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+Steve Boyko
Thanks, Steve! It's great to be back.
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Celeste Odono

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Fare thee well, +Lee Daniels, as you soar to the skies and be among the stars. You will be greatly missed. :(

Stars Fell On Arizona

The Geminid meteor shower did not disappoint. Tom's Trees were treated to a showy night and morning of "oooooooo"s and "ahhhhhhs"

Saturday, 12-14-2013 05:54 am, Tucson, AZ
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+Celeste Odono
thank you very much for your words. I am sorry that you miss your mom  :(  wish i could find the words to give comfort  (biological parents who have been there are closer than non-biological parents [as "papa" in my case] - especially when it is the mother - and thinking if my mom... :(    to me it seems as if the more closer someone is the more pain it is to lose this person)

please forgive this question:
How do you feel with the year later?

To me it seems that my grief will not end, though i do not think about "papa" all the time, but being reminded of him... all the pain seems to be new  :(  as if it will always be so

please forgive these sad words

best wishes and lots of love
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Celeste Odono

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Ice, light, bokeh

Christmas morning photo of the sunlight playing on the icy branches outside our window.

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+Joe Tucker
Thank you very much, Joe. :)
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Celeste Odono

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Coming up for air

Also, I just want to wish the lovely +Robin Griggs Wood a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday, Robin!

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+Robin Griggs Wood
Glad you like it, Robin. I hope you had a fabulous birthday. :)
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Celeste Odono

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The little gentleman

One of our dear friends got married last month and she asked that Spawn Two be a part of her entourage, him being her godson. So off we flew to Victoria, BC to join them in such a joyous occasion.

Here's Spawn Two looking dapper in his suit, waiting for the rest of the bridal party to arrive. :)

#portraittuesday with thanks to +Laura Balc and +Tana Teel
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So very cute
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Celeste Odono

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Nothing but a shadow of its memory.

#floralfriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson and +Eustace James

Happy Friday, folks!
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Thank you, +Cergie Lucie Marguerite :)
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Celeste Odono

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I guess it's time to update my profile picture. My sister recently got married and I was her matron of honour. Such a happy day. :)
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+Celeste Odono It's been so long that you've been missing, Celeste! So, which one is you in the photo?! Cheers! :-)))
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Celeste Odono

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White orchids were my Nanay’s favourite flowers. I remember she had several plants hanging on tree branches outside our house. She would look forward to them blooming, usually in time for the year-end ceremonies at school. The flowers would be fashioned into corsages for us to wear.

Nanay had a green thumb for sure, maybe even two. I wish I inherited her gardening skill but I didn’t. Whereas she could nurse plants back to health, I could kill them just by looking at them. Yes, I’m that bad.

We still try to fill the house with plants despite my abysmal record. The ones we have right now seem to be defying the odds. So imagine my delight when I noticed a few buds on one of the orchid plants a few weeks ago. I watched the buds change and grow every day. It is now in full bloom and that makes me happy.

I miss Nanay so much. Her sudden passing last year left us reeling. Seeing the flowers make me feel like it is Nanay’s way of letting us know that she’s watching over us. I take comfort in these little reminders of how wonderful my mother was, and how much she loved us. I can only wish to be half the mom she was.

Oh, did I also mention how much she loved animals? That would be a story for another day. :)
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Celeste Odono

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Iced over.

This American Goldfinch found the branches way too slippery for a perch. Photo taken after the ice storm last weekend.

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+Celeste Odono Superb image, Celeste! Good to see you back! Happy New Year! :-)
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Celeste Odono

commented on a video on YouTube.
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That was fun. It's great to see the lighter side of our men and women in uniform. Can't help but sing along as well. Bring on the karaoke! Hahaha!
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Oh you Canadians... always got to have more fun than everyone else!  ;-)
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Celeste Odono

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Sorry +Moon Lee, I don't have any pie photo for your birthday. Have a cupcake or two instead. ;)

Happy birthday, Moon!

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Thanks! +Moon Lee :P
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Celeste Odono

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The person with the red(ish) umbrella

A few days ago, +Brandon Luk posted one of his photos of a girl playing with a red umbrella in the water. It was taken during our fun photo walk last May.

Since it's his birthday, I thought I'd post a photo of some random person holding a red(ish) umbrella right side up. Just because. ;)

Happy birthday Brandon. I'm only about a half hour late, right?

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+Gatto NineNineNine
Thank you very much! :)
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