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Cell phone tracking
Everything about cell phone tracking,GPS tracking technology.
Everything about cell phone tracking,GPS tracking technology.

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Qualcomm usb_qdloader rescue files for MSM8064/8930/8960, please click this
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I do not help anyone track any phone

I think I need to clarify that I do not help anyone to track cell phones and I will not respond to such comments or messages. If you want to learn, please visit my blog. For business, I now offer profone GSM tracker API service and already have a few customers. If you need it, please drop a line.

If you have issues regarding IMEI, bootloader, please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, what I can help all can be found on my blog. So please make sure you have read my blog before asking here. Thanks !!
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What to do if your Galaxy phone keeps dropping WiFi connection

I know it's annoying and a lot of people hav this issue, now I have the solution for you.

1. Go to WiFi->Advanced, uncheck disconnect from weak WiFi.
2, Dial *#0011#, then select WiFi from the ServiceMode, and finally turn off WiFi Power Saving Mode. Reboot.
3, Let me know if it works. LOL
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How to save a bricked HTC M7

Many have asked how to save their bricked M7, I post the steps here since I do not have the time to reply to every message.

1, a PC runs Linux and you need Root access.
2, download this file here, since I have only found a Chinese website, please follow the instuctions on the image attached.
3, extract the file to a folder and open a command line (terminal) and use the command cd to go to the folder where you exact the file.
4, type chmod 777 and hit enter.
5, connect your handset to a USB 2.0 port. Plug in if you have a laptop, do not use the battery.
6, type ./ and hit enter, then wait until it prompts you to disconnect your phone.
7, press volume- and power button to enter hboot and flash a ROM.
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Carriers are to shut down 2G cell towers
As users are moving to 4G networks, global carriers are to shut down 2G base stations.
For instance, starting 1st June, T-Mobile, among other CDMA network operators, set to gradually turn off their CDMA cell sites.
As late as 2020, 2G cell sites and networks may disappear.
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I have been expanding my database to cover more cell towers.

Android L is improving the battery life, Android 5.1 is improving the battery life, and the upcoming Android M is to improve the battery life, again. How bad is the battery life on Android phones?

Anyways I am quite pleased with 8 hours screen on, WiFi on time on my S5 prime.
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Easy ways to downgrade your handset's screen resolution


Wait a minute, 4K screen isn't out yet.
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Profone WiFi locator launched
I know I have a simila tool, but this one is a little special. Unlike my WiFi tracker, this online locator uses only one MAC address to pinpoint a WiFi enabled device. Plus, the two tools use different data source. If you could not find the result with one tool, then try another.
I have tried it a few times and it works great. Try it for yourself if you are interested.
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How to install modified apps on your Android handset

As we all know, every Android app has a sigature and your handset checks that whenever you install an app. If you modify an app(remove the ads - not resize the ads~ I mean remove the code, change the font, color or background image etc), the signature wil not work and your phone will not allow you to install it.

Here are some solutions for you, it does not matter if you have rooted your device or not. Check it out here.
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