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Cellofoam’s WHITE WOVEN SHEATHED INSULATION comes with a white woven polypropylene membrane on Type I EPS core panels providing a superior insulating option for buildings utilizing pole construction design.   There are a number of good reasons for the current interest in pole construction.

In pole construction the poles actually have an inherent ability to resist wind uplift – highly desirable in areas where hurricanes or tornadoes are expected.

A limited amount of grading is required, and no excavation is necessary beyond digging the pole holes.  Thus it can be accomplished with a minimal disturbance of the natural surroundings such as tree roots and top soil.

Pole construction offers a way to lower building costs by utilizing, if desired, step hillside locations which present many problems for more conventional construction.

No delays in waiting for cement foundations to cure.

Benefits of White woven sheathed insulation include:
* Specifically engineered hybrid mesh design.
* High tensile strength.
* Enhanced flexibility and conforming properties - even on difficult designs.
* Reliable self-adhesion to eliminate de-bonding.
* Completely mold and mildew resistant unlike traditional fiberglass insulation.
* Protects against summer heat gain and winter heat loss!
* Real savings in construction cost and later in operational efficiency.
* Equal or better performance in 1/6th or less the thickness.

The use of EPS as the insulating material can save up to 150 times the amount of oil and energy used in its manufacture..

Cellofoam’s  WHITE WOVEN SHEATHED INSULATION comes with a reflective metalized membrane on one side and a durable white finished woven polypropylene laminated membrane on the other side. It is easy to wash at high pressure and to maintain. Acid tested, it has a tensile strength of 170 pounds per square inch assuring you a lifetime of use.

Use where you want a clean, washable and durable bright white finish.  Installed on the inside of a large warehouse or agricultural building, the white face may be left as a clean and bright interior finish.    Renovators recognize its advantages and many architects are specifying the material in their designs.

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It’s COLD Outside!!

• Energy efficient expanded polystyrene (EPS)
• Kerfing (Small strips of “bracing” glued around the entire perimeter of the top and side joint) for quick and easy installation
• Easy to follow DIY instructions included
• Washable impact resistant facer/professional appearance

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Our manageable case sizes for #insulatedcoolers and smaller, less weight restrictive gel pack cases provide creative options for your small package #coldchainshipping needs. We have been in the packaging industry for decades and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction have maintained the strength of our presence in the industry. We stand proudly behind every product we make!
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