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Celeste Cooper
RN, author, and freelance writer on chronic pain and fibromyalgia
RN, author, and freelance writer on chronic pain and fibromyalgia

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I wrote about this on my blog when the press release came out because I feel it is important. Here is more information, to answer questions. 

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Great interview, encouraging news. As an author of five books on self-management strategies and integrative care, and a person living with multiple chronic pain sources, this is exactly what we need. So few physicians truly understand the role of the myofascia in pain or body kenesiology. I expect a lack of knowledge from the perspective of internal medicine doctors, but there are pain doctors that could learn more. They are in a position to help patients find ways to be successfully proactive as a member on their own team.

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EpicGenetics Announces Major Clinical Study to Locate Genetic Markers Unique to People with Fibromyalgia and Explore New Treatment Approaches
release : EpicGenetics, with the Assistance of Leading Medical
Centers, Expands Clinical Study of FM/a® Test to Diagnose Fibromyalgia,
Identify Genetic Markers Unique to the Disorder and Explore Direct Treatment
Approaches - Provides
Research Gift to ...

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Dr. Argoff speaks out.

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What would your interpretation be?

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Images from the Heart: Unfettering Chronic Pain by Celeste Cooper
come in many forms and can mean different things to different people. When we
discover our treasure—a lost picture, a rare doll, a long sought after coin, or
a rock—it brings a twinkle to our eye and provides a calm blanket to our soul.
Ahhhh, the...

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A great handout with good resources for storing and disposing of opioids.

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Tips for Minimizing Wicked Airborne Allergens +ProHealth

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+US Pain "Invisible Project" to expand to include migraine disease and rheumatoid arthritis. 

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Chronic rib pain can be difficult because, like it or not, the ribs of an adult are going to move 16-20 times a minute with respiration. But, by paying close attention to perpetuating factors and the other things mentioned here, we can minimize or even eradicate pain.
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