spy and I downloaded it 2 days ago. It's been working fine until today a couple of hours ago, it stopped working. I send commands to the target phone and it doesn't do anything- the response reports have not gone to my email anymore. What can I do?
+GaGa2U check under Manage Apps to make sure that the app ai-service is installed. Also you need to test your email settings. To do this send a text with the word ai-service and then go to apps and open ai-service. Test your email settings under Phone and Email. If you changed your Gmail password then that would need to be updated.
how to find which cell supports ur service. Does ur software support in Pakistan
I'm not getting any text reports...
How do I check the surrounding sound after command
How do I check the surrounding sound after command
Please watch the help video Cell Spy all sound recordings are sent to your email. an example command would be record 5m which would record fro 5 mins. i do not suggest recording over 10 mins because the audio file becomes very large to upload.
Hey I did everything it said and I entered my commands correctly but all I get is gps I can't even get the reports

Sent from my iPhone
Please confirm your commands that you set during the configuration. And use the test email function to ensure reports can be sent to your email address.
Yea but in my email of confirmation it says if I want the sound surrounding to visit your partener and the want me purchase it again for $15 is that correct , also my commands are just a letter for each command and only the gps is the only one to respond via SMS 
Like for sound My command is "snd 5m"
But it just texts that to my targeted phone
+Henny Ahmed if you are using the free version then yes you need to upgrade to get the recording feature. As for your commands change to at least a 3 character command and see if that helps your issues.
No I paid the $15 and was charged but my bill says free$15
Did you uninstall the free version? If not go to Manage Apps and remove the app named ai-service then install the advanced version from the instructions that were emailed to you. Your command example looks fine.
I don't have an email directing me to any thing like that ..
Can you send me the advanced installation please
Can this be used with any other texting apps? (IE KIK)  please advise

No Cell Spy only monitors the default SMS messaging for Android
I just $15 I need to reinstalled the app with gmail can still use the same $15 n what else can I do
Yes you would have received the instructions to install after your purchase. First uninstall by going to Manage Apps then remove ai-service. Then re-install using the instructions.
i purchased the advanced software and advanced features are not showing up
Remove the old version by going to Manage Applications and remove ai-service. Then re-install the advanced version.
I had this on an old phone and it worked fine. Installed on new phone and it keeps telling me my email is invalid. I've created 2 new emails and none work. Not even the one I used before. 
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