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During one of our early morning wanderings a while back, we came across this driftwood filled with webs. It was a dry morning so there was no dew or anything, but the webs still glistened as the early morning sunlight hit them.

This is my offering today for +WebbyWednesday curated by yours truly. What about you? Do you have any web shot that you would like to share?

Also for +Wooden Wednesday curated by +Jennifer Landua +Stefan Bittner +Jan Lindenberg
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+raymond samson: Thank you, Raymond. Gotta love the early morning sun. If only I can get out more often to shoot early in the day. Hehe.
Very nice image, Celeste. What a great start in the day for you!!!
+Maggy Meyer: Thanks, Maggy. It is seldom that I get to play like this early in the morning but when I do, I make sure that the camera is with me. :)
wow its like a condo for spiders :D
I love driftwood and collect small pieces that seem to fashion themselves after an animal. ~ nature imitating nature! I ave a snapshot of a large driftwood log and the inside is a STAR - just beautiful - I wish I had the photo skills to make it a wonderful photo ... I will dig it up nonetheless one of these days and share it
great capture of the light on the webs!
Thank you very much. We love driftwood as well, +miriam dunn. If my mom-in-law has her way, she'd be collecting all the driftwood on the beach and fencing her yard with them. Haha. I've also seen furniture and art pieces made out of driftwood and I think they are quite cool.

That star decorated log sounds pretty. Would love to see the photo when you get the chance to share. :-)
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